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DCN: 21-09-0124-00-0000
Title: FMCA Overview and PlugTest Update
Date Submitted: July 15, 2009
Presented at IEEE 802.21 session #33 in San Francisco
Authors or Source(s):
Andrew Haworth (Fixed Mobile Convergence Alliance)
Abstract: Update about the latest FMCA discussions and the
 oncoming FMCA PlugTest event

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     IEEE 802.21 presentation release statements
This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE 802.21 Working Group. It is offered as a basis
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   reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein.
The contributor grants a free, irrevocable license to the IEEE to incorporate material contained in this
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The contributor is familiar with IEEE patent policy, as stated in Section 6 of the IEEE-SA Standards
   Board bylaws <http://standards.ieee.org/guides/bylaws/sect6-7.html#6> and in Understanding
   Patent Issues During IEEE Standards Development http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/faq.pdf>

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      About the Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance

 The FMCA is a global organisation working closely with its members to provide a
  mutual learning platform to accelerate the development and availability of easy to
  use convergence products and services

 Formed in 2004, incorporated as a not-for-profit trade association under New York
  law, USA, in 2006

 Our members represent a global customer base of over 700 million customers

 Our Board of Directors currently include: - Telecom Italia, Swisscom, BT Plc, China
  Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Opus Singtel

 We are NOT a standards development organisation, although we do promote the
  acceleration and adoption of convergence technologies by encouraging
  consistency across product and equipment standards

 Our Operator and Vendor members collaborate in prioritised working groups to
  drive and accelerate the availability of convergence products and services

 The FMCA Vision & Mission

FMCA Vision
Convergence at the heart of communications - allowing customers to access content

and information, how, when and where they want it.

FMCA Mission
To be ‘the Voice of the Customer’ for the continued evolution of convergent services
and to provide an enhanced customer experience
                 Today’s Customer Challenges…
 Complex user experience to access converged fixed and mobile services

 Incompatibility in devices, networks and services

 Hassle connecting to networks

 No seamless interconnection between networks

 Multiple device choices

 Confusing technology options and commercial terms

 Customers involuntarily placed in the role of an ‘integrator’ for convergence solutions
                               FMCA Objectives
 To accelerate the availability of simple to use convergent products
 To provide a mutual learning platform for members in a fast moving communications industry
 To improve customer experience by contributing to and championing the adoption of global industry


   Access from                     At public places                     Anywhere in the world
  home & office
                     UMTS          DSL         HSDPA

                                         Unified Access

                                                          Easy to use… instant
                            FMCA Strategy

 Share customer insights, local market and product knowledge to support mutual
  learning and create a forum to share convergent business models (at least 50% of
  FMCA activity)
 Identify the key attributes which create positive and negative customer
  experience and prioritise those which the FMCA can materially influence
 Drive industry adoption of FMCA proposals and guidelines to improve customer
  experience by publishing and championing key enablers
 Influence industry standards bodies via submissions and liaison agreements
 Encourage and support interoperability and interconnection between members to
  enable global roaming and access to convergent services
 Undertake and support trials to test and validate prioritised convergent solutions
FMCA Members

   23 Member companies - over 700
   million customers
               FMCA Membership Benefits
 Collaborative sharing and learning from like-minded global operators and vendors
interested in convergence investments

 Easily accessible information from members about their experience in developing,
launching and maintaining successful convergence services

 Testing innovation ideas and concepts between members and industry specialists

 Provide guidance on potential commercial opportunities to support your business

 Influence standards organisations to ensure customer needs are understood and
ease of use are at the forefront of their agendas

 Join one of our convergence working groups to drive your local priorities

 Discuss with members the future trends of the fixed-mobile convergence market

 Understand and learn the convergence priorities from other operators and
            PP# 01                 PP# 02          PP# 03            PP# 04

Market Working Group (MWG)         Technical Working Group (TWG) – Manage
 – Identify priorities and key         priorities, visibility and work flow
          use cases

                                      APPLICATION                  SIG SIG
                                      S        Open
                                    SIG          Presence
• Wiki system to gather use            SIG
cases & priorities work                          SIG        SIG
• Analysis of trends and market    SIG
•Learning and sharing key                                              SIG
topics between members               NETWORK                             SIG
                                     ENABLERS                     DEVICES
                                      SIG SIG                        MIH
                                                SIG     SIG          SIG

          Industry Outputs - Whitepapers, Specifications, PR.
           Technical Working Group Process Flow
 Led by the FMCA Technical Director with responsibility for all technical work and communications

 New work items and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will be compliant with FMCA policies and strategies

 SIG’s require an appointed lead, a scope of work with objectives, plan, member commitment & agreed

                                                                                          Global Trials
                                                                                          and Interop

                                TWG -                          SIGs -                       Customer
  Customer                    proposals                     work agreed,                   Experience
 Experience                 received from                 lead appointed,                improvements
 and Market                 members, Wiki                    monitored,
Requirements                 and Industry                  delivered and                 Publications to
                             Champions                         closed                       Industry

                                                                                          Further SIGs
                                                                                          and technical
       FMCA Priority Programme #2 –
     Converged Devices and Access Points
          Key Outcomes of Product Requirements Definition, PRD

    Common operator requirements for convergence products and services
    Based on existing and emerging standards
    Developed in collaboration with vendors and standards organisations

              Convergence Application Requirements

    PRD                 PRD                 PRD               Inter-Operator         PRD
   Release             Release             Release                 Trials         Release 4.0
     1.0                 2.0                 3.0
Bluetooth CTP       Bluetooth CTP          Wi-Fi SIP          Interoperability   4G Technologies
                                                              &     Roaming
                                          Converged                               (WiMAX, LTE)
 Wi-Fi UMA            Wi-Fi GAN
                                          Devices &
  Wi-Fi SIP           Wi-Fi SIP          Access Points

   2005                 2006                           2007                           2008

                                  PRD 4.0 (2008) is available for download at www.thefmca.com
  FMCA Recent Contributions to Industry..
• Product Requirements Documents (PRD 1.0 - 4.0) Requirements to deliver
  convergence products across multiple networks – UMA thro WiMax / LTE

• ‘Thought Leadership Paper’ published – Consolidated views FMCA
  members (incl vendors) and report on 400+ convergence services to
  provide guidance for successful industry implementation

• Seamless Authentication and Roaming trials (17 operators and vendors –
  Published 802.1x / EAP guidelines for operators and vendors to assist
  implementations and understanding

• ‘Open Presence’ advanced messaging trials - 9 operators and 2 vendors
  tested secure hub based architecture and interconnect of presence servers
  and learn about technical imperatives and possible commercial models to
  deliver new presence enabled services

• Seamless Mobility and Service Continuity – Special Interest Group to drive
  industry adoption of 802.21 for MIH and other viable solutions – PlugTest
  planned and white paper / requirements document
Fora                          FMCA in relation to SDO’s and fora …
                                    Wired   Wireless

                                                       NGMN Cooperation
Transport Level Application


FMCA Collaborating with Industry SDO’s..
          •           Completed joint Seamless Authentication & Roaming
                      trials and published results to industry
          •           Proposal for new WiMax to WiFi roaming project with
                      FMCA members

              •       Proposal to host FMCA PlugTest supporting Seamless
                      Mobility project – Planned October 09

              •       Rogers presenting key FMCA issues at WFA Operators
                      Summit on June 8th in USA

              •       New Liaison with 802.21 WG - Supporting FMCA PlugTest
                      for Seamless Mobility with expertise in MIH session
                      continuity and test cases

                  •   Liaison Agreement signed in March 08 for FMCA to
                      become a Market Representation Partner (MRP)
                  •   Contribute FMC requirements into working groups
Seamless Mobility – Special Interest Group
           Update July 2009
                                  IOT / MIH Planned Event
                  ‘Addressing the need for inter-access Seamless Mobility’
                         Learning and driving industry adoption
For what?                    ETSI Plugtest event for the FMCA
                             IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover (MIH)
When?                        5 – 9 October, 2009
Where?                       ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE

Overview: ETSI are hosting this Interoperability event for the FMCA to test IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover (MIH)
implementations. MIH is a new IEEE 802.21 standard that offers a number of services that facilitate heterogeneous access and
network handovers. For this technology to be commercially adopted, it is vital that differing implementations of these services
are tested between Operators and Vendors. Therefore, this event is key for any Operators considering MIH services in
their current or future networks or Vendors with potential MIH-based offerings.

This event is open to members and non-members of the FMCA

Email alison.bunyan@thefmca.com to register you interest in this event as numbers will be limited

For additional information visit our website at www.thefmca.com
                                     MIH Plan Overview
      Jan 09               March 09             May 09               July 09              Oct 09               Nov 09

Collect MIH Use Cases
 & Scenarios/Models

                                       IEEE Development of Test Specifications

                                                                                  FMCA hosted Interop Event
                                                                                           Joint trials
                                                                               (FMCA + IEEE members + others)

                                     Compile MIH issues, solutions to those and potential services

               Analyse Use Cases –        Issues Vs Potential     Investigation on                   Publish White paper with
                                              solutions -              issues                                findings
                 Prioritisation -
            Mobility Requirements               Options

                         SIG Progress to Date…
     • Contribution to the latest (now released) version of the FMCA Product
       Requirements Definition
      •   PRD Release 4.0 includes FMCA’s commitment to investigate MIH for
          heterogeneous handovers

     • Demonstration of live 3G to WLAN seamless handover using MIH on
       an off-the-shelf Windows Mobile 6 device shown at the Berne PRS
      •   Collaboration / interworking between BT and InterDigital

     • Bi-weekly MIH SIG meetings – FMCA members and non-members

     • FMCA Use cases contributed to IEEE
      •   7 use cases collected from active participants

     • IEEE / FMCA test specs
      •   Use cases submitted to IEEE
      •   IEEE have developed test specs based on these use cases

     • Formation of FMCA / IEEE liaison and collaboration with interested
          Roadmap to the Interop PlugTest Event
                                                 2009 Mar   Apr   May     Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep
     Enter use cases on FMCA Media Wiki tool

     IEEE Plenary Vancouver - agree test spec
     work, early test spec draft                        12/03

     FMCA MIH SIG call agree on use cases                    07/04
     Generate use case report for IEEE

     Develop IEEE test spec based on FMCA use

     IEEE FMCA teleconference - discuss test spec                 29/04
     doc, Interop  test spec to ETSI

     IEEE Interim Montreal (agree on test spec doc)                     14/05

     FMCA PRS / Plenary / IEEE ad hoc

     Share test spec with Interop participants

     Interop preparations

     Interop                                                                                      5/10

             Implementations planned for Interop (tbd)
                      Client             Server       Hardware/Devices

 BT                                               

 KT                            ?             ?

 Alcatel Lucent                               

 InterDigital                      

 Telcordia                                    

 Samsung                                                    

 Contela                                      

 Motorola                                                    

 Swisscom, TNZ, DT,
 NEC etc

                      How would you like to get involved ?
                      Please advise the FMCA team..
     PlugTest event related information…
• Implementations will be tested against agreed test specifications
    • First draft produced by IEEE – now work moved to ETSI / FMCA for development

• Companies wishing to participate in the IOT event should
  complete a letter of intent for participation before the end of July
  (or email)
    • Template provided by FMCA Programme Office

• Registration open in August. Additional Event information will be
  available at:
    • www.etsi.org/plugfest - specific web page available for registration by end of July
• Weekly calls with ETSI for organisation and participant

• Participants need to provide IP connectivity requirements before
  the 24th of July

Contact gidon.reid@bt.com or andrew.haworth@thefmca.com
 for anything related to the above
Further information about us can be found
    on our website www.thefmca.com

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