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									Emergency Evacuation Procedure for Fire Wardens

The role of fire wardens is to check that full evacuation has taken place from their area, and to check
that everyone in their area is evacuated to the appropriate fire assembly point.

The members of staff mentioned on the following page (Fire Wardens) will be responsible for
ensuring that their designated area is evacuated swiftly. The second name against the list of areas will
normally be the deputy warden.

The emergency evacuation alarm is a continuously ringing bell or siren.

On hearing the alarm

If you are in your designated area,
 Ensure that persons leaving the building are directed to the correct assembly point.
 Check that all rooms in your area (including toilets, stores & server rooms) are evacuated
 On upper floors, ensure that any wheelchair-users or persons with limited mobility are waiting in a
    safe place on a protected stairway, which does not obstruct the evacuation of others.
 Ensure that lifts are not used during the evacuation
 If it can be done without prolonging the evacuation, ensure that no fire doors are left open.

If you are not in your designated area
 Do not re-enter the building.
 Go to the assembly point and gain as much information as possible from other staff and students.

In either case
     As soon as possible, report to the fire Marshall (identified by yellow jacket) at the assembly
        point that either:     evacuation of the area is complete
    or:         evacuation of specified rooms cannot be confirmed
    or:         individuals requiring assisted evacuation are waiting at specified locations

Permission for re-entry to buildings will be given by the Fire Marshall for each Assembly Area, and
your assistance in supervising evacuated persons at the assembly area would be appreciated.

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Assembly Points, Fire Marshalls and Fire Wardens
Location                              Fire Warden                              Assembly point & Fire Marshall
A Block:
Learning Centre (both floors)         Learning Centre staff                    Assembly point:
                                                                               on grass in front of College
Ground floor:
Shop, staff room, A13, toilets        Janet Rhind -Tutt / Janice Holwill       Fire Marshall:
                                                                               Chris Bull / evening duty manager
Studios & Refectory                   Bill Scott / Jeni Keen

Student Support, female toilets,      Student Support staff
First Aid room and Post room

2nd Floor all rooms                   Julie Coffey / other B&L staff

3rd Floor all rooms                   Staff in A304

B Block
                                                                               Assembly point :
Ground Floor
                                                                               on grass in front of College
Reception and back office, disabled   Louise Turner / Alison Evans
toilet, interview room, B3
                                                                               Fire Marshall:
                                                                               Tessa Miller / Helen Williams
B5 Business Development &
                                      Sharon Pickford / other Business         /evening duty manager
B6 (CIS & Exams)
                                      Development staff
B4 Quality & Staff Development
                                      QSD staff
1st Floor all rooms
                                      Becky Edwards / Justin Rees
2nd Floor all rooms
                                      Nadine Norman / other Computer
                                      Centre staff
C Block
Reprographics, C2, male toilets,      Keith Moore                              Assembly points:
                                                                               From front entrance/workshops,
C3, C10, C11, C12                     Vic August / Stephen Dunster             assemble on grass at front of
C7, C8, C9                            David Lemon                              From rear exit, assemble on grass
                                                                               beside Youth Centre, but send
C13 corridor & female toilets         Sharon Down / other member of            message to Fire Marshall at front of
                                      CAD                                      College

Music rooms                           Music tutors                             Fire Marshall Mike Cross /
                                                                               evening duty manager at front of
1st Floor all rooms                   Julian Charlton / ITS engineers          College

2nd Floor all rooms                   Sarah Hicks / other A-level staff

E Block
Ground Floor                                                                   Assembly point:
                                      Mandie Holloway / other Cont Ed
                                                                               Front of E block. Overflow to
                                      staff                                    swimming pool carpark if necessary
1 Floor                                                                        and safe to do so.
                                      Science technicians
2 Floor                               Art technicians                          Fire Marshall: Bob Weller
Information Centre:                                                            Assembly point:
                                      Ann Farrow / other OLS staff             On grass in front of College

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J Block                                                                        Assembly point:
Ground floor                           To be appointed                         Front of J block. Overflow to
                                       Jez Palfrey / Andy Pickering?           swimming pool carpark if necessary
1st floor                              To be appointed                         and safe to do so.
                                       Psychology tutors?
                                                                               Fire Marshall: Lou Hodges

K huts                                 Staff member using hut                  Assembly point:
                                                                               On grass beside hut, then move to E
M Block
Ground Floor                           To be appointed                         Assembly point:
                                                                               Grass beside M block
1st Floor                              Study Skills Support staff
                                                                               Fire Marshall: Alison Barnes
2nd Floor                              Staff using M203 and M204

Nursery                                Nursery Supervisor                      Assembly point:
                                                                               E block car park

Sports Hall                            Grete Conway / Julian Grundy            Assembly point:
                                                                               Path beside car park
                                       Theatre Staff & Ushers                  Assembly point:
Office, bar, foyer, projection room,
                                                                               on grass in front of College
auditorium, stage, scene dock,
backstage & dressing rooms.
                                                                               Fire Marshall:
                                                                               Theatre duty manager
Rehearsal rooms, meeting room,
upper seating areas.

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