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                           2010 AT A GLANCE

Our Mission
 The College of Business Administration (COBA) at The University of Texas at El Paso is committed to providing the residents of El Paso, the
 surrounding region and international students with the highest quality education commensurate with AACSB International standards
 for business education. Our undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students are competitive locally, nationally, and internationally. This
 quality is reflected in the success of our students, alumni and faculty, and in the enhancement of the personal and professional lives
 of the surrounding community.
 The college is committed to the University’s ideals of excellence by providing exceptional higher education to enable our graduates to
 make significant contributions to their profession and be competitive in the local and global marketplace. Therefore, the goals of the
 College are to provide:
     • Broad-based programs that give students the background necessary for entry into, and advancement in, professional and
           managerial positions; for lifelong learning, for career success and for responsible stewardship of our cultural, economic and
           environmental resources.
     • Intellectual contributions that: extend the boundaries of knowledge; improve the application of existing knowledge to regional,
           national and international environments; and enhance the transfer of knowledge to students.
     • Service that contributes to the personal and professional betterment of our students, the University, alumni, community, and
 Our quality is reflected in the success of our students, alumni, and faculty, and in the enhancement of the personal and professional
 lives of community residents.
Student Development
 Inspired faculty and good students plus an outstanding curriculum are required for excellence in education. COBA strives to create and
 incorporate unique programs that will further enhance student learning and success. Student professional development is a focal point
 and programs that focus on skill development, corporate experience, and exposure to national/international business environments
 are integrated into our students’ learning experiences. Our success in creating and implementing these programs is due, in large part,
 to the generous support of donors who recognize the advantage our students will have in the marketplace with the experience these
 programs will provide.
Recent Supporters of COBA
    A.G. Edward                     Comptroller of the Currency        Exxon MobilFederal Reserve          Morgan Stanley
    ABC Television                  Datamark Systems                   Bank of Dallas                      NASA
    ADP                             Deloitte & Touche                  Ford Motor Company                  Pepsi Bottling
    Anheuser Busch                  Delphi                             Hershey Foods                       Shell Oil
    Bank of America                 DEWALT                             Intel                               Texas Instruments
    Boeing                          Dillard’s                          Internal Revenue Service            Thomson Electronics
    Cardinal Health                 EDS Electrolux                     Johnson & Johnson                   Univision
    CBS Television                  El Paso Electric Company           Lockheed Martin                     Viacom
    Chase Bank                      EPV Group                          Microsoft                           Wal-Mart

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                               THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO
          Business Degrees Granted 2009-2010
          Undergraduate Degrees                           493                  MBA Graduate Degrees               131
          Accounting                                       98                  Accounting                          15
          Business Administration                          54                  Accelerated MBA                     51
          Economics                                        18                  Business Administration MBA         68
          Finance                                          91                  Master of Economics                  3
          Computer Information Systems                     42                  On-line MBA/UTEP                     2
          Operations and Supply Chain Mgmt.                 9
          Management                                       99                  Doctoral Degrees 2009                4
          Marketing                                        82                  Ph.D. International Business         4

         Student Enrollment                            Fall 2010            Gender                            Fall 2010
          Undergraduate                                 2,446                  Female                           1,376
          Graduate                                        448                   Male                            1,518
             Total Enrollment                           2,894

         Ethnicity                                     Fall 2010                Transcending
           White                                         261                                      BORDERS
           Black                                          61
           Hispanic                                     2115
           Asian American                                 38                                 Ranked #1
           Native American                                 6                      in the Nation as Best
           Mexican National                              312                           Graduate School
           Other International                            70
                                                                                         For Diversity!
           Unknown                                        29
           Two or more races                               2
         Faculty                                      Fall 2010
          It takes a superb faculty to attract the best students and help
          guide their studies so that they can be prepared to contribute
          to their community, business and industry.
          The expansion of our faculty is crucial, and in a competitive
          marketplace, professorships are essential to hiring and
          retaining top educators. Private gifts help provide the
          vital funding that allows UTEP to compete for the most
          outstanding professors.
             Accounting                                    22
             Business Administration                       47
             Economics and Finance                         21
             Information and Decision Sciences             17
             Marketing and Management                      19

           Tenured/Tenure-Track                            44
           Total Endowed Positions                         82
           Total Faculty                                  126


Dr. Steve Johnson 2-2011

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