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                                  Razib Mustafiz
                           Dublin City University,Ireland
                         mohammad.mustafiz2 at

Introduction: In order to facilitate all our translators to access and translate the PHP
and HTML help files of Moodle in Bangla, a copy of the Moodle course management
system is hosted at So what you have to do is, log in with
your Username and Password and start translating files assigned to you and save
the files for further translation unless you haven’t finished translating the whole file.
Your Project co-ordinator will work closely with you to facilitate and any guidance
required. You will be responsible to update your Co-ordinator for any finished file by
E-mail notification.

Procedure: There are 107 PHP files to translate for the core Moodle software. There
are additional help files as well but we are not translating them in this project. For our
own convenience we will use Avro bangle Keyboard .Download and install it. You
can install some UTF-8 compliant fonts as well such as Solaimanlipi form .

You will get your Username and Password from your Co-ordinator by mail. You will
also receive the file list assigned to you for translation as well. Login to and change your language to               (bn).

Moodle Bangla Translation Project                                                   Page 1
                                    Fig:Login page screenshot

After you login click on Language > Language editing in Site administration on your left

                             Fig:Language selection screenshot

Now,     (bn) is selected and click on Edit words or phrases.

Moodle Bangla Translation Project                                                          Page 2
                                Fig: File selection screenshot

After you click on Edit words and phrase you will be provided with a dropdown list
containing the entire files list. Choose the files you are assigned to translate and
write the appropriate bangle phrase for each line. You should save your work

                                    Fig: File list screenshot

Scroll through and find a file assigned to you. For example you have assigned a file
called “access.php” for translation. Choose the file from the drop down list and it will
be opened for translation. You have to write appropriate similar            for words or
phrases on the right hand side boxes and save the file after finishing. Open a new
file and do the same for that as well and so on. Give attention to put “$a” where

Moodle Bangla Translation Project                                                 Page 3
applicable with translated        words and need not translate. Those are
variables for the Moodle program.Use your avro keyboard to write        .

Use your common sense for translation. For example don’t translate the word
Variable to চলক । Instead translate it to                   । This will apply for similar
sort of words where there is no suitable bangle for that or bangle words which are
not commonly used to refer that word.

There is a good way you can utilize to translate your phrase/words in bangle. Using
an online machine translator called Anubadok you can cut-off your time and energy
70% to 80%.Copy the phrase/words you want to translate and paste it in Anubadok.
Translate it in bangle and copy paste it in the relevant right hand box. Now, you have
to edit the bangle word to reflect the exact meaning of its English counterpart. As an
example if you write Variable in the Anubadok it will return চলক as a translated
word, but we will use                     in our translation.

 By now, I hope you have a clear idea how to begin your translation work. I tried to
keep this tutorial as simple as possible and understandable. Please mail me
regarding any question and error on this tutorial.

Razib Mustafiz
razib.mustafiz at

Moodle Bangla Translation Project                                                   Page 4

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