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					                                                                                                                                                                    AUGUST 2011

                        “Mission starts in our hearts                                                                                              in conversation
                                                                                                                                                   We catch up with Scot McKnight as he
                        and moves out into the                                                                                                     prepares to inspire and challenge at the
                        whole world,” STEVE MCALPINE PAGE 5                                                                                        Vose Conference this month. PAGE 10 >>

                                                                                                                                                                             5 KBC to Thailand
Photo: NASA

                                                                                                                                                                             Western Australia’s goldfields
                                                                                                                                                                             are not as remote as they
                                                                                                                                                                             once were, proving the world
                                                 On 8 July, NASA launched the space shuttle Atlantis for the final time to the International Space Station.                  is a much smaller place >>
                                                 Given the space shuttle program’s popularity and notable successes, many are mystified that the program
                                                 is being scrapped. However, the decision to shut it down illustrates an important leadership principle
                                                 pertaining to innovation …

                                                 JOHN MAXWELL PAGE 12 >>

              Engaging with God’s Word                                                                                                                                       8 Live well; die well
              Dr Peter Christofides is the newest member of the                               when you see people engaging            bookings to speak in some of the       I wake up to a new day,
              staff at Vose Seminary. His role as New Testament                               with God’s Word. Things happen          churches,” Dr Christofides said.       and with it a new context
                                                                                              in lives.”                                  Dr Christofides’ office at         in which to live out life’s
              Lecturer fits well with his passion for Biblical
                                                                                                   “As I look back I see God’s hand   Vose is still being renovated, but     greatest adventure >>
              languages. He has two doctorates in ‘New Testament                              all over our lives. The opportunity     the energetic teacher is already
              issues of peace and reconciliation’ and ‘Rediscovering                          to work at Casuarina Baptist;           putting the finishing touches to
              the role of the laity for ministry in the church’.                              meeting up again with Brian             the lectures he will give in second
                                                                                              Harris after a long break, and now      semester starting on 25 July.
                                                                                              joining the team at Vose Seminary           “We pray for God’s grace to
                                                       said. “The elders kept telling me to   to do what I really love — teaching     face things in life — like moving
                                                       slow down.”                            people the New Testament and            country, changing work,” Dr
              Dr Christofides was Prinicpal of              “I’m passionate about reading     Biblical languages. It’s amazing!”      Christofides said. “Then we’re
              Rosebank Bible College and Head          the Bible, so we ran a pilot program        He is excited about visiting       shocked when we see it. We’re just
              of Biblical Languages at the Baptist     for the Scripture Union’s daily        Baptist churches across Western         so pleased to be here in Perth. It’s
              Theological College of Southern          reading program called ‘e100’,”        Australia.                              so beautiful.”
              Africa until he left for Australia       Dr Christofides said. “It’s exciting        “I’ve already got some                                                    11 Food crisis in
              with his family.                                                                                                                                               Africa

                                                       Same sex marriage
                   An engaging communicator,                                                                                                                                 The United Nations reports
              Dr Christofides was also an                                                                                                                                    six million people are
              executive producer with the                                                                                                                                    currently suffering from
              Department of Religious                                                         reaffirmed marriage as the union            The Australian Christian           food shortages >>
              Broadcasting for the South African                                              of one man and one woman,               Lobby’s current edition of their
              Broadcasting Corporation.                Victorian Baptist Reverend Nathan      and commended the Australian            public policy magazine Viewpoint
                   Brought up in South Africa          Nettleton expressed sentiments         Government for reflecting the           discusses same sex marriage with
              by Greek parents who migrated
              from Cyprus, Dr Christofides left
                                                       in an ABC Compass program on
                                                       same sex marriage legislation
                                                                                              Biblical teaching on marriage in
                                                                                              the Federal Marriage Act. Marriage
                                                                                                                                      a debate between the Australian
                                                                                                                                      Family Association’s Terri Kelleher
                                                                                                                                                                              We value
              Johannesburg in July 2009 with           broadcast on Sunday 10 July that       is not the appropriate institution      and Rodney Croome from                  building trust
              his wife Maria and young son             prompted a quick response from         for same sex couples.                   Marriage Equality.
              Michael to find a safer place in the     the denomination’s national body,           The ABM supports the right of          Terri Kelleher said: “Defending     within Baptist
              world to live.
                   For the next two years he
                                                       Australian Baptist Ministries
                                                                                              all couples to justice with respect
                                                                                              to property and like entitlements
                                                                                                                                      marriage is both reasonable and
                                                                                                                                      entirely compatible with equality
              worked as the Senior Pastor                  In a press release on 11 July,     and acknowledges that people,           and justice. Unfortunately,
                                                                                                                                                                              BAPTIST CHURCHES
              of Casuarina Baptist Church              ABM spokesperson, Rev. Rod             including some in Baptist               however, the debate is often
                                                                                                                                                                              WESTERN AUSTRALIA
              in Darwin and saw God bring              Bensley, said Rev. Nettleton’s         churches, face difficult issues         framed as a simplistic division of
              significant growth to the church.        views do not represent the views       with respect to sexuality. They         enlightened progressives versus
              The family recently moved to             of Australian Baptist Ministries       say recognition of such rights and      prejudiced bigots. But name
              Perth so Dr Christofides could           or an overwhelming majority of         difficulties does not justify major     calling neatly avoids the one
              begin his new role at Vose               Baptists in Australia and around       changes to their convictions            essential element of the debate:
              Seminary.                                the world.                             about marriage or to marriage           thoughtful consideration of the
                   “I struggled with the pace of           In November 2010, ABM              legislation.                            institution of marriage itself.”
              life in Darwin for the first year,” he
2        my view
         AUGUST 2011

                                            Shifting the burden
                                            Peter Senge in his book The Fifth Discipline                                     attending. To deal with the             a purpose rather than people’s
                                            introduces us to the concept of thinking about                                   symptoms the leadership might           personal preference. This is
                                                                                                                             decide to take unilateral action        a longer, slower, more effort
                                            systems that operate in our organisations and
                                                                                                                             and change the worship to a             consuming route, but one that in
                                            how the awareness of these dynamics give us                                      style that is attractive to potential   the long-term will have a greater
                                            the opportunity to discover productive ways of                                   new people. The unintended              chance of solving the problem.
                                            solving the problems that we inevitably face.                                    side effect may be that some of             Putting up with a delay
                                                                                                                             the regular attendees become            between the course of action we
                                            One of the situations he                    they often have unintended side      disgruntled and leave making            take and achieving the result we
                                            describes, called ‘shifting the             effects which leads to a more        it difficult to maintain a roster       desire is better than applying
                                            burden’ is about our tendency to            complex problem rather than a        for music. In effect, the problem       a symptomatic solution that
                                            focus on solutions that address             solution.                            has become larger rather than           causes unintended side effects.
 Steve Ingram                               the symptoms of a problem,                      For example; the church          smaller. The underlying issue
 Steve Ingram is a Baptist                  but do not treat the underlying             leadership might recognise           is actually that the original
 Pastor and Church Liaison                  issues. We often look for                   that the church’s worship style      worship style has been decided
 Consultant for Baptist                     symptomatic solutions because               for their outreach services,         by preference rather than
 Churches Western Australia.                dealing with the underlying                 although it is comfortable for the   purpose. A better solution would
                                            issues takes time and a good deal           current members, is potentially      be to educate the congregation
                                            more effort. The problem with               inhibiting new people from           about the concept of allowing
                                            symptomatic solutions are that              the wider community from             the worship style to be driven by

                                            Does God find us parking?
                                            “So what’s your take?” he asked me. “Does God help                               Japanese theologians who have           God cares about the small details
                                            us to find parking, or is that beneath his dignity?”                             been discussing the theology of         of our lives. There is no question
                                                                                                                             the suffering of God in the light       about that. The real question is
                                                                                                                             of the recent earthquakes in that       whether we care about anything
                                            I hedged my bets. “Well, I’ve               a valid, albeit unpopular, answer.   country. Sobering stuff. Not all        else.
                                           heard people argue for both                      Actually, I think those who      conferences are fun. We’ve all
                                           sides. Some feel it’s a bit of a             dismiss the notion that God          seen the pictures, but there is
                                           cheek to expect God to drop                  cares whether it rains on our        something especially haunting
                                           everything so that we can park a             birthday miss the point. This is     when you hear the stories from
                                           little closer to Coles, while others         the God who knows how many           those who were there and who            Those who
                                           suggest that being God, it’s done            hairs we have on our head. Our       are still living with the aftermath.
                                           with such ease that it’s not an              own estimate is unlikely to be       And it wasn’t just an earthquake.       ask receive
 Dr Brian Harris
                                           issue.” If this were an academic
                                           article, I’d insert a footnote to
                                                                                        accurate to within 500, so that is
                                                                                        scarily detailed information.
                                                                                                                             Add to it the Tsunami and then
                                                                                                                             the nuclear fallout — the latter will
                                                                                                                                                                     while those
 Dr Brian Harris is the                    explain that there are times                     I’m writing this at the annual   be around for decades ...               who don’t
 Principal of Vose Seminary                when in the wider purposes of                gathering of the Baptist World           But I’m wandering from the
 and Senior Pastor of Carey                God the decision is that finding             Alliance — this year in Kuala        topic. Does God find us parking         walk further!
 Community Baptist Church.                 a parking bay is not advisable,              Lumpur. I’m just back from a         bays and is it appropriate to pray
                                           and I’d remind readers that no is            meeting addressed by three           about such matters? Of course

letters to the editor
Dear Editor                                 same-sex changes that we are

Extremely disappointing and
                                            already seeing here — inclusion
                                            in school libraries, education
                                                                                             send us your letters
offensive to see the prominent
                                            in schools, forcing of adoption
display of the face of evil in a
Christian publication (page ,1
                                            agencies, allowing and forcing                   The Advocate welcomes your letters to the editor on topics of
June 2011); in my view this does
                                            IVF, changing of birth certificate               concern to you and the community. Send your letters of no more
                                            to Party A and Party B, access
not serve the purpose of this                                                                than 100 words to by the 10th of each month.
                                            to church camp sites — will
                                            be legitimised by re-defining
Glenn Strautins, Ridgewood                  marriage in federal law. Changes
                                            that have occurred elsewhere

                                                                                                                                                                        Share Your
                                            — the forcing of foster parents
Dear Editor
The Baptist people of Australia,
                                            (and indeed natural parents) to
                                                                                                                                                                        Will Power
                                            comply with approved education,
by and large, do not understand
the significance of what is
                                            performing of marriages by
                                            marriage celebrants and then by
                                                                                            There is far                       HOUSE
happening in society. There is far          ministers of religion will gain                 more at stake                      Accommodation for
more at stake than just allowing                                                                                               Young Adult Christians
                                            increased impetus here also.                                                                                               Thinking about your Will?
gays to marry.                                  We must not tire in our                     than just                          (18-30) - spacious 12
    In line with other ethical                                                                                                 bedroom house within                    Call 1300 789 991 or visit
and moral legal ‘permissions’
                                            efforts to preserve marriage as
                                            the most fundamental part of our
                                                                                            allowing gays                      walking distance from
                                                                                                                               Curtin University, direct
that become ‘compulsions’                   heritage and society. I plead with              to marry.                          buses to the city.                        bequests for a copy of
there are consequences to                   readers to consider and sign the
losing this battle such as the                                                                                                 $220/week (working                          Baptist World Aid
                                            Canberra Declaration.
truth that marriage is between                                                                                                 fulltime) or $200pw                        Australia’s ‘Guide to
                                            Lachlan Dunjey, Morley
male and female. Incremental                                                                                                   (students) inc. food,                      Wills and Bequests’
                                                                                                                               internet and utilities.
                                                                                                                               Friendly Christian
                                                                                                                               Call 9355 1159 or email
    The Advocate reserves the right to edit or withhold from publication any letter for any reason whatsoever. Once  
    received, all letters become the possession of The Advocate. The views written in ‘letters to the editor’ do not           and ask about Hebron
    necessarily reflect the views of The Advocate or Baptist Churches Western Australia, nor does The Advocate take            House for more detail.
    any responsibility of the views stated by those who write to the editor.
                                                                                                                                                                                         news                 3
                                                                                                                                                                                        AUGUST 2011

                                                                                                                                          Mt Barker
                        NAIDOC Week                                                                                                       CRC opening
                                                                                                                                                                              home work group for primary
                                                                                                                                                                              age children.
                                                                                                                                          The formal opening                      Pastor Paul McKeich’s office
                                                                                                                                          of the Mt Barker                    is also situated in the Centre.
                                                                                                                                                                                  “We’re very excited about
                                                                                                                                          Community Resource
                                                                                                                                                                              how this whole project is
                                                                                                                                          Centre, the home of Mt              connecting the church strongly
                                                                                                                                          Barker Baptist Church               with the community,” Paul said.
                                                                                                                                          and a raft of community
                                                                                                                                          groups, including the
                                                                                                                                          Plantagenet Shire’s
                                                                                                                                          library, is set for                 We’re very excited
Photo: Richard Capper

                                                                                                                                          later this year.                    about how this
                                                                                                                                              This collaboration between      whole project
                                                                                                                                          a Baptist Church, the local Shire
                                                                                                                                          and community groups is a first     is connecting
                        Members of Mount Zion Aussie Indigenous Church singing at their service to celebrate NAIDOC Week.
                                                                                                                                          in Western Australia.
                                                                                                                                              Groups already using the
                                                                                                                                                                              the church
                                                                                                                                          facility include Centrelink, an     strongly with the
                                                               the ‘skin name’ Jangala and           way. It is an opportunity to         after school and vacation child
                                                               Garimara. We’ve known them            demonstrate unity in the Lord        care centre, Foodbank and a         community.
                        Two West Australian                    since they began their ministry       with our indigenous brothers
                        Baptist churches                       to the Martu people around            and sisters. The whole thing is a
                                                               Newman and Jigalong,” Keith           special and moving experience
                        have marked this
                                                               said.                                 — as is the whole process of
                        year’s NAIDOC                              “When they settled in             reconciliation,” Craig said.
                        (National Aborigines                   Newman they asked me — in                  “The gathering was also
                        and Islanders Day                      my pastoral capacity — to take        attended by Keith’s son Ashley,
                                                               watchful care for a couple of their   who is the 43rd indigenous law
                        Observance Committee)
                                                               church and family members who         graduate from the University of
                        Week with a unique                     were coming down to Perth for         Western Australia, making the
                        joint worship service                  hospitalisation. We visited them      day just that bit more special.”
                        and time of fellowship                 in their homes as well as having           Keith agrees it is important
                                                               church outreach meetings, and I       to mark NAIDOC Week in the
                        — the second year
                                                               am still continuing this ministry.”   church’s calendar. “As two church
                        that Yangebup Baptist                      “We’ve also shared Easter         groups, we are able to present a
                        Church and Mount                       meetings around the Newman            Christian perspective to whatever
                        Zion Aussie Indigenous                 area over many years. Some            the theme for the year is. This
                                                               Martu people are a regular part       year it was ‘Change: the next step
                        Church (MOZAIC) of
                                                               of our congregation and some of       is ours’.”
                        Belmont have met                       them have been baptised in the             “Christians are always in
                        together to celebrate                  Swan River,” he said.                 the business of getting people
                        their faith in God.                        Yangebup is only about half       reconciled to God, otherwise
                                                               an hour away from MOZAIC in           they have no lasting peace,” he
                        MOZAIC Pastor, Keith Truscott          Belmont and all the members           explained.
                        said it was very exciting to be able   were excited to catch up over              “And if two different Baptist
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo: Jill Birt
                        to mark NAIDOC Week in such a          a meal and celebration of their       churches who reach to different
                        special way with the Christians        faith. Yangebup Baptist Church        national groups in their
                        at Yangebup Baptist Church,            Pastor, Craig Siggins, said this      congregation can meet together
                        however his church’s association       year’s joint service was a great      in Christ Jesus’ name, then this
                        with Pastor Craig and Lyn Siggins      celebration.                          is the gospel in practice and        Mt Barker Community Resource Centre Manager Steve Shoebridge
                        goes back more than 15 years.              “I think it is very important     honours the glory and majesty of     and Pastor Paul McKeich with new library equipment made by men at
                            “We call Craig and Lyn by          to mark NAIDOC Week in this           God the Father.”                     Pardelup Prison Farm.

                                                                       want a love that lasts?

                                                                                                                                                    Whether you’re married, living together or dating
                                 You’re invited to                                                                                                          every couple needs time away together.
                                                                                                                                                                Celebrate again why you fell in love.

                                                                      AUGUST 26-28, 2011
                                                                      Joondalup Resort, Perth                                                                     register online
                         4        news
                                  AUGUST 2011

                         Albany celebrates together
                                                                program which included music
                                                                items, an engaging historical
                         More than 200 people                   presentation of the Christian
                         from churches across                   community of Albany and some
                                                                vibrant worship led by a band
                         Albany met at Albany
                                                                with a strong brass section.
                         Baptist Church to                          Eighty young people from
                         celebrate Church                       several local churches including
                         Together on 10 July.                   Calvary Chapel, the Brethren,
                                                                Salvation Army, Living Water
                         “It was amazing,” Shaphan              Anglican, Church of Christ and
                         Williams, a youth leader at the        Baptist Church met in the gym
                         Troode St Church said. “There          where the Troode Street band,
                         was an expo from 6:00 pm to            fronted by Jesse Small, led the
                         7:00 pm where churches had             group in several worship songs.
                         displays of their ministries and           Joel Baty guided the
                         community work.”                       group through some team
                             “Pregnancy Problem House,          games before they watched
                         a new ministry in town was             Compassion’s latest video clip,
                         there, as were representatives         featuring the Perth guys How
                         from Youth Care and                    Ridiculous shooting basketball

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo: Shaphan Williams
                         Compassion.”                           hoops from incredible locations.
                             After the expo, age specific           Chris Green, Baptist
                         programs were available for            Churches Western Australia’s
                         children, youth and adults.            Youth, Children and Young
                             Anglican Bishop Alan               Adults Consultant, made the
                         Newing spoke to the adult              trip from Perth to speak to the
                         congregation. His message              young people. His talk titled            The Troode Street band fronted by Jesse Small performed several worship songs at Church Together in Albany.
                         focused on the importance of           ‘How to be a fake Christian’ was
                         living in relationship with Jesus      humorous and interactive. Many           “About a month ago 60 young               At the end of the various          Albany with Sally Puzey from
                         every day of the week, not just        of the group found what he said          people met to pray for their          programs groups met together           Albany Baptist Church the key
                         on Sundays.                            challenging as well as inspiring.        churches, the local community         for tea and coffee, hot pies and       organiser on site.
                             Pastor Norm Baty from                  “This isn’t the first time           and themselves, so it was great       cold drinks.
                         Troode Street Church                   Albany’s youth have got                  to follow that up with Church             The event was run by the
                         introduced the evening’s               together recently,” Shaphan said.        Together.”                            Church Leaders Fellowship in

                                                                                                         Purple bras for cancer
                                                                                                                                               At the North Beach Baptist                  Roy Williams, who runs the
                                                                                                                                               Church’s Share In craft group          re-cycle table each week at Share
                                                                                                         Share In has run                      Michael dressed in a purple bra to     In, joined Michael on stage to
                                                                                                         each Friday morning                   encourage the 250 people in the        encourage the people to give.
                                                                                                                                               audience to give to this special            “Yes, we looked pretty
                                                                                                         for the past 27 years.
                                                                                                                                               cause.                                 ridiculous,” Michael said, “but it
                                                                                                         Fundraising for                           “I lost two siblings to cancer,”   was for a very good cause. We
                                                                                                         community projects                    Michael said. “My brother Phil         raised $500 from the people at
Photo: Eleanor Daniels

                                                                                                         rarely happens, but the               died in 1966 and 17 years ago my       Share In and the organising
                                                                                                                                               sister Rosemary died from breast       committee added another $200.”
                                                                                                         needs of the WA Breast
                                                                                                                                               cancer.”                                    Extra funds came in over the
                                                                                                         Cancer group and                          Since retiring from full-time      next few days making a total of
                                                                                                         Michael Carter’s passion              work 12 years ago, Michael has         $840 for cancer research.
                                                                                                         for the need dictated an              run the kitchen at Share In each
                         Michael Carter (left) and Roy Williams in their purple bras as they                                                   week serving morning tea to the
                                                                                                         exception to the rule.
                         encouraged Share In people to give to help cancer research.                                                           craft group.

                         digital church                                                                                                        briefs
                          24/06/2011                            near someone physically or at least      who they are and not what you
                                                                connected to a mobile device? Even       had hoped to produce. Affirm          Baptisms                               Births
                          Tim Stevens                                                                                                          Leanne Gibson from Cranbrook           Alexander Grove was born to
                                                                Jesus spent 40 days and nights in        them with love for who they
                                                                the desert alone before launching        actually are and the gifts God gave   Baptist Church was baptised            Peter and Kristen Grove on 20
                          “I’m talking about thinking
                                                                                                         them.”                                on 15 May at Lake Poorrarecup.         May. Neil and Rebecca Tinley
                                                                into his life’s purpose.”
                          through each child and being                                                                                         North Beach Baptist Church             welcomed Joshua Neil Tinley on
                          intentional about your time                                                                                          celebrated several baptisms over       25 May. Eliana Rhonda Young
                                                                01/07/2011                               11/07/2011
                          with them and support of them.                                                                                       the past couple of months. On 29       was born to Roger and Sharon
                          I’m talking about having an           Dave Moser                               Tim Challies
                                                                                                                                               May Caitlin Hubo, Elisa Pullella       Young on 22 June. All three
                          intentional plan to invest in each                                                                                   and Lousie Davies were baptised.       families are from North Beach
                                                                “The life that is ‘worthy’ of the        “There was a time when
                          kid — and revising that plan as                                                                                      Chantelle Tranter was baptised         Baptist Church.
                                                                gospel is the life that celebrates it    Christians used militaristic
                          they grow older and change.”                                                                                         on 26 June and Amber Stacey,
                                                                                                         language without shame …
                                                                in community with other believers
                                                                                                         Christians often spoke of being
                                                                                                                                               Matthew Spencer, Liam Carter           Death
                          26/06/2011                            and strives to extol it to the world.”                                         and Tom Russell on 3 July.             Horrie Smith, prayer warrior,
                                                                                                         part of an army fighting against
                          Phil Cooke                                                                     the forces of darkness. Hymns
                                                                                                                                                                                      influential local cricket coach and
                                     02/07/2011                                                                     Engagement                             long-time member of Parkerville
                                                                                                         like ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’
                          “Are you so connected you never       Dave Burchett                            were sung often and were sung
                                                                                                                                               Calvin Webb (North Beach Baptist       Baptist Church died on 25 June in
                          take time out to live deeply?                                                           Church) and Kayla Macomish             Australind, age 91.
                          Can you appreciate the value of       “If you lived like you we’re dying                                             (Albany Baptist Church)
                          solitude, or do you have to be        you would love your children for                                               announced their engagement on
                                                                                                                                               11 June.
                                                                                                                                                                                                news                5
                                                                                                                                                                                                AUGUST 2011

                       KBC in Thailand                                                                                                          Relief Fund
                                                                                                                                                sends gifts
                                                                                                                                                Devastating floods in the Carnarvon region in
                                                                                                                                                December 2010 and destructive bushfires through
                                                                                                                                                the hills of Perth’s southern suburbs during the
                                                                                                                                                summer of 2011 prompted Baptist Churches
                                                                                                                                                Western Australia (BCWA) to open an Emergency
                                                                                                                                                Relief Fund to help meet the immediate needs of
                                                                                                                                                people suffering significant losses due to natural
                                                                                                                                                disasters in Western Australia.
Photo: Vaughan Pirie

                                                                                                                                                “By the time we had the Fund         people from Baptist churches
                                                                                                                                                functioning, the Carnarvon           contributed more than $28,000 to
                                                                                                                                                floods had abated,” Michael          alleviate some of their suffering
                                                                                                                                                Carter, BCWA Administrator said,     and pain.
                       The Kalgoorlie Baptist Church team at the kids club in Bang Sala.                                                        “but families were still suffering       “We closed off the books
                                                                                                                                                great losses.”                       in June and after consultation
                                                             been a member of our church, a         that would help them, such as                   In consultation with the         with churches in Lesmurdie
                                                             teacher at the Goldfields Baptist      maintenance and sewing.”                    Church of Christ in Carnarvon,       and Gosnells, we sent gifts to six
                       Western Australia’s                   College and Kidz Biz leader at KBC,”       The missionary team in Pak              more than $1,400 was distributed     families that had lost everything
                       goldfields are not as                 Helen said.                            Phanang is under the umbrella               to two families who suffered the     in the fires,” Michael said.
                                                                  “We wanted to encourage the       of OMF International (Overseas              loss of personal property during         Gifts to the Emergency Relief
                       remote as they once were
                                                             Pirie family — and the rest of the     Missionary Fellowship) but are self-        the floods.                          Fund are tax deductible and the
                       and Kalgoorlie Baptist                team — in their church planting        funded. Helen and her team pay                  Graphic media images kept        fund remains operational for gifts
                       Church (KBC) is proving               and other activities.”                 their own way ‘for the privilege of         the suffering of more than 70        from individuals at any time.
                       that the world is now a                    For the Christians at KBC,        visiting’. “But it’s worth it,” she said.   families that lost their homes in
                                                             supporting missionaries from               “The new Christians love to             the fires around the Armadale/
                       much smaller place.
                                                             within their own congregation          have people come to visit — it gives        Kelmscott/Roleystone area
                                                             goes beyond financial and prayer       them a boost in their faith journey         firmly in the public’s eye and
                       KBC has developed a unique            support and the team take their        and even though we don’t speak
                       connection to Pak Phanang in          ‘visitation support’ very seriously.   the language, it is very special to
                       south Thailand that began three       “Our visit to the missionaries and     share Christ together.”
                       years ago with the sending out        Christians in Pak Phanang and              “One morning we sang
                       of missionaries to the South          surrounding districts not only         ‘Amazing Grace’ before church
                       East Asian nation. This June, a       encourage and help them in their       began — they were singing in Thai
                       missionary support team led by        day-to-day work, but also to better    and we sang in English and it was
                       Helen Kenny visited Thailand to       understand what they do, their         beautiful to hear,” Helen said.
                       support the church’s other workers    vision for the future, challenges          Vaughan and Cathy will soon
                       there. It’s a trip that KBC people    and opportunities,” Helen said.        return home to Australia for a six
                       have made regularly over the past          “That way we can pray with        month long ‘home assignment’.
                       three years.                          more relevance and encourage           It will be an opportunity to visit                      Geraldton Baptist Church seeks a pastor
                           “We’ve been supporting and        others in the church at home to        Christians who support them
                                                                                                                                                            to minister among its vibrant fellowship.
                       praying for Vaughan and Cathy         support God’s work among the           and encourage others to assist in
                       Pirie who are missionaries based      people of south Thailand. We also      financing their mission activities
                       there. Vaughan had previously         wanted to do anything practical        in Thailand.                                          The successful applicant will have a strong
                                                                                                                                                         sense of call to pastoral ministry, being led by
                                                                                                                                                         the Holy Spirit to know and share the Word of
                                                                                                                                                              God to fulfill the Great Commission.
                       Ambassador of freedom and grace
                                                                                                                                                        The pastor’s role is to lead, teach and disciple
                                                                                                    joining the Global InterAction’s                     the fellowship which will continue to function
                                                                                                    (GIA) Gi6pro program. The
                                                                                                                                                        under a shared congregational ministry model.
                                                             In a service on                        program sends young adults to
                                                             Sunday 10 July, the                    strategic locations around the
                                                                                                    world to work with teams intent                      Located in Geraldton, 430km north of Perth,
                                                             faith community at
                                                                                                    on empowering people groups                          GBC is a friendly, praying congregation with a
                                                             Parkerville Baptist                    to develop their own distinctive
                                                                                                                                                          clear vision to follow the leading of the Holy
                                                             Church commissioned                    ways of following Jesus.
                                                                                                        “Mission starts in our hearts
                                                                                                                                                                 Spirit through the Word of God.
                                                             Alan McGrechan to
                                                                                                    and moves out into the whole
                                                             work cross-culturally
                                                                                                    world,” Steve McAlpine said                            Contact: Church Elder, Mr Simon Phillips,
                                                             among the Yao people                   during his message to the church                          for an application package today:
                                                             in Mozambique.                         on 10 July. “I watched this young
                                                                                                    man relate to the London Road
                                                             Family and friends gathered            street drinkers in Sheffield (UK)                                  (08) 9921 3356
                                                             around Alan, laid hands on             while he was on a short-term visit                        PO Box 894 Geraldton WA 6531
                                                             him and prayed, asking God             and recognised God was at work
                                                             to empower and use him as an           in his life.”
                                                                                                                                                           Applications close 4pm, August 26, 2011
                                                             ambassador of freedom and grace            Parkerville’s Senior Pastor
                                                             in the area around Lichinga in         Allan Thomas said the church
Photo: Jill Birt

                                                             northern Mozambique for the            had a long history with the
                                                             next two years.                        Yao people in Malawi and are
                                                                 “I feel like I’ve been preparing   expecting to learn more through
                                                             for ages to go,” Alan said. “Raising   the unique opportunities the
                       Alan McGrechan talking at             the support team was a big thing,      church will have to support Alan
                       his commissioning service at          and all the training in language       and the GIA team in Mozambique.
                       Parkerville Baptist Church on         and culture I’ve done.”                    Alan will leave Perth on
                       10 July.                                  Twenty-four year old Alan is       23 August.
6       news
        AUGUST 2011

Teen walks for the persecuted
                                     long, two week walk (in mid            Director, Brad Konemann
                                     July) of up to 40 kilometres per       said the youth initiative that
Fifteen year-old David               day was nothing in comparison          David is part of was inspired
Low is an ordinary                   to the terrible challenges             by Hebrews 13:3. “It’s about
                                     being faced daily by people all        remembering imprisoned and
Aussie teenager, but
                                     over the world who are being           suffering Christians and we are
what he has done to                  persecuted for their faith. “I         mobilising a generation of youth
raise the profile of                 wanted to show people that             to support them by being ‘bound
persecuted Christians                youth can do something to help         with them’,” Mr Konemann
                                     as well, so I decided to raise         explained.
around the world is far
                                     money for underground Bible                By the time David’s walk
from ordinary.                       school students in Vietnam and         ended at the Voice of the
                                     Burma,” David said.                    Martyrs headquarters in Sydney,
David, who hails from a small            “It’s a challenge to stand up      he had raised well over $20,000
town near Taree in New South         for your faith and I was inspired      — more than double his original
Wales contacted Thirteen Three       by stories of Christians being         target.
— a youth initiative of Voice of     put in prison or even being
the Martyrs Australia — with a       killed for their faith. They’re also
plan to raise $10,000 to support     encouraging me to stay strong                               David Low on
persecuted Christians.               for God each day.”                                          his walk from
    The teenager believes his            Voice of the Martyrs Youth                           Taree to Sydney.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo: Voice of the Martyrs Australia
         It’s a challenge to stand up for your faith and I was
         inspired by stories of Christians being put in prison
         or even being killed for their faith. They’re also
         encouraging me to stay strong for God each day.

WAAPA milestone for muso
                                     Sean’s performance was the             music. Sean Bernard’s life has       time at WAAPA and had some           quite sure of the path God has
                                     culmination of the last few years      always been about music in one       excellent opportunities for          in store for me, but I’m certain
Sean Bernard is                      of study at the Academy, which         form or other.                       making music, including writing      it has something to do with
a musician and                       every music student must do to             “I was studying engineering      the soundtrack for a documentary     music. I am currently finishing
                                     complete the course.                   and science at Curtin University,    about West Australian artist Nalda   off the end of my degree, and
composer from
                                         “It entailed a 40 minute, self-    but still spent much of my time      Searles and I won best soundtrack    will be proceeding with further
South Perth Baptist                  organised performance of music         writing music and playing in a       award in the Revel8 Film Festival    university studies in music over
Church who has                       that I had written over the last       band. After a couple of years of     in 2008.”                            the next several years. At the
recently impressed                   year or so, performed live, in a       this, and a quite a bit of prayer        Sean points to God when he       moment I am also in the process
                                     concert setting,” Sean explained.      I decided that it was best that I    talks about his musical ability.     of writing and recording an
the examiners at the
                                         The audience were treated          try and pursue a career in music     “I have enjoyed participating        album with my band, Caprycon,
Western Australian                   to a large range of music styles       rather than having it as a hobby.”   in worship teams in church for       with the goal of releasing our first
Academy of Performing                and genres including 70s styled            Sean Bernard was accepted        many years and believe that          album at the beginning of next
Arts (WAAPA) with                    progressive rock, classical duos       into WAAPA at the beginning          music itself, in all its myriad      year.”
                                     and trios with piano, violin, voice    of 2008, to study a Bachelor of      shapes and forms, are an
his self composed
                                     and flute, modern experimental         Music, majoring in Composition.      amazing gift from God,” he said.
graduation recital.                  music as well as rock and metal        “I have learnt a great deal in my        And of the future? “I’m not

Baptist Historical                   gathering held in Kuala Lumpur         age 83 in Inglewood on 9 June.       Community of Congo (46,321           constitutional amendments in
Society                              in early July. Mark is a member        In 1992 when Bert visited the        members in 372 churches) in the      Senegal in West Africa. These
Cavan Brown presents a paper on      of the Commission for Ministry         area after nearly 20 years away,     Democratic Republic of Congo         attacks in the national capital
‘The story of development and        and Brian presented a paper at         5,000 Dani people greeted them       (DRC) are two of ten member          of Dakar are worrisome and
growth of Baptist churches in the    meetings of the Commission             at the airport. One leader said      bodies. The Baptist Convention of    puzzling, as this Muslim-majority
north west of Western Australia      for Theological Reflection.            being followers of Jesus meant       Sudan started in refugee camps       country is seen as a model of
since the 1970s’ at a public         More than 300 delegates from           they lived in peace and through      in Kakuma, Kenya, in 1996, has       tolerance and religious co-
meeting of the Baptist Historical    Baptist churches around the            education they are equipped to       13,500 members in 18 churches        existence. Mobs targeted new
Society on Sunday 21 August at       world attended the conference.         take their place in the world.       and another 32 developing            churches, including Pentecostal
2:30 pm at South Perth Baptist       Commissions for Freedom and                                                 congregations. The French-           and Baptist, which are growing in
Church. For more information         Justice, Mission, Evangelism           Africans welcomed                    speaking Free Evangelical Baptist    the country, but are viewed with
call 9384 5460.                      and Theological Reflection met         Four organisations in Africa         Church (57,000 members in 250        suspicion because of their foreign
                                     during the gathering.                  joined the Baptist World             churches) of the Central African     links. Protests erupted on 23
World gathering                                                             Alliance (BWA) at a meeting of       Republic was also accepted.          June after President Abdoulaye
Director of Ministries for Baptist   Dani friend dies                       the General Council in Kuala                                              Wade’s government introduced a
Churches Western Australia,          Bert Power, one of the first           Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2011.       Senegal attacks                      bill seeking changes to allow the
Mark Wilson, and Vose Seminary       Christian workers to contact the       The Association of Evangelical       The Worldwide Evangelical            President to continue in office.
Principal, Dr Brian Harris,          Dani people of Irian Jaya and          Baptist Churches in Congo (3,021     Alliance reports at least six        He has served 11 years.
represented WA Baptists at the       live with them from the mid            members in 36 churches) and          churches were attacked
annual Baptist World Alliance        1950s to the early 1970s, died at      the Baptist Churches Union           during recent protests over
                                                                                                                                                                                 news               7
                                                                                                                                                                                AUGUST 2011

                                                                                              All eyes on Perth for CHOGM
                   Advocacy                                                                   A network of concerned

                                                                                              Christians have been
                                                                                              praying for God to
                                                                                              affect his influence on
                                                                                              the Commonwealth
                                                                                              Heads of Government
                                                                                              Meeting (CHOGM)
                                                                                              to be held in Perth
                                                                                              in October, and on
                                                                                              the Commonwealth

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo: Jill Birt
                                                                                              nations as a whole.

                                                                                              UnitingCare West CEO, Sue Ash,
                                                                                              who is also Chairperson of the     Wendy Yapp (CHOGM Prayer Breakfast organiser), Archbishop Barry
                                                                                              Commonwealth People’s Forum        Hickey, Graeme Napier (Anglican Church), Sue Ash (Chairperson of
                                                                                              Steering Committee believes        Commonwealth People’s Forum Steering Committee) and Terry Crane
                                                                                              having a network of Christians     (Head of Task force for CHOGM) joined 120 church leaders and members
Photo: Jill Birt

                                                                                              praying about this huge event is   of the business community at the CHOGM Business Prayer Breakfast in
                                                                                              important.                         Perth on Friday 15 July.
                                                                                                  “As part of the organising
                                                                                              team for the Commonwealth          the focus of prayer support; the        “The organisers of the Prayer
                   Rob Douglas (left) from Baptist Care WA meets with Gershon Nimbalker       People’s Forum, we have            development of a statement that     Initiative have done a great
                   and Robin Carter from Baptist World Aid Australia to share resources for   found it encouraging and           is presented to Commonwealth        job at making it a supportive
                   the up-coming Anti Poverty Week project.                                   refreshing to know that people     Foreign Ministers; workshops        and collaborative event. We
                                                                                              have been praying, and that        on topics such as governance,       expect that there will be
                                                              “It’s really exciting working   links have been made with so       women’s issues, indigenous          many friendships formed and
                                                         together,” Gershon said. “Our        many people from all over the      people’s issues and trade; and      issues shared between the two
                   Baptistcare is planning               focus is on overseas work, but       Commonwealth of Nations,” Ms       there are a series of learning      forums,” Ms Ash said.
                   events for Baptist                    we can pick up local issues too.     Ash said.                          journeys or site visits to              Several West Australia
                                                         Together we can do better.”              The People’s Forum program     organisations in Western            Baptist Churches are also
                   schools and churches
                                                              “We have a raft of resources    has three parts that have been     Australia.                          involved in the Prayer Initiative.
                   during Anti Poverty                   that can be used,” Robin,
                   Week (16 to 22 October)               Baptist World Aid Australia’s
                   to help people become                 representative for WA said. “And
                                                         there’s new material coming
                   more aware of the
                                                         online all the time.”
                   hardship that many                         “There’s a new Micah
                   people in Australia as                Challenge video on YouTube
                   well as overseas are                  that young people will relate to,
                                                         and life simulation games like
                   experiencing on a
                                                         the Game of Life and Death. You
                   regular basis.                        really sense the gravity of your
                                                         decisions as you live through
                   Rob Douglas, Leader Mission           this poverty based project,”
                   and Service with Baptistcare, is      Gershon said.
                   contacting schools and churches            Rob hopes schools and
                   inviting them to join the             churches will use a variety of
                   initiative.                           events and activities to raise
                        “This is something that really   awareness of poverty and engage
                   fits with Baptistcare,” Rob said.     students in advocating for the
                   “We work all the time with clients    end of poverty.
                   who are experiencing hardship —            “Partnering with Baptist
                   people who are aging, those with      World Aid Australia, we have
                   disability or mental health issues.   access to quality resources like
                   And there are more diverse            posters for toilet doors with
                   groups too: Aboriginal people         information on sanitation needs
                   and women. They are vulnerable        around the world, or water
                   in many ways and advocacy is a        posters with details of global
                   strong part of our strategic plan.”   issues about safe water supplies,”
                        “And that’s just what is         Rob said.
                   happening in our own country.              “And we have a post card
                   Hardship through poverty on the       campaign for Australians to send
                   global scene is massive.”             a Baptist World Aid Australia
                        Dr Lucy Morris, the Chief        postcard to the Minister for
                   Executive Office of Baptistcare       Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd,
                   is the Co-chair of the State          about the need for safe water,”
                   Facilitation Group of Anti Poverty    Gershon said. “There are creative
                   Week.                                 activities too, including petition
                        “We started talking with         sheets and the competition
                   Baptist World Aid Australia           to photograph the longest
                   months ago looking at ways we         ‘dunny’ queue, highlighting
                   can partner with them to make         the desperate global need for
                   real impact during the project,”      sanitation.”
                   Rob said.                                   Schools and churches
                        On a recent visit to Perth       wanting to engage their students
                   Baptist World Aid Australia           and congregations with serious
                   workers Gershon Nimbalker             life issues and to make an impact
                   and Robin Carter met with Rob         on global poverty can talk with
                   to finalise plans for sharing         Rob Douglas at Baptistcare on
                   resources for the project.            9282 8650.
                   8        feature
                            AUGUST 2011

                          Live well;
                          die well
                         “Teach people how to live well and die well,” a trusted mentor once said to me.
                         The past four years have added some dimensions of meaning to that statement.
Photo: Jill Birt

                                                          Jesus, in these situations?                 Uninvited intruders team up            “You’ve just got to be positive,”   carry the weight of bodies that are
                                                              There will be many answers to      too, smashing down doors and            people have said to me over and         being ravaged by diseases they
                   By Peter Birt                          that question.                         settling in, taking up spaces we’d      over again.                             may not recover from.
                                                              Here’s one thing that doesn’t      set aside for more desirable guests,        What does that actually mean?           So what helps? To have within
                   “It’s bowel cancer and we need to      help: spending any time thinking       demanding attention and sapping             I think being positive is over      me, Christ the hope of glory, to
                   operate. Unfortunately you’ll end      about whether it’s fair or not. Fair   precious life out of our often          rated. By nature I suspect I land       have a grateful spirit no matter
                   up with a permanent colostomy,”        just isn’t the point.                  already over-taxed systems. Fair?       towards the positive end of the         if my numbered earthly days are
                   my surgeon explained in 2007.              I wake up to a new day, and        Just life.
                        I said, “What’s that?”            with it a new context in which to           Part of the car wreck of a world
                   Believe me, I now know!                live out life’s greatest adventure:    where, in the words of that great
                        I responded well to chemo         living and moving and having my        theologian Bob Dylan, ‘everything                          So what helps? To have within me, C
                   and radiation. But, two and a half
                   years later both lungs were riddled
                                                          very existence with Jesus in His
                                                          Kingdom. The day unfolds. And
                                                                                                 is broken’. Everything twisted
                                                                                                 out of shape yet still retaining the
                                                                                                                                                            of glory, to have a grateful spirit no m
                   with cancer metastases. More           in the midst of the unfolding —        image of the Maker.                                        numbered earthly days are longer or
                   chemotherapy. More encouraging         whatever that might be — I either           I have grown weary of people
                   signs. Until on the first night of a   meaningfully interact with Jesus       saying, “How could this happen to
                   speaking trip to South East Asia       the master of my life, or I don’t.     someone like you?”                      scale. I’m not about to curl up in      longer or shorter.
                   in May this year — I regained          Doesn’t it all come down to that for        At times I want to respond,        a heap of woe-is-me. However,               Jill, my wife, and I have spent
                   consciousness on the floor of my       you too?                               “If you want to play the, who-          having hope is a whole lot more         countless conversations doing
                   hotel room with no idea what had           Unanticipated surprises cause      deserves-what-game, let me show         significant than being positive.        what we call ‘paring things back
                   happened. I continued my trip,         us to laugh for the sheer joy of       you just how dark my heart is and           Having spent a fair bit of time     to the goodness of God’. We’ve
                   but when I returned home tests         being alive to beauty and hope,        perhaps that will answer your           in hospitals and doctors’ offices,      waded our way though enough
                   revealed a brain tumour. It was        love and friendship, and the living    question and help you see that          I’ve overheard and had heaps of         leech infected swamps, been
                   removed on 24 June. I start more       presence of Jesus alive and active     what really isn’t fair is that Jesus    conversations with people who           wounded with each other’s unique
                   radiation treatment in late July.      right where we are. Priceless, isn’t   suffered for me, the sinless One for    talk up the ‘be positive’ angle, but    expressions of having hearts that
                        How do you live well with         it?                                    the sinful one.”                        do not have a hope big enough to        are sinful and desperately wicked,
                                                                                                                                                                         feature                   9
                                                                                                                                                                              AUGUST 2011

                                                                                     New school has
                                                                                     strong influence

                                                                                     Principal Orlando dos Santos (left) and James Brown in the grounds of the new Austin Cove Baptist College.

                                                                                                                           from His time with God and             students and families to address
                                                                                                                           then He was able to deliver to the     their ‘whole of life’ needs dictates
                                                                                     New buildings in                      people. We seek to do the same.        that there is a degree of flexibility
                                                                                     a picturesque new                     We also instil a servant attitude in   in his role, enabling him to do
                                                                                                                           the culture of the school.”            chaplaincy work whenever it
                                                                                     subdivision south of
                                                                                                                               Lauren Ames’ accident gave         is needed. James also teaches
                                                                                     Mandurah, new staff                   a unique opportunity for the           music and Christian education.
                                                                                     focused and prepared,                 College to serve her family and            “For me the most encouraging
                                                                                     350 new Kindergarten to               the wider school community.            aspect of ACBC this semester
                                                                                                                               Mr dos Santos and his wife         is seeing kids enjoy Christian
                                                                                     Year 8 students in new
                                                                                                                           Mary visited Lauren and her            education. That is a core value Mr
                                                                                     uniforms ready for a                  family in hospital several times       dos Santos has for this College
                                                                                     new year of learning for              and the staff regularly prayed for     and we seem to be fulfilling it.
                                                                                     life. It was an exciting              Lauren.                                We’re there to promote Christ”
                                                                                                                               School Chaplain, James                 Mr dos Santos said nothing
                                                                                     first week for the new
                                                                                                                           Brown, had many opportunities          really surprised him about
                                                                                     Austin Cove Baptist                   to talk with students, staff and       the school’s first semester
                                                                                     College (ACBC).                       families about faith and hope.         and the intensity of grief and
                                                                                                                           Sadly, Lauren died in mid-April.       suffering the school community
                                                                                     “We’d prepared for years and          A week after her funeral, another      experienced.
                                                                                     everything was ready,” Principal      Year 8 student, Georgina Spies             “Stretching is a natural part
                                                                                     Orlando dos Santos said. “We          died tragically in a caravan park      of growth,” he said. “I feel like I’m
      and been scorched by the burning      The Psalmist gave us much to             didn’t anticipate what happened       fire with her father and brother.      on the big rollercoaster ride, with
      sands of the valley of the shadow     ponder when he said of God,              on Friday morning of that first           “There was a lot of emotional      God at the wheel.”
      of death to know that we need         “You are good, and what you do           week of classes.”                     stress during this time and it put a
      help.                                 is good,” and then added, “It was            Lauren Ames, a student in the     strain on our school’s resources,”
          We keep on finding it in a        good for me to be afflicted so that      Year 8 class was critically injured   James said.
      bedrock conviction that’s grown       I might learn your decrees.” [Psalm      in a traffic accident on her way to       “One challenge for me came
      in our souls. I have watched Jill     119:68, 71]                              school.                               from juggling the time needed
                                                 And for us, the end of Psalm 23         With a strong mandate from        to work through these tragedies        To reach
                                            has been gold. “Surely goodness          the College Board, Mr dos Santos      with the people involved and
                                            and love will follow me all the days     was focused on engaging the           keep on with my teaching
                                                                                                                                                                  people with
Christ the hope                             of my life.” We look back over our       school community with the life        commitments.”                          Christ’s
matter if my                                lives, through all kinds of trials and
                                            rebellious times and find ourselves
                                                                                     Jesus Christ gives.
                                                                                         “We’d look at the crowd
                                                                                                                               “James is a man of God
                                                                                                                           who has a strong gift of               love there
r shorter.                                  lost in the wonder of saying,            that God has brought to us and        communication to people of all
                                                                                                                                                                  needs to be
                                            Lord, it’s true. We turn around,         see them with His eyes — hurt,        ages and backgrounds. He is
                                            and like two faithful sheep dogs,        misunderstood, rejected, ones         really well accepted by the College    compassion,
      handle harrowing pressure — not       Your goodness and love are there.        without hope, those who need          community as our ‘Pastor’,” Mr
      withstanding times of tears and       And when the pressure of living          forgiveness, those who need to        dos Santos said. “Many students,       accessibility,
      turmoil — with an unforced grace      with the constant uncertainty of         forgive and those who need to         and now their families, come to
      and poise that testifies to the       cancer causes anxiety and doubts         love themselves,” Mr dos Santos       see him about finding out more
                                                                                                                                                                  humility and
      goodness of God.                      to rise, we pare things back to the      said.                                 about Jesus. His influence and         transparency.
          Years ago we asked Jesus to       goodness of a God who, “did not              “To reach people with             charismatic personality draw
      introduce us to His Father. And as    spare his own Son, but gave him          Christ’s love there needs to          people to him to find out more
      we studied Jesus’ biographies, He     up for us all” and who “along with       be compassion, accessibility,         about the God in him.”
      did. And we saw that His Father       him, graciously give us all things.”     humility and transparency,” he            The school’s deep
      was good, to the core of His being.   [Romans 8:32]                            said. “Jesus drew His strength        commitment to working with
10 in conversation
        AUGUST 2011

Scot McKnight, a teacher from North Park
University, Chicago, and the author of several
significant books on Christian theology, is
speaking at the Vose Conference, on 15 to
16 August at Vose Seminary. The Advocate
caught up with him before he left the USA to
travel to Perth.

You’re a prolific author. Which      activistic and not deep enough; as
of your books would you rate as      a result, justice is overwhelming
most significant or influential      holiness and worship.
and why?
    The most influential book,       Does the saturation of
if we measure by sales or as         community with Christian
known by others, is The Jesus        thought and values actually aid
Creed. As for most significant,      the advance of God’s Kingdom?
which touches on my perception           Yes, but this of course
of contribution and insight,         depends on how Christian
would be the combination of my       thought and values are saturating.
academic monograph, Jesus            If we think billboards and snappy,
and His Death, which establishes     even cheeky, saturations are of
that Jesus thought His own           value, we are deeply mistaken.
death was atoning on the basis of    If we think a local church
rigorous historical methods, with    embodying the gospel for that        What is the most significant          influence must remain attached        What (writing) are you working
A Community called Atonement,        community to see, then we are        thing you have done over the          to the same strategy: we are to       on currently?
which theologises the academic       onto something wondrous. The         last ten years to develop you         love our neighbour as ourself. We         My book on gospel, called
and historical research of Jesus     fundamental approach of Jesus        relationship with Jesus and how       are to do good and to witness to      The King Jesus Gospel, is about
and His death. I’m convinced we      and the apostles was not to go to    has that affected you?                the saving graces of what God         to come out: end of August, early
have narrowed the atonement to       Rome and convert the emperor             I learned how to use set          does for us in Jesus. We are to       September. This book will be
one model — that Jesus suffered      and therefore change the world;      prayers at set times as a spiritual   point people to Jesus, regardless     my challenge to the evangelical
our punishment — and have            that was how they did it with        discipline. That came out in my       of our context. I find this works     community to read the Bible
missed the value of a larger         Constantine and it made more         books Jesus Creed and Praying         better locally and with individuals   again and see that what we call
and more robust approach to          of a mess than it helped. The        with the Church. The Book of          than it does with some kind of        ‘gospel’ (the plan of salvation) is
atonement.                           approach was day to day, one         Psalms points the way: God            universal strategy.                   not what Jesus and the apostles

“... Jesus suffered
        our punishment ...”
What will someone coming             by one, family to family and in      gave us those prayers to learn        How has reciting the ‘Jesus           meant by gospel. I leave it at that
to hear you speak in Perth be        one community after another of       how to pray, and we are to pray       Creed’ daily shaped your life?        and hope to get a conversation
likely to gain from listening and    loving one’s neighbor as oneself     to them — and we have learned             Daily, constantly, after all      started in Australia about the
learning from you?                   as a form of embodying the good      to supplement them with the           these years, my instinct has          gospel.
    Our topics at Perth at the       graces of God in Christ.             great prayers of the church. And      grown more and more to ask                I’m over 50 percent done with
Vose Conference are about the            I heard someone say recently,    I always say the Jesus Creed and      myself what is the loving thing       a commentary on the Sermon
church, and I will explore three     “Churches will do almost             the Lord’s Prayer — daily, often.     to do here. It’s subtle and it’s      on the Mount, one of the most
topics impacting the church:         anything except seriously and                                              pervasive, and therefore it is        enjoyable projects I’ve ever
the pastor and the church; the       intentionally make disciples.”       What difference is there in the       radical.                              worked on, and I hope to be done
gospel and the church; and the                                            influence of Christians on their                                            by Christmas 2011 and hope it
atonement and the church. I hope     Would you comment on this?           local community between a post-       Do we neglect the Father and          will be published by Christmas
they will be both inspiring and          Sounds like an overstatement     Christian community like Perth        Holy Spirit by focusing on Jesus?     2012.
challenging.                         to me, but there’s something         and the Christian-saturated               We can. Some do. And
                                     insidious about working for pay      community of some states in the       evangelicalism, if I may speak        What do you still want to write
What trends are you observing in     and about institutionalising the     USA?                                  now to what I perceive as             about?
Christianity in your context that    church. The dollars must come            I’m not sure the USA is as        a universal trend, is barely             God, church, Colossians, and
encourage you? That concern          in or the full-time workers have     Christian-saturated as Aussies        Trinitarian. We need to study         I may write a book on a Christian
you?                                 to move on to a place with more      may think. I live in a small block    Trinity more; we need to preach       understanding of love.
     American Christianity overall   money. The task of the pastor-       with six families, two of which       it and teach it more; we need to
is embracing a larger sense of       teacher is to be faithful, not       are Christians. In the block          embrace it more deeply and learn      What do you do to develop and
what God’s mission in this world     successful and not liked. Using      behind us that number shrinks         that the communion between            grow your sense of wonder at
is, that is more than ‘saving        consumer models to measure           dramatically. America is more         Father and Son and Spirit is the      God’s care and goodness?
souls’ and involves the church       åthings the church can do. We        religious than Australia, to be       communion into which we are              Pray, ponder and read.
embodying the Kingdom vision         need wise people looking over        sure, but Christians in the USA       drawn and the communion on
of Jesus. My biggest concern is      our shoulders to see if we are       are officially in the minority        which we draw as we commune
that Christianity is becoming too    faithful.                            so we are post-Christian. The         with others.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   news 11
                                                                                                                                                                                                   AUGUST 2011

Food crisis in Africa                                                                                                                                                                  Japan’s
The United Nations
reports six million
                                                                                                                                                                                       Hanae Igata, Pastor of Nankodai
people across regions of
                                                                                                                                                                                       Christ Church and a board
Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia,                                                                                                                                                              member of the Japan Baptist
Djibouti and Uganda                                                                                                                                                                    Convention (JBC) told the Annual
are currently suffering                                                                                                                                                                Gathering of the Baptist World
                                                                                                                                                                                       Alliance (BWA) in Kuala Lumpur,
from food shortages
                                                                                                                                                                                       Malaysia, in early July that there is
caused by failed crops                                                                                                                                                                 great need for post-traumatic care
due to drought. Ten                                                                                                                                                                    in the wake of the earthquake and
million people will need                                                                                                                                                               tsunami that affected north-east
                                                                                                                                                                                       Japan on 11 March.
assistance in coming
                                                                                                                                                                                            Igata, a Baptist Pastor, said
months.                                                                                                                                                                                people feel as if they are being
                                                                                                                                                                                       torn apart. “The dead and the
Ms Valerie Amos, United Nations                                                                                                                                                        survivors are torn apart,” she
Under-Secretary-General for                                                                                                                                                            said. “Victims of the earthquake,
Humanitarian Affairs and                                                                                                                                                               victims of the tsunami, and those
Emergency Relief Coordinator,                                                                                                                                                          multiple-stricken as a result of the
recently visited the community in                                                                                                                                                      nuclear power plant disaster.”
Bisle Kebele, Somalia.                                                                                                                                                                      Hamano Michio, Chair of the
    “I spoke to women who had                                                                                                                                                          Research and Training Institute
walked for five hours with their                                                                                                                                                       for Mission of the JBC, said “The
children to get help — food                                                                                                                                                            Japan Baptist Convention has
assistance and health care.                                                                                                                                                            been supporting the stricken
                                      Photo: TEAR Australia

Children are malnourished.                                                                                                                                                             areas. We are trying to bridge the
People have lost their livestock                                                                                                                                                       gaps between God and mankind,
and now have no means of                                                                                                                                                               among mankind, and between
support.”                                                                                                                                                                              God, mankind and all creation,
    Thousands of refugees are                                                                                                                                                          and to reconcile them to each
crossing from Somalia into Kenya                                                                                                                                                       other.” Michio said they aim, “to
and Uganda every day.                                         A woman tends mango tree seedlings surrounded by a ‘shelter’ of spiky grass in drought affected Atir village in Kenya.   help people to have trust in God
    TEAR Australia is partnering                                                                                                                                                       again in the face of the question,
with Christian Reformed World                                 identify supplemental activities,           “They’ve carefully built a           Murray Street, Como.                    ‘Why does God allow all of this
Relief Committee (CRWRC).                                     including water trucking and            ‘shelter’ of grass with spiky                The conference has a global         suffering to befall us?’”
Wayne de Jong, Director                                       livestock fodder that would             branches for their tree to protect it    and local focus. It will encourage           Makoto Kato, Executive
of Disaster Response and                                      strengthen the food aid response.       from animals.”                           and equip people to take action         Secretary of JBC, said people in
Rehabilitation for CRWRC said                                     CRWRC worker Jacqueline                 TEAR Australia worker, Phil          towards greater justice and             the affected areas “are gradually
that experts say this is the                                  Koster visited the Kenyan village       Lindsay said the Australian aid          fullness of life in both these areas.   moving from shelters into
worst drought the region has                                  of Atir.                                group is currently talking with              WA TEAR Australia                   temporary housing.” But fishing
experienced in 60 years.                                          “Fodder is scarce and water         their African partners, including        representative, Dave Broadbent          and farming areas are still
    Currently CRWRC is assisting                              very limited,” Ms Koster said.          CRWRC, to see how Australia can          said renowned writer and                affected, including the Tōhoku
approximately 50,000 people.                                  “We’ve helped the village grow          help. Initially funds will assist the    experienced practitioner and            Region, which produces 30
By August they will be helping a                              a one acre plot of drought              current projects, but more will be       advocate for justice and social         percent of the nation’s rice.
further 42,000 in the central, Rift                           resistant grass for their herds. The    needed.                                  transformation, Dave Andrews,                “We would like to thank
Valley and coast regions of Kenya,                            community have run with the                 The latest news and ideas            along with Jonathan Cornford            all of our brothers and sisters
costing a further $2.5 million.                               plan and planted vegetable seeds        on how West Australians can              from Manna Gum in Victoria will         around the world, especially
    In addition to the current and                            among the grass plots.”                 support this emerging crisis will        speak at the conference.                those from Baptist World Aid for
planned food aid interventions,                                   Each participating family is        be available at the 2011 TEAR                For more information on the         your prayers and offerings as you
CRWRC is working through its                                  ‘assigned’ one mango tree to take       WA Conference on 13 August at            TEAR WA Conference visit                remember the people affected by
networks and partnerships to                                  care of.                                Lifestreams Christian Church,                          the great disaster,” Kato said.

New nation                                                                                                                                                 TRINITY
                                                              CEO Andy Dipper said.
                                                                  The new, mostly Christian                                                                 THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE
Following decades of civil war                                nation — with its new national                                                                Perth, Western Australia
and oppression, the world’s                                   anthem, new currency and new

                                                                                                                                        Information Night
newest country, South Sudan is a                              freedom has been internationally
wrecked countryside.                                          recognised and accepted.
    With little infrastructure                                    Official separation and the
to support its own population,                                creation of the Republic of South
millions of returning refugees
and migrants are expected to
                                                              Sudan was marked by a weekend
                                                              of celebrations and worship, with                                         7th September 2011
pour into it looking for work.                                church leaders calling the war-
    That is the harsh reality of
this fledgling nation that won its
                                                              torn nation to prayer.
                                                                  Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul
                                                                                                                                        6:00 - 7:30 PM
independence from the North a                                 of the Episcopal Church of Sudan
month ago.                                                    spoke to the media before the                                   
    With the birth of this new                                independence ceremony began.
nation, the call for prayer                                   “Today is the day when we move                                            08 9228 9067
has also gone out. “This is a                                 beyond the pain and suffering.
challenging time for Christians                               For 55 years, we have been                                     Preparing People for Effective Christian Service with Pastors Days . Annual Public Lecture
in both the north and south of                                suffering, but today, justice has                              Certificate Courses . Bachelor Degrees . Graduate Diploma . Masters and Research Degrees
Sudan,” Release International                                 been done.”
              12 leadership
                 AUGUST 2011

                                                                  space shuttle fuel pumps. Also,       function as transport vehicles
                                                                  the infra-red cameras used to         between Earth and the

                               By John Maxwell                    observe the integrity of a space      International Space Station, their
                                                                  shuttle’s heat shield have been       upkeep and operation divert
                               On 8 July, NASA                    employed to aid firefighters in       attention from NASA’s long-
                               launched the space                 locating brushfire hotspots.          range goals. Thus, rather than

                  the space
                                                                                                        maintaining the shuttles, NASA
                               shuttle Atlantis for
                                                                  The Law of Sacrifice                  has decommissioned them in
                               the final time to the                  Given the space shuttle           order to focus its resources on
                               International Space

                to innovate
                                                                  program’s popularity and notable      inventing a spacecraft capable of
                               Station. The flight of             successes, many are mystified         carrying a crew into deep space.
                                                                  that the program is being
                               Atlantis marks the
                                                                  scrapped. However, the decision       Summary
                               last of 135 manned                 to shut it down illustrates an            In the words of author Kevin
                               missions conducted                 important leadership principle        Kelly, success in the 21st century,
                               over the past 30 years             pertaining to innovation:             “flows directly from innovation,
                                                                  ‘leaders must give up to go up’.      not optimization. It is not gained
                               by NASA’s space shuttle
                                                                  Creativity and forward-thinking       by perfecting the known, but
                               program.                           are undermined when leaders           by imperfectly seizing the
                                                                  refuse to part with the past.         unknown.” As leaders, we cannot
                               The program has done much to           Pursuing a vision for the         reach for the unknown until
                               advance scientific knowledge       future often requires leaders         we let go of what’s familiar. To
                               of the universe, having            to abandon existing systems           free up the space (the funds,
                               accomplished the following:        — even ones that may be               manpower, energy, and time) to
                               •	 Deployed	and	repaired	the	      working well today. Ultimately,       innovate, leaders have to make
                                   Hubble Space Telescope         NASA hopes to send manned             sacrifices. What might you need
                               •	 Assembled	the	International	    spacecrafts beyond low Earth          to give up so that you can get to a
                                   Space Station                  orbit (LEO) to investigate            higher level of leadership?
                               •	 Launched	the	Magellan	          asteroids and to land on Mars.
                                   spacecraft to explore Venus    Space shuttles are not designed       Used with kind permission from
                               •	 Launched	the	Galileo	probe	     to make such long voyages             The John Maxwell Company,
                                   to explore Jupiter             into outer space. Although  
                                   In addition to its             the shuttles are serving their
                               achievements in outer space,
                               technology from the space
                               shuttle program has led to
                               commercial innovations
                               improving the quality of life
                                                                               To free up the space to
                               here on Earth. For example,
                               construction of the next                        innovate, leaders have to
                               generation of artificial hearts
                               harnesses the technology of                     make sacrifices.

                                                                  hopes. It would be quick, cost        It may not be about money
                                                                  effective and our efforts would be    or prestige. It might be an
                                 By Monica O’Neil                 rewarded with shiny bathrooms,        expectation that people will
                                                                  which we would all enjoy for          love what you do, that some
                                                                  years to come. The project,           healing will come to a life or a
                                 We have renovated                however, followed the three rules     community, that you will be
                                 our bathrooms. It was            of renovation to perfection:          thanked. And so the mould
                                                                  1. It made more mess than             begins to grow.
                                 a slow, rewarding and
                                                                       anticipated.                         This is the time of year
                                 sometimes painful                2. It cost more than anticipated.     (or soon will be) when we get
                                 process. (Cleaning               3. It took longer than                tired in our labouring. We
                                 concrete off tools at                 anticipated.                     start expecting returns on our
                                                                       Once done and the effort         labours, start feeling entitled
                                 1:00 am in the dead of
                                                                  made, however, we are not about       to outcomes. And yet our call
                                 winter is unpleasant to          to let it be ruined.                  is more truly to love the Lord
                                 say the least). But we                When we lead we invest           our God with all our heart,
                                 have two shiny new               large amounts of time, energy         soul, mind and strength and
                                                                  and heart — heart, soul, mind         our neighbour as ourselves,
                                 bathrooms for our 18
                                                                  and strength, so to speak, into       doing the things we see in our
                                 months of slog and               projects, missions or visions.        Father’s heart for the world He
                                 investment.                      We usually start out with noble       has created.
                                                                  intentions. So many good                  So if you spy the mould of
                                 Early on one of these recent     pursuits are birthed in our times     entitlement and expectation on
                                 cold mornings I noticed some     with God. We catch something          what has been a beautiful God-
                                 condensation on the shiny        of God’s heart from scripture,        inspired labour of love, get out
                                 new roof and thought I saw a     from a revelation by the spirit in    the scrubber and open up the
                                 dark spot. Was mould entering    a particular context and we sense     windows. Restore your labour
                                 our little sanctuary of shiny    the fire of the God empowering        to one that is an overflow from
                                 newness? I was overwhelmed       us to proceed. And so we begin.       God’s heart and yours. It is
                                 with an urge to protect the           One day though, there sneaks     called servant leadership.
                                 integrity of our labour and      in an expectation. The energy
                                 prevent any destruction of our   and commitment becomes an
                                 asset.                           investment and an expectation
                                     Like most renovators, we     begins to grow that there should
Photo: NASA

                                 started our project with high    be a return. Effort in, reward out.
                                                                                                                                                                      the facts 13
                                                                                                                                                                                 AUGUST 2011

events calendar                                                                                                    contribute news
August                                                 September                                                   Do you have news that you would like to share with the rest of
                                                                                                                   the West Australian church family?
3 to 4 August         Leadership Intensive             2 September          An Evening with author
                      training, Vose Leadership,                            Philip Yancey, Christ Church           Email your name, phone number and brief description to
                      6313 6200                                             Grammar School, 9442 1555     by the 5th of each month.

8 to 9 August         Women’s Leadership               7 September          Information Night, Trinity             We would like to know about:
                      Clusters, Vose Leadership,                            Theological College,                   •	 Baptisms
                      6313 6200                                             9228 9067                              •	 Birth
                                                                                                                   •	 Deaths
12 to 14 August       Youth/Children’s Pastors         9 September          Family and Domestic
                                                                                                                   •	 Events
                      Gathering, BCWA,                                      Violence training, Vose
                                                                                                                   •	 Marriages
                      6313 6300                                             Leadership, 6313 6200
                                                                                                                   •	 News	about	your	church
13 August             TEAR Conference,                 10 September         Be the Man, Perth                      •	 Pastoral	changes
                                                   Men’s Convention,                      •	 Your	views	(letters	to	the	editor)
13 August             A Foot in Two Worlds, Perth
                      Women’s Convention, www.         15 to 16 September   Leadership Intensive
                                                         training, Vose Leadership,
                                                                            6313 6200                              To find your local Baptist church visit
14 to 15 August       Girls’ Retreat, Lakeside Youth
                      Camps, Lakeside Baptist          16 September         Fresh Leadership, BCWA,      
                      Church, 9310 7111                                     6313 6300

15 to 16 August       Vose Conference, Vose            17 September         Fresh Women’s Conference,
                      Seminary, 6313 6200                                   BCWA Women’s Ministry,
                                                                            6313 6300
21 August             Baptist Historical Society
                      Public Meeting at South          17 to 18 September   50th Anniversary, Maida
                      Perth Church, 9384 5460                               Vale Baptist Church,
                                                                            9454 4626
22 to 23 August       Women’s Leadership
                      Clusters, Vose Leadership,       23 September         Family and Domestic
                      6313 6200                                             Violence training, Vose
                                                                            Leadership, 6313 6200

                                                       30 September         Sportsfest, BCWA,
                                                       to 2 October         6313 6300

 looking for a live in

 male staff resident for
 one of its houses in
 Bentley and a female
 staff resident for a house

 in St James supporting
 young people in danger
 of homelessness.
 Live in staff must be able to
 be home 3-4 nights a week
 and be a Christian mature in
 their faith. The houses are a                                                                        Sponsor a child
                                                                                                     like Rosie and you
 community living situation
 with two other staff residents
 and two students(16-18) of                                                                       can change a life forever.
 the same sex. The only cost is
 $70 per month to contribute
 towards utilities but rent,                  1800 children need sponsors this year and you can give them a chance to shine.
 food and internet access are                 Call 1300 789 991 or visit today.
 free. If you would like more
 information or interested in
                                              “Let your Light shine before others, that they may see your good
 appying please email us at                      deeds and glorify your father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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14 kids only
      AUGUST 2011

picture of the month winner                                                                    project

                                                                            ee n
                                                                  Cody Maid
                                                                  ag e 5

colouring competition
For your chance to win a fantastic prize from Word Bookstore enter our colouring competition.

 Name:                                                                 Age:
                                                                                               Answers to July game
                                                                                               Fork         Ranfurly     Prince       Umbrella      Ears
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 Phone number:                                                                                 Untie        Elephant     Odour        Mice

 Please complete this form and send it with your picture to:
 Colouring competition, 11 East Parade, East Perth WA 6004.    Entries close: 22 August 2011   Project and colouring competition supplied by
                                                                                                                                                intermission 15
                                                                                                                                                                  AUGUST 2011

browse                                                                     watch

                                                                           Resurrection                           Cutback                              Grace: The One and
                                                                           Resurrection is based on Max           High School senior Luke Harris       Only
                                                                           Lucado’s renowned short story          (Justin Schwan) dreams of just       “Grace. Unexpected. Undeserved.
                                                                           Resurrection Morning. This             one thing … pro surfing. With his    Yet the core story of the gospel.”
                                                                           dramatic production follows            best friend Casey (Angel Cruz)       Louie Giglio, one of the twenty
                                                                           Claudius, a Roman guard who            at his side, they have two goals:    first century’s great Bible
                                                                           finds himself in the middle of         surf and party! But Luke’s mum       communicators, presents this
With Western Australia firmly in the grasp of the mining boom,
                                                                           a cover-up of the tumultuous           (Raquel Gardner) and especially      series of five messages on the
many people are working in the industry, often fly-in, fly-out and
                                                                           events following Christ’s              dad (Greg Carlson) have other        core doctrine of grace. Utilising
away from families, loved ones, and their church family. This can
                                                                           execution. As he digs for the          ideas: pick a college and grow       scripture and vivid illustrations,
be a very isolating experience. Out of the Pit offers those involved in
                                                                           truth, Claudius discovers that         up. When Luke learns that a spot     Louie breaks down what grace
mining, whether locally or internationally a place to gather.
                                                                           the religious leaders, the Roman       is opening up on the local surf      is and how we can experience
Out of the Pit connects miners with the Christian community so
                                                                           government, and even his closest       team, he sees his big chance to      the fullness of Christ as we
they don’t need to be alone. You can sign on and find a friend online,
                                                                           friends are attempting to hide         prove to his parents that he can     understand the fullness of grace.
where the Out of the Pit team will pray for you, keep you connected
                                                                           something from him and the             make it as a surfer and avoid        “The grace that is freely given
and encouraged., Mining for Christ.
                                                                           world. In the end, his relentless      being shipped off to school.         cost the Son of God everything ...
                                                                           pursuit of the answers to his          Only two things stand in Luke’s      and ignites within all who receive
                                                                           growing questions threatens his        way: new-surfer-in-town Matt         it a desire to live for the one who
                                                                           reputation and even his life, but it   (Andy Shephard) who has his          sets us free.”

win                                                                        also leads to his renewal.             own eyes set on the surf team
                                                                                                                  opening, and his dad, who insists
                                                                                                                  he give up his surfing dreams and
Generous Justice                                                                                                  get an education.
Timothy Keller
Justice; a term rarely served in today’s
society. And yet throughout the Bible there
is that word, justice; woven and fulfilled
generously in many different people’s lives.
This new release called Generous Justice by
Timothy Keller takes us through the current
outworking of justice in our society. There
is evident, a people arising who are actively choosing to live out this
biblical justice and are simply compelled to trade in their high profile
careers, multi-storied houses and exuberant lifestyles; for a life that
practically ‘does justice’.
Keller makes mention of the astonishing changes that occur within
neighbourhoods, workplaces and lives as a result of these choices,
made on purpose.
Here is a book for believers who find the Bible a trustworthy guide, as
well as those who suspect that Christianity is a regressive influence in
the world.
In Generous Justice, Keller offers them a new understanding of
                                                                           Between a Rock and a                   Redeeming Love                       Heaven is for Real
modern justice, human rights and an insight into a better world.
                                                                           Grace Place                            Francine Rivers                      Todd Burpo
                                                                           Carol Kent                             Bestselling author Francine          Heaven is for Real is the true
The Advocate, in conjunction with Word Bookstore is giving you an
                                                                           Carol Kent a wife, mother and          Rivers poetically retells the        story of the four year old son of a
opportunity to win a copy of Generous Justice. To be in the draw,
                                                                           minister shares a shocking and         biblical story of Gomer and          small town Nebraska pastor who
simply answer the following question:
                                                                           personal account of how one            Hosea. With a modern retake,         slips from consciousness and
Question:        Who is the author of Generous Justice?                    choice can affect the rest of          Rivers sets the scene in the         enters heaven during emergency
                                                                           your life. Kent and her husband        exciting backdrop of the             surgery. Surviving this, Colton
Entries close 19 August and all winners will be announced in the           Gene were living a quiet and           California Gold Rush.                begins sharing about being able
September edition of The Advocate.                                         peaceable life when tragic news        The heroine, Angel was sold into     to look down and see the doctor
VeggieTales winners: T Hollick and M Bradbury                              reaches them. Their only son,          prostitution as a child and as a     operating and his dad praying
                                                                           Jason, has committed first             consequence this now young           in the waiting room. Written
                                                                           degree murder; sentencing him          lady, knows only the cruel side of   by Colton’s father, Todd, the
                                                                           to a life in a maximum security        life. Michael Hosea is a godly man   disarmingly simple message

competition                                                                prison. Sparing no expense; the
                                                                           Kents throw themselves into one
                                                                                                                  sent into Angel’s life to draw her
                                                                                                                  into the Saviour’s redeeming love.
                                                                                                                                                       is clear; heaven is a real place,
                                                                                                                                                       Jesus truly loves children, and
                                                                           mission; the freedom of their          Redeeming Love is a touching         get ready, there is a last battle
                                                                           son. And when all hope is dashed       and captivating story from           coming.
                                                                           what is found is remarkable; the       beginning to end.
Name:                                                                      dimensions of God’s grace.

Phone number:
                                                                           Reviews and competition kindly supplied by Word Bookstore.
Please complete this form with your details and post it to:                Website:
Generous Justice Competition                                               Locations:  Morley - 4 Wellington Road, phone 08 9375 3722
11 East Parade East Perth WA 6004                                                      Victoria Park - 359 Albany Highway, phone 08 9361 7899
16 sport & youth
        AUGUST 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Paul Renfree
Bryce Godfrey learnt to surf six years ago and now teaches young kids to surf on WA’s south west coast.

Surfing with grommets
                                      WA, organised a surf camp for 15           “This year I’ve taught two        later and thought that if I’d done         Faith in Jesus has changed
                                      young people.                          grommets classes,” Bryce said.        that, at age 30 I could learn to       Bryce’s fear of death.
Bryce Godfrey is a                         “We’re always looking for         “In first term I taught a group of    surf.”                                     “I used to have trouble surfing
seasoned surfer, school               ways to create bridges from            ten kids early on Friday mornings          Friends said Bryce would have     by myself. I was always worrying
                                      the beach to the local church,”        before school. Second term I had      trouble learning to surf later in      about sharks, but my faith has
teacher and part of
                                      Ben said. “Bryce’s Learn to Surf       six kids on Thursday afternoons.”     life, but it appears this has given    helped me set that aside and trust
Busselton Baptist                     classes do a great job.”                   “The relationship you build       him an edge when it comes to           God with my life.”
Church. As a member                        Deeply committed to helping       with your students helps you to       teaching others, especially young          During the week Bryce
of Christian Surfers,                 young kids grasp the basic             have conversations about God.         people.                                teaches upper school physics and
                                      skills and experience the rush         That’s important to me.”                   “I reckon my favourite surf       lower school science to students
he runs Learn to Surf
                                      of excitement and passion that              “I didn’t learn to surf until    break is southern Java. It’s a         at Georgiana Molloy Anglican
classes for grommets                  comes from catching a good             about six years ago. I lived a long   great place for beginners or           School.
(young novice surfers)                wave, Bryce runs classes for boys      way from the beach and as a kid I     intermediate surfers. It’s a similar
in the south west region              and girls.                             stuck to body boarding until I was    wave to Noosa. You get 400 metre
                                           “I love sharing a passion that    18 or 19. I’d learnt to snowboard     long rides!”
of Western Australia.
                                      you have with young people.
                                      It’s the best way to build a
He joined Christian Surfers           relationship with them.”                            I love sharing a passion that you have with
after hearing about the group
at church. In the winter of 2010,
                                           “I enjoy watching the kids
                                      learn to surf and get stoked over
                                                                                          young people. It’s the best way to build a
he and Ben Fearnley, Regional         their improvements more than                        relationship with them.
Coordinator of Christian Surfers      catching waves myself.”

Shared By: