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					    GT Center Schools
Parent Information Evening

    September 8-15, 2008
    Creighton Middle School
    Evergreen Middle School
    Ken Caryl Middle School
   North Arvada Middle School
   West Jefferson Middle School
     Provide GT Center School Program
• How Center Schools differ from
  neighborhood schools
• How to determine if Center School
  placement is a good fit for your child
• Application process and time frames
Factors for Parents to consider in
  the Center School Decision

     •   Bright Child/ Gifted Learner
     •   Transportation
     •   Siblings
     •   Student motivation
     •   Parent involvement
     Bright Child/Gifted Learner

Knows the answers             Asks the questions
6-8 repetitions for mastery   1-2 repetitions
Top group                     Beyond the group
Is interested                 Highly curious
Grasps the meaning            Draws inferences
Copies accurately             Creates new design
Enjoys school                 Enjoys learning
   Definition of “Gifted and Talented”

• Persons between ages 5 and 21
• Capable of high performance, exceptional
  production, and/or exceptional learning behavior
• General or specific intellectual abilities
• Specific academic aptitude
• Creative or productive thinking
• Leadership and human relations ability
• Visual arts, performing arts, spatial or musical
    Common Characteristics of Gifted
 While it is rare for a gifted child to exhibit all characteristics, it is
 common for a gifted child to manifest many of the following:

 Good at problem-solving          Learns rapidly             Extensive vocabulary

       Good memory            Longer attention span         Compassion for others

       Perfectionism          High degree of energy      Prefers older companions

  Wide or narrow range of    Unusual sense of humor            Early or avid reader
   Insatiable curiosity &      Intense concentration        May question authority
Advanced sense of           May demonstrate intense     Exhibits creativity
conscience                  emotional and/or physical
Ability with puzzles, #s    Perceives abstract ideas    Sees relationships
                                                        A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children. Devries
                                                        and Webb, SENG. Scottsdale, AZ. 2007
“ It means teachers proactively plan
  varied approaches to what students
  need to learn, how they will learn it,
  and/or how they will show what they
  have learned in order to increase the
  likelihood that each student will learn
  as much as he or she can, as efficiently
  as possible.”
                              Carol Ann Tomlinson
Tomlinson, C.A. & Eidson, C.C. (2003).Differentiation in Practice: A Resource Guide for
Differentiating Curriculum. Gifted Education Guidelines and Resources: CDE Gifted
Education Guidelines and Resources CDE, Denver, CO 2008
    Curriculum and Programming
    Gifted Center programming is based on the CAP
    (Curriculum Alignment Project) and meets or
    exceeds Colorado standards for students
    performing above grade level. Programming
    includes but is not limited to:

•   Compacted and accelerated curriculum
•   Emphasis on higher level thinking skills
•   Integrated approach to content areas
•   Opportunity to work with academic peers
•   Nurturing of social-emotional (affective) needs
•   Attention to individual interests
•   Emphasis on complex, advanced materials
 How Do I Know if a Center
School is Right for My Child?

          Child needs to
             be with
Center School
  Process                  Access Center School
                           application from GT
Parent completes
application and                                                   Teacher completes
recommendation                                                    recommendation and sends to
                                                                  GT Office
                             Center Testing

                            Data reviewed by
                           Selection Committee

                      Letters sent to applicants regarding
                              placement decision

      Visitation to
      Assigned Site
                                                     Parents accept or decline Center
Hackberry Hill


Kendrick Lakes




Middle Schools

  North Arvada


  Evergreen Middle

  Ken Caryl

  West Jefferson
Possible Center Pathways from
 Elementary to Middle School
• Coronado to Ken Caryl
• Devinny to Creighton
• Hackberry Hill to North Arvada
• Kendrick Lakes to Creighton
• Kyffin to Creighton
• Parmalee to Evergreen Middle or
  West Jefferson Middle School
• Westridge to Ken Caryl
 Why does the process start
         so early?
• Choice enrollment deadlines for
  schools (Jan. 6 – Jan. 24)

• Siblings/Family accommodations
      Important Dates for
      GT Center Schools
►Application Deadline = October 3, 2008
                           3:00 P.M.
►Testing Dates:
     Elementary: Nov. 8th and/or 15th
     Middle School: Nov. 6th and/or 8th
►Teacher Referral Forms Due Date =
                       December 5, 2008
►Notification of Acceptance:
                           January 2009
     Still Not Sure About
        Center School?
Other options:
 Neighborhood School with ALP
 Advanced curriculum that matches
    your child’s intellectual needs at the
    neighborhood school (extensions,
    independent projects, compacting)
 GT Department supports all schools,
    all gifted/learners, and all teachers
 After school enrichment activities
Important Jeffco GT Websites

    – Gifted Center Information
    – Parent Information
    – Application Information
    – GT Center School Hotline
                or 720-497-5139

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