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Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

                Eighth Annual Gala & Celebratory Event
                                Sydney May 9 - 13, 2004
                                                              Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

  “Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™ is committed to identifying outstanding
  women entrepreneurs throughout the world, to recognising and celebrating their
  accomplishments and to increasing public awareness about their contribution to the global
  economy. With dignity, honour and integrity, we strive to inspire women of all ages and
  nationalities to reach their entrepreneurial potential, and we support their endeavours by
  awarding business grants. We will accomplish this by:
       • Working with past honourees and other entities throughout the world to identify
         deserving candidates
       • Seeking meaningful ways to educate women and the world at large on the need
         for women entrepreneurs and the role they fill in international trade and the global
       • Promoting diplomatic and trade relations among women business owners
       • Involving Leading Women in a world-wide mentoring program for women and
       • Conducting all programs and holding all participants to the highest level of honour
         and integrity”

  In eight years Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™ has honoured 300 female
  entrepreneurs representing 50 countries who collectively generate more than $30
  billion for the global economy and employ 362,000 people around the world.
       • 25% of honorees generate $100 million in sales annually.
       • 13% generate more than $200 Million in sales Annually
       • 60% are founders and/or funded their own business
       • 60% are involved in international trade
       • 50% have founded one or more additional businesses
       • 20% employ over 500 people
       • 17% are in manufacturing, industrial and distribution businesses.
       • 18% are in retail and/or import/export trading businesses

      Mary-Anne Dibbs
       0419 288 102
                                                      Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™


         3    BACKGROUND




         7    2004 HONOUREES ANNOUNCED



      Mary-Anne Dibbs
       0419 288 102
                                                                     Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

The Star Group’s Anita Alberts founded Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™ in 1997
to identify and honour top women entrepreneurs from around the world and heighten public
awareness of their impact on the global economy.
Since then, 300 women business owners from 50 countries spanning the world’s continents have
been honoured for their entrepreneurial accomplishments as Leading Women Entrepreneurs of
the World™.
Collectively, the companies the Leading Women honourees own represent in excess of $100 billion
(USD) in annual sales. They employ 362,000 people and generate more than $30 billion (USD) for
the global economy.
Since the first Leading Women awards were presented in Paris in 1997, a new group of outstanding
honourees has been recognised each year at the organisation’s Annual Gala and Celebratory Event,
which is recognised by the international media as “the premier global event honouring the world’s
top women in business”.
Past honourees return to the Galas to pay tribute to their newly recognised counterparts and the
union of leadership, power and wealth represented by the accomplished women at these gatherings
is unsurpassed, as is their ability to tap into the business psyche of the various countries they visit..
Previous galas have been held in London (1998), Monaco (1999), Venice (2000), Madrid (2001), Paris
(2002) and Bermuda (2003) and have been attended by such dignitaries as Prince Rainier of Monaco;
the Lord Mayor of London; the Mayor of Paris; and the Governor and Prime Minister of Bermuda.
Previous honourees include Donna Karan, Anita Roddick, Jenny Craig, Anne-Claire Taittinger, Pamela
Golding, Sylvia Toth, Hanae Mori, Mary Engelbreit, Ann Garms, Muriel Siebert, Lillian Vernon and
Nina Campbell.
The annual selection process encompasses a global outreach to more than 700 people in 68
countries and produces hundreds of nominees. An International Selection Committee is responsible
for identifying the most deserving to receive this prestigious designation. A new group of honourees
is named each year. The criteria for nomination are:
      • Sole or major (50% minimum) ownership or past ownership of a public, private or non-profit
      • $5 (USD) million or more in sales
      • One of the foremost female entrepreneurs in her country or industry
      • Involved in civic or charitable activities
      • Known and respected by industry groups and peer business owners
      • Recognised as a role model for other women
American business woman Cheryl Womack was honoured by Leading Women Entrepreneurs of
the World™ in 2002 and purchased The Star Group last year after making a personal commitment to
continue and develop Anita Alberts’ ideals.
As exclusive agent for The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™, a not for profit entity,
The Star Group works with honourees to identify trends and collect meaningful data and other
statistics that will expand global understanding of the challenges and accomplishments of female
entrepreneurs. And, in partnership with honourees and Corporate Underwriters, seeks new ways to
empower other women and girls to follow their dreams.
In her first year as Chair and CEO Cheryl Womack has laid the groundwork for a number of initiatives
- including the “Take the Next Step” grant - that aim to promote new business opportunities for
today’s women and create a valuable legacy for future generations.

                                                                       Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™


Forty-three Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™ will attend the Eighth Annual Gala and
Celebratory Event, in Sydney from May 9 - 13, 2004 .
The highlights of their visit will be the Leading Women’s Gala Awards presentation dinner and
the Best of Australia luncheon. The Leading Women itinerary also includes Taronga Zoo; the NSW
Art Gallery; the Ken Done Gallery; a beach bar-b-q and Sydney Harbour cruise as well as a series of
exclusive dinners at the homes of prominent Australians - and serious networking with each other
and with Australian business leaders.
The Best of Australia function will feature the presentation of ‘Take The Next Step’ grants. Each year,
Leading Women presents a $US10,000 business development grant to a resident of the country
hosting the Gala. The award will go to the Australian woman who best describes her business, its
growth challenges and how the grant will allow her to ‘take the next step.’ Two runner-up grants of
$US2,500 will also be awarded to Australians.
Darwin-based Marilynne Paspaley, who was inducted as a Leading Women honouree in 1999, is
Honorary Co-Chair for the Australian Gala. The Paspaley Pearling Company, of which Mariilynne is
Executive Director Retail, is the event’s Platinum Sponsor.
“The coming together of so many successful women in the one place at the one time is a unique
event and, as an Australian, I feel great pride that Sydney has been chosen to host the Leading
Women’s eighth Annual Gala,” said Marilynne. “I am also delighted to be involved both personally
and professionally. These remarkable women are making their mark on the world and truly ‘making
a difference’ in a wide range of areas. They are a great inspiration to each other and, also to other
women. And, they are here not only to network with each other, but also to learn more about
Australian business and potential opportunities. This event is valuable at many different levels to
everyone involved.”
Chair and CEO Cheryl Womack said Sydney embraces the Leading Women ideals.
“I am thrilled that Leading Women is finally coming to Australia at the instigation of Marilynne
Paspaley,” she said.
“I think the success of the 2000 Olympic Games encapsulates all the reasons why Sydney was the
chosen city for our remarkable women to mix business with pleasure. The 2000 Games showcased
Sydney’s magnificent landmarks, natural beauty culture and friendly people. Also, like the Olympics,
our organisation brings together leaders and role models from all continents of the world to showcase
their talents, honour their remarkable achievements, exchange ideas and, hopefully, leave a valuable
legacy. I also think it is important that our Galas are held in countries that have a strong representation
among our honourees and Australia is certainly one of those countries.”
Australia, with 12 existing honourees and two more to be inducted during the Sydney gala, has the
third largest Leading Women membership representation behind the United States and Canada.

                                                                       Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™


On Mother’s Day week-end 2004, Cheryl Womack’s two teenage sons will accept a ‘Reasons To
Believe’ award on her behalf in Kansas City. This Mother’s Day ‘gift’ reflects key themes in the story of
one of the world’s most successful business women.
Cheryl herself is 'reason to believe' that anything is achievable. She grew up as one of 11 children in
a struggling Hispanic immigrant family in Kansas City. At the age of 31 she was earning just $17,000
a year. Now aged 53, her world embraces political and business leaders and her lifestyle is a total
contrast to that of her youth.
Cheryl founded her first company in the basement of her home two decades ago and focused her
attention on succeeding in two male-dominated industries – trucking and insurance.
During her 19-year career, Cheryl grew her companies to a value of $US100 million and became
known for innovative product development, an inventive corporate culture and powerful industry
leadership. When she sold the companies in 2002, her Kansas City-based operation employed more
than 70 people and insured more than 12,000 independent truckers throughout the United States
and Canada.
Not one to retire, Cheryl’s time now is spent managing many business interests, which include
directing the efforts of a new business she founded to partner with and provide consulting and
administrative services for a variety of start-up and growth companies.
In 2002 she was honoured as one of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™. Last year
Cheryl became CEO and Chair of Leading Women, a non-profit entity that recognises outstanding
women business owners world-wide in addition to providing an annual business grant and student
Her involvement with Leading Women is the reason Cheryl is unable to accept her ‘Reasons To
Believe’ award in person as she is in Sydney hosting the Leading Women’s Eighth Annual Gala
and Celebratory Event. This long-term commitment however paved the way for her most special
Mother’s Day gift to date. She is thrilled her sons offered to accept her award in a gesture that reflects
her greatest success – maintaining family as a priority and achieving balance in her personal and
professional life.
Through Leading Women Cheryl hopes to provide inspiration and motivation to women of all
nationalities, backgrounds and circumstances, including those struggling to find ‘reasons to believe’.
“I hope through my own experience I can help women understand that they can choose to change
their lives and their lifestyles,” she said. “An important part of the ‘choice’ process is goal setting and
realising the importance of setting personal and family goals as well as career goals, if that is in fact a
path a woman chooses.”
Cheryl has a history of generous support of many local organisations, and enjoys personally mentoring
budding young entrepreneurs. She is a member of The Committee of 200, Entrepreneurs Exchange,
The University of Kansas, School of Business Advisory Board and serves on a number of other civic
She has received numerous awards and accolades in recognition of her accomplishments, and as a
result has garnered the attention of many local and national publications.

                                                                     Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™


Marilynne Paspaley is the Executive Director of Paspaley Pearls Pty. Ltd. and Director on the Paspaley
Paspaley’s principal interest is the production of Australian South Sea Pearls and has pioneered this
industry since 1952. The Company currently has 1000 employees across Australia, Asia and Northern
America and produces approximately 70% of Australia’s gem pearls, exporting directly to Europe,
Asia and North America. It is internationally acknowledged as the producer of the finest South Sea
pearls in the world.
Marilynne was instrumental in establishing Paspaley’s retail network with showrooms in Broome,
Darwin and Sydney. To support retail activities, Marilynne oversaw the establishment of Paspaley’s
own jewellery workshop which is headed by an internationally awarded Master Jeweller.
Marilynne is also responsible for the jewellery collections and the Advertising and Marketing initiatives
including the publishing of the “Paspaley Magazine”.
She has established a boutique hotel in Broome and along with her husband, Garry, a television
station dedicated to travel information. Marilynne also owns Darwin’s premier production company,
Burrundi Pictures.
As well as being acknowledged as a role model for women in business in the awards she has received,
Marilynne is a mother of three and a professional actress. Marilynne has also been nominated by the
Northern Territory Government to be the Northern Territory’s representative on the Kakadu National
Park Board of Management.
Marilynne has been instrumental in bringing the 2004 Leading Women Gala and Celebratory Events
to Sydney, Australia, May 9 - 13, 2004.

                                                                    Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™


In 2004, Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™ honours thirteen new members. Chosen
by an International Selection Committee from hundreds of nominees worldwide, the 2004 honourees
represent seven countries, generate more than $US520 million dollars in annual sales and employ
approximately 6,200 employees.
"These women exemplify the true meaning of entrepreneurship and are role models for anyone
who yearns to take control of their destiny," said Cheryl Womack, Chair of Leading Women. "They
have taken risks, beaten the odds and poured their lives into the growth and development of their
communities and their companies. We are pleased to recognise their accomplishments and bring
them to the attention of the world at large as well as the business community."
The 2004 Leading Women honourees will be celebrated at a gala awards presentation function,
which is the highlight of the Leading Women’s Eighth Annual Gala and Celebrity Events held in
Sydney from May 9 –13.
The 2004 Honourees are :

      Dianne Baldwin, Director, King Investments Pty Ltd.
      Diane began her career as a clerk/typist aged 16 and, by her 37th birthday was employing
      100 people in her own company. Her current special interest is R & R Bakery Products which
      distributes a range of gluten-free products to Australian health food stores. With husband
      Ron she has also been involved in the farming; real estate; electricity; finance and investment
      industries. Among her accolades, Dianne has the distinction of becoming Queensland’s first
      female CEO and Chair of a publicly elected company. She is also a Marriage Counsellor, mother
      and grandmother.
      Jan Taylor, Principal/Managing Director, J. Taylor and Associates.
      Jan worked in mining, government and the media before establishing a one-woman
      management consultancy, JTA, 12 years ago. JTA has grown and developed into a specialist
      community engagement and stakeholder relationship business, with offices in Brisbane and
      Darwin. JTA works with public and private sector clients on major infrastructure projects, such as
      national highways, power generators, bridges and mines, to ensure that affected communities,
      politicians, environmentalists and business are informed and engaged. Jan’s other business
      interests include the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre and Tdec International, a training
      development and executive coaching business. She is a published author and involved in
      various philanthropic and community projects.

      Pamela Ferreira, CEO, MarketPlace Limited
      Pamela is the owner of Bermuda’s largest and leading chain of supermarkets as well as the
      country’s largest motorcycle company which rents mopeds to tourists. She is Bermuda’s third
      largest employer and its largest employer of women. Pamela is also a Corporate Attorney who
      works as a Consultant for the world’s leading insurance companies. Her directorships are
      carefully chosen, reflecting her dedication to restoring Bermuda’s Art and Works as well as her
      passion for fostering exciting education. She has coauthored a popular cook book which raised
      millions of dollars for local charities. Widowed at 37, Pamela is the mother of two children. Son
      David has recently won a Rhodes Scholarship to study Law at Oxford University. Daughter
      Kirsten works as a corporate lawyer in England – she was admitted to the Bermuda Bar on the
      same day as her mother, making legal history.

                                                                    Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

    Yoko Iwamiya, President and CEO, Kazari-Ichi Co.,Ltd.
    After marriage and raising children, Yoko, at the age of 30, initiated a paper decoration business
    to add a new concept to traditional Japanese New Year decoration. Two decades later, her
    company Kazari-Ichi is Japan’s industry leader and has also created a unique glass-coated
    ‘super paper’, Choetsu-Shi, which is flame resistant, durable and waterproof while maintaining
    the intrinsic beauty and characteristic of paper.

    Tina Tan-Leo, President and CEO, The Link Boutique Pty Ltd.
    Tina befriended a young Gianni Versace when she was 19 years old and studying graphic
    design in Florence. It was a friendship that launched her amazing career and also one that
    hinted at her talent for spotting styles, trends – and potential success stories. The friendship
    led to Tina opening, in 1979, the first Gianni Versace monobrand store outside Italy. She is
    now regarded as a modern fashion visionary, showing her edgy fashions in her chic fashion
    and accessories stores and building her business to reflect ‘the total image’ including home
    furnishings and a range of products and services in The Link’s distinctive style. She is a leader in
    the luxury brand business; organiser of high profile fashion and society events in Asia and is an
    avid supporter of charitable causes. Tina is married and the mother of three sons.

    Sunee Sriorathaikul, President, Beauty Gems Group.
    Sunee was born into a Bangkok family that ran a distillery, sawmill factory and ice-making
    business. She studied a business degree in America and, aged 23, married Pornsit Sriorathaikul,
    Chairman of Beauty Gems Group. Soon after her marriage Sunee entered the gem and
    jewellery business. She is now President of Thailand’s largest manufacturer and exporter of
    fine gold and platinum jewellery. Her two sons hold key positions in the business which has
    more than 4,000 employees. Sunee is dedicated to serving her industry and played a key role
    in organising the recent International 31st Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Fair, the largest of its kind
    in Thailand. She is also an advisor to various government bodies.
    Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Vice President, Toshiba Thailand Co. Ltd
    Kobkarn was born into Thailand’s royal family, but raised through the ranks of the family
    company, Toshiba Thailand, on her father’s ‘no privilege’ code. This work ethic gave her a
    clear insight into the business and, several promotions later, she gained her current post of
    Vice President. Her business acumen was demonstrated during the 1997 crash when she led
    the company towards development, launching a range of acclaimed IT products. Kobkarn
    is described as an ‘Artist of Business’ due to her ability to blend arts with industry while also
    benefiting society. Her greatest satisfaction in business is knowing she can fulfil Toshiba’s motto
    of ‘Bring The Good Things To Life’ through promotion of the arts and educational projects.

    Janette Faherty, CEO, TNG.
    TNG, with a turnover of £16.25 million, delivers a range of government funded skills programs
    for both unemployed and employed people aged 16-60. A key to Janette’s success is her ability
    to blend government policy with that of non-government organisations and the private sector
    with the underlying theme of helping people achieve success through training. TNG invests
    heavily in its people. It has been recognised as a ‘Family Friendly’ company and has won the
    prestigious national ‘Investor In People’ award four times. Janette, who began her career as a
    teacher, is a mother of two whose hobbies include performance singing and the theatre.

                                                                    Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

    Paige Poulos, President, Paige Poulos Communications, Inc.
    Paige is recognised as a ‘Who’s Who In American Women’ and an expert in all aspects of
    brand building and public relations. Her company specialises in dynamic campaigns for a
    range of wine industry clients. Paige is a dedicated environmentalist and a passionate advocate
    for philanthropic and social endeavours. She is active in numerous trade and professional
    organisations and her hobbies include horseback riding; skiing and baking.
    Darlene Ryan, President and CEO, PharmaFab.
    Darlene co-founded PharmaFab with her father and brother a decade ago. Since then, the
    Texas-based contract pharmaceuticals formulator and manufacturer, has been recognised as
    one of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies three years in a row. Darlene is a
    leading fighter for reduced healthcare costs and has lobbied for less government regulation
    and affordable pharmaceuticals for patients. Prior to founding PharmaFab, Darlene was a
    partner and recognised international taxation expert for a leading global accounting firm.
    Her dedication to charity and community work includes volunteer teaching to lower income
    elementary school students.
    Marilyn Sackett, President and CEO, Advanced Health Education Center, Ltd.
    Marilyn’s career has been dedicated to improving medical imaging through education,
    staffing and consulting. A key to her success is her uncanny ability to predict the needs of the
    medical imaging community and introduce initiatives accordingly while also keeping pace
    with technological developments. As well as her business endeavours, Marilyn has also been
    actively involved in law reform relating to educational requirements for people performing x-
    rays. Marilyn has a son and four grandchildren and lives in Texas with her husband.
    Mary Green, President and CEO, Mary Green Enterprises.
    Two decades ago Mary was a divorced single mother with limited means, but plenty of talent,
    style and ambition which resulted in the birth of the internationally recognised Mary Green
    lingerie firm and its subsequent extension to the men’s line Mansilk. Mary’s high quality, luxurious
    designs adorn the wardrobes of leading celebrities and are frequently featured in glossy fashion
    spreads. Her personal interests include political and philanthropic involvements. Mary is married to
    renowned San Francisco lawyer and investor Steven Swig and the couple has two daughters.
    Cynthia Tsai, CEO and President, HealthExpo.
    Cynthia founded Health Expo six years ago and it has since become America’s largest consumer
    health entertainment event, reaching more than 12 million consumers interested in wellness
    and healthy lifestyles. Previously, Cynthia has been a general partner in a multi-million dollar
    equity fund focusing on technology development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    and she is also internationally recognised for her expertise in private equity finance and the
    development of high-growth companies. As a healthcare leader she is also involved in advisory
    roles and serves on several boards and committees.

                                                                  Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™


   Ann Mary Garms OAM: Managing Director Ann Garms Gifts and IGT Properties.
   (2001 Honouree – based Brisbane) Ann Mary Garms was born in Brisbane, Australia on 30
   August 1946. From the late 70’s to the 90’s, she fully restored 18th century properties, creating
   some of Brisbane’s first fine dining restaurants, from the Olde Courthouse and Petrie Mansions
   to the internationally successful Roseville Restaurant. When Brisbane emerged in the early 80’s
   as a popular tourist destination, Garms recognised the need to establish a tourism and hospitality
   training facility. “COTAH” (College of Tourism and Hospitality) opened in 1984 and has been
   awarded the prestigious “Queensland Tourism Award” four times and “The Best Provider of
   Industry Education” Award. The Queensland Government has recognised COTAH as a Centre
   of Excellence and from 2001, the “Ann Garms International Scholarship” has been awarded to
   graduates who excel in the field of Hospitality & Tourism. Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth
   II, in 1991, awarded her The Order of Australia for Services to Tourism, Hospitality and the
   Community. After she initiated the first Heritage Preservation Legislation passed by the Queensland
   Government, the Governor of Queensland awarded Garms the ”Advance Australia Award for
   Services to Heritage and the Community” in 1993. In 1985, she was awarded the “Heritage
   Preservation Award” by National Trust of Queensland for “Excellence in Heritage Preservation.”
   Garm’s love of Queensland’s Heritage, Hospitality and Tourism continues today with Ann Garms
   Gifts Bistro, a bar established in one of Brisbane’s most historic inner city buildings, as well as
   establishing an interior design, furnishing and construction/restoration business.
   Betty Byrne Henderson: Director BJ Byrne Properties Pty Ltd. (1998 Honouree – based
   Brisbane) Betty Byrne Henderson’s business interests span a period of just over 30 years, with
   the first 26 of these years as Owner and Governing Director of The Byrne Group of Companies,
   the family owned Ford dealership at Chermside and Kedron in Queensland. Since handing
   over the trading company to her son Peter Byrne in 1995, Betty is now free to engage in her
   board and community interests, as well as directing her property and investment companies.
   The privately owned family company was established in 1969, when Betty’s late husband
   Bernie Byrne was granted the Ford dealership for the north side of Brisbane. At the time, Betty
   was co-owner of the business. Following Bernie’s death in 1977, Betty became Governing
   Director of the company, Byrne Ford. Rapid expansion during the decades set the wheels in
   motion for its growth into the successful enterprise it is today. The company, in 1969, began its
   development with a staff of 35, and now employs more than 140 people. In October, 1991, the
   company was the first automotive dealer in Australia to attain Quality Assurance accreditation.
   In 1995, Byrne Ford also achieved Ford’s highest award in Australia for customer service – The
   President’s Award. In 1998, Byrne Ford ranked 29th in Queensland’s Top 400 privately owned
   companies. On the occasion of its silver anniversary in 1994, the company renamed itself “The
   Byrne Group,” uniting all of its interests under one umbrella. Although co-founder, Betty now
   intends to “view it from a distance”, her keen enthusiasm and interest will always be there.
   Margaret Jurca: President and Managing Director M.J. Pty Ltd & Turning Point
   International. (2001 Honouree – based, Surfers Paradise QLD) After leaving school at the
   age of 12, when she migrated to Australia, Jurca worked in factories doing any job that would
   earn a dollar. This culminated in her first business as a delicatessen proprietor at the age of 18,
   working long hours but gaining valuable business experience. After a car accident, which saw
   her lose her only child and left her hospitalised for nine months, and following a painful divorce,
   Jurca changed career directions, starting from the "ground up" in real estate. Her awards and
   recognition had many of her male counterparts wondering “How?” and in 1987 she decided
   to establish her own real estate company. In 1988, M.J. Pty Ltd was the first company to build
   and sell one of the most prestigious homes on the exclusive Sovereign Islands precinct of the
   Gold Coast, Queensland, for $1.5 million. Today, Jurca travels the world offering international
   clients the best luxury homes, real estate, and development opportunities in Australia. Jurca’s
   achievements include being awarded the Top Australian Woman Entrepreneur Award by the
   International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (IFWE),in 2000.

                                                               Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

Cheryl Macnaught, Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director, Whittaker Macnaught
Pty Ltd. (2003 Honouree – Brisbane, QLD) Cheryl Macnaught and Noel Whittaker launched
Whittaker Macnaught in 1982 with a staff of two. The company has expanded to seventy
staff with a Head Office in Brisbane and five branches throughout Queensland including
Southport, Springwood, Mt Gravatt, Maroochydore and Mackay. Since 1982 more than 20,000
Australians have trusted them to handle their financial affairs. Their approach has been built
around providing professional financial advice with a personal service offered by a dedicated
team of financial advisers and staff. They may have grown over the years, but have never
forgotten where they began - helping ordinary Australians make extraordinary choices through
careful wealth management. Cheryl has practised as an investment consultant and financial
advisor for over twenty years and draws on her entrepreneurial business background where
she specialised in sales and owning small businesses. As a mother of four and grandmother to
three, community affairs are an important part of Cheryl’s life. She is and has been active on the
boards of various professional and government bodies, investment industry associations and
other community groups including Queensland Rail, John Paul College, Queensland Women’s
Health, Queensland Surf Lifesaving Association Foundation, The Sister’s of the Good Samaritan
Foundation and The State Library for Queensland Foundation. Cheryl appears regularly on
television and radio as a finance commentator and also provides financial comments for
numerous newspapers and magazines.
Marilynne Paspaley, Executive Director, Paspaley Pearling Company Pty Ltd. (1999
Honouree - Based Darwin) Marilynne is Honorary Co-Chair for the 8th Annual Gala and Celebrity
Event. Her biography is featured previously in this media kit.
Sarina Russo, Founder and CEO, Russo Group of Companies (2002 Honouree –
Brisbane, QLD) The Group includes the Russo Institute of Technology and Sarina Russo Job
Access (Australia). She is a Fellow Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, is
a graduate of the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program and is a
member of the Women’s Leadership Board of the John F Kennedy School of Government
(Harvard Business School). She is co-author of “Meet Me at the top!” (a motivational business text)
launched in December 2002. Sarina is a member of several boards including the Queensland
Premier’s Business Advisory Board, Tourism Queensland and Queensland Education and
Training Export Board and is chairperson of the Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund. She
was a recipient of the Centenary Medal in 2003 for distinguished service to education and was
inducted into the Business Women’s Hall of Fame in 1998.
Lee Virginia Spencer, Chairperson, Carter & Spencer Group. (1999 Honouree – Based
Brisbane) Following the unexpected death of her husband, George, in 1992, Lee became
Chairperson of the family business her father Stanley Carter established in Brisbane in 1936,
a fresh produce wholesaling company, S&W Carter Pty Ltd.. Today, the Carter & Spencer
Group is one of Australia’s largest private companies involved in the export, brokerage,
logistics, import, prepacking, processing and marketing of fresh produce, seafood, flowers
and juice concentrates. Carter & Spencer products can be found in leading supermarkets and
restaurants throughout the world. The Group has 16 companies at 21 locations throughout
Australia and New Zealand. Carter & Spencer International, the Group's export and import arm
was awarded the Business Queensland "Exporter of the Year" award in 1993, and was also
recognised by Business Review Weekly as "One of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in
Australia" in 1993. The Company has a philosophy of maintaining a low profile, a reflection on
Spencer’s approach to life. The Group’s Managing Director is Craig Spencer, the eldest son of
Mrs. Spencer. Her other son, Wayne, and son-in-law, Tony, form the Board of Carter & Spencer,
a typical third generation family business. Spencer’s spare time is concentrated on her three
children and nine grandchildren, charity work, and bridge.

                                                                    Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

      Florence Valmai Miller Pidgeon, Managing Director, F.A. Pidgeon & Son Pty Ltd.
      (2001 Honouree – Brisbane, QLD) After completing her education in 1945, Florence joined
      F.A. Pidgeon & Son Pty Ltd., a building construction company founded by her parents in
      1927. She was appointed Company Secretary in 1950, a Director in 1957, Joint Managing
      Director with her brother, Sir John Pidgeon, in 1980, and Managing Director in 1993. Under
      the joint stewardship, F.A. Pidgeon & Son Pty Ltd., grew into one of the largest privately owned
      construction companies in Queensland. Pidgeon has also established herself as a developer
      in her own right, through a range of projects in and around Brisbane - most recently, a major
      inner city high-rise residential development.
      Rhonda White, Executive Director White Retail Group Pty Ltd. (2000 Honouree –
      Brisbane, QLD) Rhonda is the women behind the Terry White Chemists Group, which boats
      revenues of $195 million. In 1963, she purchased her own pharmacy - a year after marrying
      fellow pharmacist, Terry. Their interests grew to five pharmacies by 1970. Five children were also
      born during that time and Rhonda took a break from her career. She returned in 1984 and was
      disappointed to find the profession unchanged and languishing in a "cottage industry" mentality.
      She undertook the development of the Terry White Chemists Group. Beginning with market
      research to determine precisely what the public would like in a pharmacy, she proceeded to
      systemise all aspects of the operation and apply a strategically planned approach to professional
      services, finance, merchandising, advertising, marketing, shop-fit and design. However, her
      commitment to the education and development of staff members at all levels became the
      driving force of the organisation. Due to the regulated ownership structure of Pharmacy in
      Australia, White, with her husband and eldest son, established a franchise company, Terry White
      Management, to provide services to independently owned pharmacies in 1993. Terry White
      Management services over 90 pharmacies and over 3000 staff members in 5 of the 6 states of
      Australia. Her vision, set in 1993, of 100 pharmacies nationally by the year 2000 will be achieved
      in August this year. In 1998, Terry White Management merged with the international company
      FH Faulding and White passed the reins of leadership over to her eldest son, Anthony.
Previous Australian Honourees unable to attend the 8th Gala and Celebratory Event in Sydney are:
      • Lynne Chadwick – Chairman and CEO Stuf Pty Ltd. Co-founded the Red Earth Company
        in 1989 with partner Nick Chadwick after noticing a void in the natural-based, Australian
        made cosmetics industry. (1998 Honouree – based Melbourne)
      • Lorraine Martin AO, Founder, Women Entrepreneurs Capital Access Network. (1999
        Honouree – Ascot, QLD)
      • Imelda J Roche AO, Co-chairman, Roche Group Pty Ltd. (1997 Honouree – Sydney,

                                                                 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™


   Wendy B. McDonald C.M., LL.D.: Owner, BC Bearing Engineers Ltd. (1998 Honouree)
   Wendy incorporated BC Bearing Engineers in 1944 and, under her direction, the Company
   grew from what was initially a small machine shop into an international group of companies
   operating throughout the Americas – from Alaska to Chile. The BC Bearing Group exceeds $140
   million in annual revenues from its 57 locations in Western Canada, the Western United States,
   Mexico and Chile. Wendy has received numerous awards and accolades from her industry
   and business peers, including Schenley’s Veuve Clicquot Award of Distinction as “Canadian
   Business Woman of the Year” in 1982. She was elected President of the Bearing Specialists
   Association in 1984, and in 1988, received the “Woman of Distinction” award from the YWCA
   followed by “Business Woman of the Year” from B.C. Business Magazine. She was elected
   Chairman of the Vancouver Board of Trade in 1990, the first woman to hold that position in
   its 103-year history. In 1995, Mrs. McDonald received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from
   Simon Fraser University. For her lifelong contribution to industry, commerce and business in
   British Columbia, Mrs. McDonald was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada in February
   1997. Widowed three times, she has raised a total of 10 children, four of whom are major
   shareholders in The BC Bearing Group. All four hold senior positions as part of the leadership
   team in addition to two grandchildren in middle management positions.
   LuAn Mitchell-Halter: Chairperson, Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods Inc. (2001 Honouree)
   LuAn Mitchell’s ’s life is a story of struggle and survival. From the country kid who was taunted
   as "Elly May" at her high school, to the confident mother of three young children who rose
   to command one of Canada's largest food processing companies, she has always triumphed,
   although she has also endured much, including the death of her first husband six years ago.
   Her business experience began with her own salon, spa and modeling school and included
   – as Chair of the Board of Directors - shepherding Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods from the brink of
   bankruptcy to one of Canada’s most successful value-added food processors. LuAn has reached
   the pinnacle of business success being named Canada’s Number One Female Entrepreneur for
   three successive years by Chatelaine and Profit Magazines. She recently remarried and believes
   a unified, happy family is life’s greatest achievement. This year she will release her first book
   Paper Doll: Lessons Learned From a Life Lived In The Headlines. In addition to relating lessons
   learned at the helm of the meat packing business, the book also looks at balancing personal,
   family and work obligations and LuAn shares the skills required to successfully juggle a hectic
   life. LuAn is President and CEO of Save The Planet Holdings; a motivational speaker; an active
   community worker and a writer of children’s stories. She serves on several boards including
   Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World and Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School
   of Government Women’s Leadership Board. Children's literacy and environmental awareness
   are among her many interests. From 1990 to 1994, she served as an advisor to "Kids for Saving
   Earth, North America." She also holds a patent on "Save The Planet," an environmental board
   game she invented.

                                                                  Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

    Kitty P Kyriacopoulos: Chairman of the Board, Silver & Baryte Ores Mining Co. S.A.
    (1998 Honouree) With her background in Physics and Mathematics, Kitty hardly expected to
    have to take over the family mining companies Bauxites Parnasse and Silver & Baryte Ores.
    When her father passed away in 1970 leaving her as his only heir, the challenge to take
    control, she says, was terrifying. Using common sense and working hard to make up for what
    she didn’t know, Kitty managed not only to keep the companies operating but also to gain
    the confidence of the clients and expand activities and increase turnover. It was rather unusual
    in those days for a women to be running a business and it was her desire to change the
    distant attitude of top management by adopting a closer, more friendly relationship with the
    working force and the social environment. Her company has developed into an important
    global enterprise with a market value of more than $US400 million.

    Maria Josè Meazza Coppola: President & Owner, Jusy Meazza Lungarno (2003
    Honouree) When Maria started her Buying Office in Milan 30 years ago, she never dreamed
    of the success it would enjoy. Her business is based on her vast knowledge of the world market
    and Italian production of fashion, home furnishing, knitwear, leather – “all the best of “Made In
    Italy” that the world wants to buy.” Her business assists more than 800 Italian manufacturers to
    export their collection and is the Buying Office of one of America’s largest retailer groups, with
    1600 stores in the USA, Canada and Europe. Maria and her husband, Michele Coppola, are
    involved in helping women with new businesses and other philanthropic pursuits.

    Yoko Kanari: President and CEO, CCW Co., Ltd. (2001 Honouree) In 1978, Yoko Kanari
    co-founded CCW Company, Ltd., a computer support and service firm, with seven other
    women. Since its inception, the corporate history of CCW parallels the history of the Japanese
    PC market. CCW pioneered such niche markets as the development of LAN package systems.
    Today, CCW has grown into a prominent computer support and service firm with $US10
    million revenues. The name CCW originally came from the Career Center for Women (CCW)
    as well as from Computer Communication of the World (CCW). Kanari founded CCW with
    the intention of promoting woman entrepreneurs and to create better work environments
    for Japanese career women. When CCW came into existence, there were many talented
    women with technical backgrounds working in the Japanese computer industry. However,
    the Japanese corporate traditions did not support women who continued working after they
    married and started a family. Her company’s goal was to make it possible for technical and
    professional women to telecommute. CCW launched a recruiting center to sign up women
    with technical backgrounds seeking to work as contractors. The company made arrangements
    for them to work out of SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) so that they did not have to commute
    far away from home. CCW also created job lists and matched technical women with jobs
    such as programming, technical documentation and translations, manual compilations, PC
    training and the PC help desk. Today, the PC help desk has grown into a major line of business
    contributing to the growth of the Japanese computer industry. Kanari is a mother of one
    girl and plans to continue creating better work environments so that Japanese women may
    continue to enjoy motherhood and achieve career goals simultaneously.

                                                                  Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

    Georgiana Pogonaru: CEO & Executive President, RomColor 2000 S.A. (2000
    Honouree) Georgiana started RomColor 2000 S.A. in 1995. Since then the company has
    become the leading Eastern European producer of colorants and additives for plastics. It
    presently has over a 70% market share in Romania and exports to ten countries. The company
    has also successfully fulfilled complex contracts for the supply of pipes for telecommunications
    and irrigation networks. Her career as a former lecturer on the Faculty of Chemistry of Bucharest
    University helped with the technical abilities required to establish her factory. Georgiana is a
    board member of several professional and business associations, including ASPAPLAST. From
    1995-1998, she was the vice-president of the Romanian chapter of the International Women’s
    Association. She is vice-president of “The Friends of the National Museum of Arts of Romania”
    Association. Being a mother of two children and helping them achieve their own identity in a
    specific cultural environment is extremely rewarding to Georgiana.
    Anca Vlad, Business Manager, Fildas Trading SRL Import and Distribution of
    Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products. (2003 Honouree) The 1989 Romanian Revolution
    resulted in the emergence of private business and in 1991 Anca established her import and
    distribution business, employing 340 people. From 1998 to 2002 its growth rate climbed from
    $US15 million to $US50million. Anca is also involved in the retail business with 65 pharmacies
    and 200 people marketing force. A passionate art consumer, Anca is involved in various cultural
    art projects and is an active public figure. As founder of the Fildas Art Foundation, she promotes
    young artists and authentic cultural productions. Anca is the mother of two children.

    Jannie Tay, Founder and Managing Director, The Hour Glass, Ltd. (1997 Honouree)
    Jannie has served as Managing Director of The Hour Glass since the company's formation
    in 1979. Under her direction, the company has grown from a one-shop retail operation,
    into a regional manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of high quality, distinctive time pieces
    and jewellery. Jannie was instrumental in getting the company listed on the SESDAQ and
    subsequently promoted to the main board of the Stock Exchange of Singapore in 1992. The
    Hour Glass has received numerous awards, including the Enterprise Award (1990), the National
    Productivity Award (1991), and the Specialty Store of the Year Award from the Singapore
    Tourist Promotion Board. A firm believer in total quality, she was responsible for the company
    receiving the ISO 9002 Certification in 1994, making The Hour Glass the first watch retailer
    in the world to achieve this honour. Jannie has also been honoured with Tatler's 15 Years
    at the Top Award (Singapore). She is a director of Burberrys (Singapore) Pte and Chairman
    of Vanweil, Ltd., developer of Oyster Cove in Australia. She is the current President of the
    International Women's Forum in Singapore, a Director of the International Women's Forum
    Leadership Foundation, and sits on The Women's Leadership Board, John F. Kennedy School
    of Government, Harvard University. She is also President of the ASEAN Business Forum.

                                                                   Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

    Dr Anna Theresa Mokgokong, Executive Director, Malesela Holdings. (1998 Honouree;
    Born 1957) Anna completed her MB ChB degree at the Medical University of South Africa in
    1984 and won the Best Family Medicine Student Award. She is a member of the Institute
    of Directors and serves as Chairman of Malesela Investment Holding, a black empowerment
    investment company with substantial interests in Health Care, Financial Services, IT, Logistics and
    strong industrial divisions. She also serves on the boards of Novartis SA Pty Ltd (Pharmaceuticals)
    and Fasic Investment Corporation Pty Ltd/Fasic Limited with significant holdings in Lion Match
    and Kimberley Clark. In 1994 she was elected Soroptimist Community Person of the Year and,
    the following year was elected as a delegate on President Nelson Mandela’s task visit to Britain
    in 1995. She also joined President Thabo Mbeki’s business delegation on his state visit to Ghana
    in 2000.

    Christina De Manual: Chairman & CEO MD Anderson International (2003 Honouree)
    In 1990, Cristina de Manuel accompanied a member of her family to MD Anderson Cancer
    Center of Houston, Texas, for cancer treatment. The Center’s multi disciplinary approach to
    cancer, through integrated programs in patient care, research, education and prevention,
    greatly impressed her and convinced her of the need to have a similar resource available in
    Spain. She persevered for seven years, convincing MD Anderson in Houston of this need, and
    four additional years acquiring the necessary investment. Finally, with her own financing, her
    family’s support and outside venture capital, on November 14, 2000, former U.S. President
    George Bush and Ana Botella, wife of the Spanish President, officially dedicated MD Anderson
    International España, the first MD Anderson Cancer Center outside Houston. In March of 2003,
    she sold her interest in the Spanish MD Anderson group. She is now fully involved in the
    development of other interesting ventures. She is the mother of three children, who actively
    support her in her private efforts to better life in different projects for Spanish women. She
    adores devouring books and classical music, collecting primitive paintings, and getting her
    extremely large family together to visit.
    Paloma Hernández: General Manager of Primeur España SA. (2002 Honouree) Paloma
    was born in Madrid, Spain in 1959. In 1965, she began practicing swimming and basketball
    and, in 1974, participated in Spain’s National Swimming Competition. Moving to Vigo in the
    northwest of Spain to work for Citröen in 1985, she was the only woman “cadre.” The goal
    of this job was to fully automate car production from start to end. As a Manager for Citröen
    Vigo and one of three for Citröen Spain, she was in charge of managing the applications and
    computers that controlled car production. Hernández was married in October of this same
    year. In 1988, Banesto, one of the first banks in Spain at that time, invited her to join them to
    develop a center for the authorisation of credit cards. She returned to Madrid and her career
    flourished. Hernández was responsible for the IT technologies of the International Network
    and creation of the new Dealing Room, a project valued at $US6 million. For this project, she
    and her team received public recognition and congratulations from the President of the bank.
    Today, PRIMEUR ESPAÑA is the second branch in the group and has developed business in
    Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Hernández spends 35% of her time in Latin America and
    lives in Madrid.

                                                                    Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

    Indira Senanayake Kulatilake, President, Universal Labels Pty Ltd (2003 Honouree).
    Coming from a very conservative family, Indira was not expected to be a career woman, although
    she always had a vision of doing business and making chewing gum and bubble gum when
    these products were banned from being imported into Sri Lanka. In 1971, she married Bertie
    Kulatilake. Her son, Shanil, was born in 1977 and she gave up small time business and started
    thinking of embarking on something really worthwhile, selecting woven labels which carried
    the brand names, wash care and sizes. She learned to weave, design, market, purchase, account
    and deliver labels. Starting with 3 people, she now employs 72. In 1995, Indira was faced with
    updating her machinery to computerised rapier looms or closing down. For her, it was a huge
    investment of rupees 25 million, and forced her to register as a Board of Investment Company,
    which meant changing the name from Uni-Tag Industries to Universal Labels. Indira has been
    nominated for citation and awarded for Excellence in Entrepreneurship in both the manufacturing
    and service industries by the Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India, in November 2001.
    She joined the Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 1998 as a Board Member and
    Assistant Treasurer. She is in the process of revamping the chamber and creating a business clinic
    to be of service to members and help women start up their enterprises.

    Panida Thepkanjana: President, Hyatt Regency Hua-Hin Hotel (2003 Honouree). For
    the past 20 years, Panida, as a prominent Thai woman business executive, has been involved
    in the hotel and real estate industry, including: office building, residential apartment, housing,
    shopping mall, resort & spa and others. Panida was appointed an Executive Director of Amarin
    Plaza Group of Companies, established by her family and Wongkusolkit family. Amarin Plaza
    Group is one of the leading companies in hotel and real estate business in Thailand. Amarin
    Plaza is the first real estate company to be listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The group
    has more than 1,800 employees. Panida has devoted herself to several social activities since
    completing her education - a Master’s Degree in Law (Chulalongkorn University), Master of
    Management (Graduate of Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University)
    (SASIN) and Barrister-at-Law of the Institute of Thai Bar Association. She is a Board member
    of The Real Estate Association of Thailand and a Board Member of The Women Lawyers
    Association of Thailand, under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen. She is also
    involved in activities related to education such as the Kiat Rummitr Foundation for Education,
    which has given over 220 scholarships to students annually for more than 20 years. Her social
    contribution work has been honoured with the Thai Royal Decorations of Knight Grand Cross
    (First Class) of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand and Commander (Third Class)
    of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant.
    Khunying Natthika Watthanavekin Angubolkul: Chairman & CEO Eastern Sugar
    Company LTD. (2000 Honouree) Khunying is the only female CEO in the male-dominated
    sugar industry of Thailand. After completing her MBA at age 23, she joined Eastern Sugar Co.,
    Ltd. and quickly rose to become its chairperson and CEO in 1997. Astute and wise management
    on her part has made Eastern Sugar the largest sugar factory in the Eastern region. In addition to
    this, she also holds more than twenty executive posts in various successful industrial and financial
    corporations, and is the founder of three international hotel franchises. She is the recipient of
    a number of royal decorations in her country, and her many achievements have been widely
    acknowledged through numerous national and international awards. More recently, during
    the last APEC Summit 2003 held in Thailand, she was inducted as the chairwoman for the APEC
    Women Leader’s Network Meeting 2003 Protocol. She has also become the Chairperson of
    the Associate Members of the National Council of Women of Thailand, which is under the
    Royal Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen.

                                                                    Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

    Tina Knight: Owner & Managing Director, Nighthawk Electronics Ltd. (1998
    Honouree) Tina’s company is a world leader in the field of computer resource sharing devices.
    She Nighthawk Electronics in 1985 with an initial investment of £4,000. Within three years,
    sales turnover had risen to over £2 million. Nighthawk today has an established customer base
    that ranges from the smallest company to the largest multi-national organisations, many of
    whom have standardised on Nighthawk products. Tina is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors
    and the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce; a Trustee
    of the Eating Disorders Association; Vice Chairman of the Small Business Bureau; Chairman of
    the Government’s Fair Play Consortium (Eastern Region); Chairman of Women in Business,
    London President of BAWE (British Association for Women Entrepreneurs), and a member of
    BAWE’s National Council. She has won a number of distinguished awards, namely the 1988
    Women in Business award presented by then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, the TOBIE
    (Technology or Business Innovation in Electronics) award as Personality of the Year in 1988,
    and was Runner-up for the “Business Woman of the Year” award in 1989.
    Dr. Marilyn Orcharton: Founder and Owner, Kite Consultants Ltd (1999 Honouree)
    Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Marilyn is a serial entrepreneur. A qualified dentist, her first business
    was a dental practice. In 1986, she co-founded Denplan, Ltd., a company which is still the UK
    market leader with a current turnover of $200 million. In true entrepreneurial style, Marilyn
    sold her stake in 1993 and founded Kite Consultants, Ltd. The company launched,
    the first business to business site for dentists, doctors, vets, opticians, pharmacists and others.
    She has been placed on the roll of honour for distinguished services to dentistry by the British
    Dental Association. Marilyn has several government appointments and in 1998 was elected
    President of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, the first woman to hold this position in its
    215–year history.

    Maxine Burton: Founder and President, Flowers, Inc. Balloons. (2003 Honouree)
    Maxine has worked to establish her company as the largest supplier of balloons and gift items
    in the United States. With a staff of over 350 employees, the company provides service to a
    worldwide customer base and has expanded its product line to include gift items manufactured
    in Asia. Together with her husband and business partner, Robert Burton, she was awarded the
    Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in 2001 for the Retail/Wholesale category
    for the Alabama-Georgia-Tennessee region and they were inducted into the Hall of Fame in
    Palm Springs later that year. In March 2002, Maxine became a member of the John F. Kennedy
    School of Government Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard University. This elite group from
    around the world advises the Dean and supports women’s initiatives at the School, including
    the Women and Public Policy Program, the Council of Women World Leaders, and the Center
    for Public Leadership. Burton earned both a Bachelors degree in Science and Education and a
    Masters degree in Education from the University of Georgia. In 1995, she was honoured by the
    Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter of the University of Georgia for her entrepreneurial success and
    served as the University’s distinguished Lecturer/Practitioner at the Terry Business School from
    1993-96. In 1998, she attended Harvard’s Business School of Women Leading Business. She is
    married to Robert E. Burton. They have two children, Rachael and Michael.

                                                                Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™

Carolyn M. Byham: Executive Vice President, Development Dimensions International.
(2000 Honouree) Carolyn M. Byham, born in 1941, was the first woman to receive a graduate
assistantship in broadcasting for her Master’s degree from The Ohio State University. Upon
graduation, she worked as an account executive for the advertising agency B.B.D.O. in New
York City. In 1970, she and her husband Bill, moved to Pittsburgh and started Development
Dimensions International in the basement of their home. Today, Development Dimensions
International is the world’s largest privately owned Human Resource consulting firm with offices
in Atlanta, Australia, Brazil, Chicago, Japan, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles and New York.
DDI does business with more than 400 of the Fortune 500 companies and trains more than
one million people each year. Devoting most of her time to various boards in Pennsylvania, she
spent eight years as an elected city official - only the second woman in 75 years to be elected to
this position. Byham and her husband Bill have two children and reside in Pittsburgh, London,
and Sarasota, Florida.
Sandy Gooch: President, Sandy Gooch Enterprises. (2001 Honouree). Sandy, founder of
Mrs. Gooch’s Natural Foods Markets, was the first woman to develop a supermarket chain in
the United States. After suffering a life-threatening reaction to a combination of commonly used
food additives, Sandy found that the only way she could survive was to eliminate all additives
from her diet. She experienced difficulty locating a wide variety of natural foods, so in 1977
wshe opened the largest market of its kind in the U.S. that specialised in offering natural food
and health-related items. Over the next sixteen years, she expanded her operation, opened
larger stores, and developed a 90- million-dollar-a-year business. Her markets helped set natural
products standards throughout the United States and other countries as well. These standards
were called “Goochable.” After selling her company in 1993, Sandy started designing, building
and refurbishing estate homes that, to the degree possible, incorporate pro environment
features. A former schoolteacher and master teacher for university students obtaining a
teaching credential, plus a lifetime educator, Sandy continues to inform the public about the
significance of the interrelationship between sustainable environmental practices and the long-
term health and viability of our planet and humankind. She travels extensively, lecturing to
many groups and organisations about both healthy lifestyles and the challenges that women
face in business. She also has written a book, “If You Love Me, Don’t Feed Me Junk!”
Carolyn Wente, President, Wente Vineyards (2002 Honouree) A fourth-generation vintner,
Carolyn was immersed in the wine business from an early age. As a child, she spent time in the
vineyards with her father and grandfather, picking grapes, driving a tractor, bottling the wines and
learning about grape-growing and wine making. She also learned about food and hospitality,
preparing traditional family recipes alongside her mother and grandmother for the frequent
winery dinners and parties. When she became president of Wente Vineyards in 1996, she and
her brothers, Eric and Phil, envisioned a new direction for the winery their great-grandfather built
in 1883. “My brothers have continuously supported my role as president and spokesperson for
our family enterprises. I think our industry has been one that has attracted women at all levels
and respected them for their achievements,” she said. In 1999, Carolyn coauthored “Sharing the
Vineyard Table: A Celebration of Wine and Food from the Wente Vineyards Restaurant,” with
executive chef Kimball Jones. Through the restaurant and this book, she expresses her wide-
ranging culinary knowledge. She was born and raised in Livermore, California. Earning a degree
in history from Stanford University, she also studied in Europe and served as a student intern on
Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. To broaden her experience in the business world, she spent
three years working for Crocker Bank as a financial analyst before returning to the family winery.
She lives in the Livermore Valley with her husband, Buck Layton, and their son Buck IV.
V. Cheryl Womack, CEO and President of VCW Holding Company, President of
The Star Group, Chair of The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World. (2002
Honouree) Cheryl’s biography is featured previously in this media kit.

   Paspaley recognises the unique dedication of the
     Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World™


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