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					                  CS610 2011 15/7/2011
Q) In practice what are the three approaches used for datagram forwarding by multicast

Q) Why network administrator does not suggest fix timer transmission how any solution
of this problem explains it with proper reason?

Q) Explain the class of address

Q) Does OSPF only share information within an area or does it allow communication b/t

Q) In which process backward compatibility of 10-base-t is done

Q) Given the address find the network address

Q) We want to add some extra options in IP datagram header. What is the right place of
adding extra option in header?

Q) Which technique is used to perform insertion and deletion in routing table?

Q) Network administrator wants to send packet to other network .Does IP datagram
contain the next Hop address if yes, then how does it forward packet to the next HOP.

Q) why we call vertical error the vertical error?

Q) How TCP and IP interact with each other?

Q) Destination, mask and next hop table which is on page no 103 (at the mid)

       All MCQs were new only 4 were from past papers.

       Q.1: Exlpain anayletic dta application specification in kimbill      5 marks

       Q2: Bisinuss rules are validated using student database in LAB        5 marks

       Q3: 2 real life examples of clustring .      5 marks

       Q4: purposes dta data profiling               3 marks

       Q5: What issues may accour during data acquisition and cleansing in
       agriculture case study? 3marks

       Q6: Meant of classification process,How measure accuracy of
       classification? 3marks

       Q7: Data parralism explain with example           3 marks

       Q8: Under wahat condition an operation can be excute in parallel?         3

       Q9: What sorts of objectives metric are use by companies what are possible
       issues in formulation these metric? 2 marks

       Q10: which script language are used to perfirm complex transformation in
       DTS pachage? 2 marks
Q11: Cleasing can be break down in Who many steps, write their names?
2 marks

Q12: What do u mean by “ keep competition hot in ontext of production
selection and transformation while designing a data warehouse “. 2 marks

Q13: Who murge column are selected in case of sort merge? 2 marks

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