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					Caroline Mawdsley          PEER REVIEW

Timo Francis

I met Timo Francis in summer of 2009, he had applied to do a radio show on Plymouth
Arts Centre’s radio station Freesound. Freesound is an experimental community radio
station broadcast from Plymouth Arts Centre. The intention of the station is to offer a
platform for the creativity of the the voice of Plymouth citizens. Timo applied to this
station with a proposal that fitted perfectly with the aims of the station.

Timo did not just present a DJ set or invite a few musicians to play live and discuss their
music, he brought the studio alive with spontaneous and planned activity. Each session of
Timo Surviving 2012 included a Live poetry from himself and guests, live jam sessions
with numerous musicians, interviews with musicians and much more. The shows were
very well constructed yet allowed for a great deal of creative spontaneity and provided an
insight into sonic activity in Plymouth.

In order to create these fantastic shows, Timo enlisted the support of Deep Blue Sound,
he used their recording and editing studios and worked with students. In constructing
these shows Timo learned a range of skills that he has taken forward into other projects
and simultaneously he was utilising and stretching the students skills.

Since working on Freesound Timo has recorded a talk by Internationally renowned artists
Lucy Orta and interviewed her to create a radio show for Sound Art Radio in Dartington.
As a result of this one off show and his commitment to creating excellent programmes for
Freesound, Timo now presents a regular show for Sound Art Radio. In this show he
demonstrates the same level of enthusiasm and experimentation that made his shows on
Freesound so successful and unique.

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