Milligan Backyard Storage Kits by dTl54Q1T


									                             Excel Functions Assignment 1
                            Milligan Backyard Storage Kits

This case is included in the last section of the text book as Case 1. Please read the case
and answer all the questions on page 4. The hyperlink for the raw data required for the
case is available on the syllabus. The data can also download by clicking here:
Milligan Backyard Storage Kits Inventory data.

Case Deliverables
You are required to submit the following:
   1. Excel file with the necessary calculations.
   2. Your answers to the questions requiring explanations can be typed in the same
       Excel file OR separately in a Word file.
   3. If you are submitting the explanations in a separate file, please email both the
       Excel and Word files.
The completed assignment must be emailed to The due date for
submission is July 02, 2008 by 9 AM.

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