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									                        LI Correlation: K.B.3-
Grade Level:            Explore Culturally diverse              TEKS:SS.PK.8.01-Share
Pre-Kindergarten        works of various authors and            ideas and take turns
                        illustrators.                           listening and speaking.

                                      Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey

Objective:      The student will be able to share ideas regarding the cultural traditions of celebrating

      The book, Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey.
      A pattern of a turkey head, neck, and body.
      Popcorn
      Glue
      Feathers

      Review rules and library chant
      Sing a Project CLASS song of the week….Accept No.
      Do a lesson from The Kitchen
      Sing a familiar song
      Review the parts of a book, and add directionality of print, author, illustrator, etc.
      Read Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey
      Model how to make a turkey, using the popcorn and feathers.
      TLW check out books and finish their art project.

Closure/Evaluation:             Children will be allowed to go to learning centers.

Submitted by:
       Name:          Scott Wille
       School:        Farias Early Childhood Center
       District:      HISD

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