How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 233 Balthazar by yaosaigeng


									How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                                  Balthazar - MSFCH

General Informations : Step by step procedure to install an XP laptop for MSF
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Emitter : IT Geneva                               Revision Number : 233    Date:
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                                                  Creation Date : September 2007

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Purpose :                                         Target Group :   IT
Authors : Balthazar Reyes
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Installation T61:
 Press F6 at the beginning and prepare a floppy disk with the correct Driver from the lenovo website
    (you'll find the good driver whitin the Drivers CD 2 for T61 T61_2/Lenovo/HardDrive/IMSM)
 when prompted, press “S” to specify an additional driver (validate the use of a floppy disk)
 Select “Intel(R) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M)”
 Validate with “Enter”
 Accept the License (even if you don't agree) by pressing F8
 Delete all the partitions (by pressing D and L)
 Create a new partition with “C” and set the size to 15000 (15Mb) // this becomes the C: drive
 Create another partition with “C” again and leave the size as is. // this becomes the D: drive
 Press enter to begin the install (on the C: partition)
 Select “Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick)”
 First Reboot (leave the CD inside the CD-ROM drive)
 Regional Settings: Regional options – French(switzerland) – Switzerland
     Languages: Details – Add Swiss french locales and make it default, remove all the others TO
     Advanced: English (United Kingdom)
 Name: MSF
 Organization: Medecins Sans Frontieres
 Enter the Key: RTPJC-K22T6-MCTXH-TTP2H-BCJ63
 Computer Name: <NameModel>000 (for this case, CHLASER000)
 Give the HQAdmin password, we'll change the name of the admin later on
 Select the timezone: (GMT +01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome. Stockholm, Vienna
 Typical settings
 Second Reboot
Welcom to Microsoft Windows
After accepting the video adapter, click “Next”
 Select “Not right now” for the automatic update
 Add 2 users: msfuser & msfadmin
 Click Finish

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                         02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                                      Balthazar - MSFCH

First Login
We'll do everything under msfuser, so click on the corresponding icon

Cosmetic changes:

   1) Get rid of the Xp theme
      1. Right click on the task barre --> Properties --> “Start Menu” (tab) --> Tick Classic Start
      2. Taskbar Tab
          1. un-tick “Group similar taskbar buttons”
          2. un-tick “Hide inactive icons”
      3. While you're here, click on “customize” --> at the end, untick “Use personalized Menus” --
          > validate with “Ok”, twice
      4. Right-click on “My Computer” --> Properties --> Advanced --> Performance Settings -->
          tick “Adjust for best performance” --> validate with OK, twice
      5. Start --> Run... --> regedit --> Ok –> HKEY_USERS --> .DEFAULT --> Software -->
          Microsoft --> Windows --> CurrentVersion --> ThemeManager --> set the “ThemeActive”
          Value to 0 (zero) --> Close the Registry Editor
      6. Change the general Them to Windows Classis --> right click on the desktop --> themes Tab
          --> Theme Windows Classic
      7. Change the resolution --> Tab Settings --> change the resolution to the one that fits the best
          for your screen (1440x900 for this case, color 32bits) We need the video driver before
Now. when you turn on the computer, you don't have the Theme Xp anymore
   2) Change how the users connect to the computer
      1. Control Panel --> User Accounts --> change the way users log on or off
      2. un-tick both options --> Apply --> Close the previous window
   3) Format the D: drive --> right click on the D: drive --> “Format...” --> Volume Label “DAT” -->
      “Quick Format” --> Start
   4) Change the name of the C: drive --> right click on the C: drive --> “Properties” --> enter “SYS”
      as the name

Install all the drivers
    1) Inser the CD IBM Lenovo T61 CD2
    2) First, install the PCI driver Folder: Lenovo\IntelChipset\infinst_autol.exe --> restart the
For the next ones, we'll use another way
    1) “Right-click” on “My Computer” --> Properties --> Hardware Tab --> Device Manager
    2) Remove all the items with a yellow “?” (question mark) (select, delete, confirm)
    3) Now, you have to unzip all the drivers inside one directory (or use the same CD as before)
    4) right-click on the computer's name (at the top of the tree) --> Scan for hardware changes
    5) “Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?” --> NO, not this time
    6) leave the “Install the software automatically (Recommended)” ticked (the cd-rom must be
    7) Repeat the step 5) to 7) for all drivers (if one driver is not found, hit cancel and follow the next

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                               02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                              Balthazar - MSFCH

   8) (In this case, we have only one driver not found, PCI Device (might be the sound card/modem)
   9) Reboot the computer
   10) Install the UAA High Definition from microsoft (http://www- in your correct language
   11) Then, re-use the steps 5) to 7) to install the Audio card and the modem.
   12) Reboot the computer(again...)
   13) Install the Touchpad drivers from the CD Lenovo T61 CD2 (UltraNav Drivers) --> Reboot
   14) Install the volume hotkeys from the T61 Drivers CD or the Lenovo website. (with the
Windows Updates
   1) Open the Control Panel --> double-click on Automatic updates --> Tick “Download updates for
       me, but let me choose when to install them” --> Validate with Ok
   2) Leave the computer alone for several hours and come back later (it will download all the
       security updates from microsoft)
   3) Double-click on the yellow shield on the right side of the task bare
   4) Choose Custom --> and click Install
   5) wait another while and come back later
   6) Restart now (again)
   7) Wait another while again for the next part of the updates
   8) restart at point 3)
   9) wait for a while
   10) Restart the computer when prompted
   11) Now it's ok, you have all the security updates (only)

Being multilingual
   1) Get a copy of the DVD Windows MUI (for XP, 2K & Server 2003)
   2) Install all the languages you need (you might need the XP CD for some languages)
   3) Reboot (or not, depends on the language)
   4) Choose the language you want to try --> log off --> log on --> Enjoy!
Cosmetic Changes #2
   1) Folder view
       1. Open My Computer
       2. view –> Details
       3. Tools --> Folder Options...
          1. General Tab --> “Use Windows classic folders” / “Open each folder in the same
               window” / “Double-click to open an item”
          2. View Tab --> Apply to all Folders --> confirm
               1. un-tick “automatically search for networ folders and printers”
               2. un-tick “Display file size information in folder tips”
               3. un-tick “Display simple folder view in Explorer's Folders list”
               4. tick “Display the content of system folders”

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                      02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                               Balthazar - MSFCH

             5. tick “Display the full path in the address bar”
             6. tick “Display the full path in the title bar”
             7. tick “Do not cache thumbnails”
             8. tick “Show hidden files and folders”
             9. UN-TICK “Hide extension for known file types”
             10. tick “Hide protected operating system files”
             11. UN-TICK “Launch folder windows in a separate process”
             12. tick “Remember each folder's view settings”
             13. un-tick “Restore previous folder windows at logon”
             14. tick “Show Control Panel in My Computer”
             15. tick “Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color”
             16. un-tick “Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items”
             17. un-tick “Use simple file sharing (Recommended)”
             18. Press “Apply to all Folders” --> confirm
          3. File Types Tab
             1. Select (NONE) Folder --> press Advanced button --> highlight explore --> press Set
                 Default --> exit with Ok
             2. Press Close
             3. Reopen My Computer and see if it worked
          4. Start Menu
             1. Remove “Set Program Access and Defaults”
             2. Remove “Windows Catalog”
             3. Remove “Windows Update”
             4. (Right click --> remove, three times)
          5. Start Menu rearrangement
             1. Move “Games” to “Accessories”
             2. Sort the Accessories menu by names
             3. Remove the “Remote Assistance” icon
             4. Remove the “Windows Movie Maker” icon

   2) Remove IE icon on the desktop --> right-click --> delete --> confirm
   3) Remove the Graphic Tray icone
      1. Right-click on the desktop --> Settings Tab --> Advanced “Button” --> “Intel(R) Graphics
         Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile” --> un-tick “Show Tray Icon”
      2. Click Ok Twice

Changes in the mmc
   1) Before this part, we have to create the folder D:\users and make sure that “My Documents”
      points to it
      1. right click on the “My Documents” folder --> Target folder location --> “Move...” -->
          choose D:\Users folder
   2) Start menu --> Run... --> mmc --> open C:\Windows\system32\gpedit.msc
   3) Go to Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System
      1. on the right side, Enable “Turn off Autoplay” on all drives

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                      02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                              Balthazar - MSFCH

   4) Go To User Configuration --> Administrative template --> Desktop
       1. Enable “Prohibit user from changing My Documents path”
       2. Enable “Remove the Desktop Cleanup Wizard”
   5) Go To “Computer Configuration” --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Local Policies
       --> Security options
       1. Disable Enable “Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL”
   6) Go To “Computer Configuration” --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Local Policies
       --> User rights Assignment
       1. Add “Authenticated users” to the “Change the system time” option (if msfuser is not a
           power user anymore) CAN BE DISCUSSED ALSO!!
       2. “Load and unload device drivers” --> Add Authenticate users ?! (MUST BE TESTED)
           According to the MSFB's tests, we need to change this, authorize users
   7) Go To “Computer Configuration” --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Local Policies
       --> Security options
       1. Accounts: Rename administrator account --> HQAdmin See below
   8) Computer configuration --> Administrative templates --> Windows components --> Internet
       1. Disable periodic check for internet explorer software updates --> enabled
   9) User Configuration --> Administrative templates --> Control panel
       1. Force classic control panel style --> enabled
Users & Passwords
   1) Right click on My Computer icon --> Select Manage
   2) System Tools --> Local Users and Groups --> Users
   3) Create a new Admin named “MSFAdmin”
   4) Right-click on the right side --> New User...
   5) User name: MSFAdmin / Password: only4u
   6) un-tick “User must change password at next logon”
   7) tick “User cannot change password”
   8) tick “Password never expires”
   9) Press “Create” then “Close”
   10) USE MICHEL's Batch which automatically add msfadmin, msfauto & rename administrator to

System changes
   1) Variables TEMP & TMP
      1. Create the folder C:\TEMP --> change the user rights to everyone full control
      2. right-click on my computer --> properties
      3. Advanced TAB
      4. Press “Environment Variables”
      5. Suppress the two user variables TEMP & TMPACCORDING TO MICHEL, THOSE VAR
      6. Create a new system variable named TEMP with the value C:\TEMP
      7. Create another system variable named TMP with the value C:\TEMP
      8. Confirm with Ok

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                      02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                                  Balthazar - MSFCH

         “default user” must be modified (more on that later)
   2) Go back to performance --> Settings button
      1. Advanced Tab: Virtual Memory: Fixed =3 x RAM: 768 Mb for 256 Mb RAM, 1536 Mb for
         512 Mb RAM, etc.
      2. Data Execution prevention Tab: check Turn on DEP for all programs and services except
         those I select
   3) Go to Startup and Recovery
      1. Settings: "time to display list of operating systems to 3"
      2. Error reporting: disable but notify me …
   4) System restore: disable on D:
   5) Remote Tab
       1. Uncheck all Remote assistance's options
   6) Turn off Automatic updates
   7) Rename & change the options of the network connections
       1. Right-click on the “My Network places” icon --> properties
       2. Select the “Wireless Network Connection” --> Press F2 --> name it “Wifi”
       3. Select the “Local Area Connection” --> Press F2 --> name it “LAN”
       4. right click on the Wifi connection and select “Disable”
       5. Open the LAN connection --> tick “Show icon in notification area when connected”
   8) Change the Security options
       1. Open Control panel --> Security Center
       2. At the bottom, select Windows Firewall --> Turn it Off
       3. Exceptions Tab --> un-tick Remote Assistance (no exception if the firewall is on)
       4. Validate with Ok (ignore the warning)
       5. At the bottom again, select “Automatic Updates” --> “Turn off Automatic Updates” (if it's
          not already done)
       6. Confirm with Ok (it looks scary now, but don't worry)
       7. On the left side, click on “Change the way Security Center alerts me” --> un-tick all three
   9) Remove softwares not wanted
       1. Open Control panel --> open “Add and remove programs” --> select “Add/Remove
          Windows Components”
       2. Select “Accessories and Utilities” --> Press Details...
          1. Select Games –> Press Details... --> Un-Tick “Internet Games” --> Press “Ok” twice
       3. Un-Tick “MSN Explorer”
       4. Un-Tick “Networking Services”
       5. Un-Tick “Windows Messenger”
       6. Press “Next” --> Finish --> Restart
   10) Create the folder C:\Program Files\msf_programs and give all users, full control
   11) Remove all the updat files within the C:\WINDOWS folder (all the blue ones)

   12) Power schemes
       1. Open control panel --> Power Options
       2. Power schemes --> Turn off monitor: “30 min” – “10 min”

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                         02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                                     Balthazar - MSFCH

       3. Power schemes –> Turn off hard disk: “Never” -- “Never”
       4. Power schemes --> System standby: “Never” -- “Never”
       5. Alarms --> 1st action / 10% / Text / No Action
       6. Alarms --> 2nd action / 3% / Text / Stand by
       7. Power meter --> Tick “Show details for each battery”
       8. Advanced --> tick “Prompt for password when computer [...]”
       9. Advanced --> “When I close the lid [...]” --> “Do nothing”
       10. Advanced --> “When I press the power button [...]” --> “Ask me what to do”
       11. Advances --> “When I press the sleep button [...]” --> “Do nothing”

Image 200
From Michel's paper
   1) Remove the indexing of the C:\ Drive (Right click on C:\ uncheck “Allow Indexing ....” for all
       folders and sub-folders
   2) Add a notepad shortcut to the folder C:\Documents and Settings\msfuser\SendTo\
       1. we have to make sure we copy this profile to the default one
   3) Add a system variable named section
       1. with MSFCH as a value
   4) Right-click on the task bar and check “Show quick launch”
   5) Copy Windows Explorer shortcut to "All Users Start Menu"
   6) Services:
      1. Cryptographic Services Service ( see )
      2. DNS Client Service (see ) No problem if we do need
          DNS resolution?!!?
      3. Error Reporting Service (see )
      4. IPSEC Services Service (see )
      5. MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Service ( see
      6. NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing Service (see
      7. NT LM Security Support Provider Service (see
      8. Performance Logs and Alerts Service (see

      9. Themes Service (see )
      10. Volume Shadow Copy Service (see, set
          as MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Service )
      11. WebClient Service (see )
      12. Distributed Link Tracking Client Service - at least if not in a domain ( see
      13. Net Logon Service at least if not in a domain (see ) --
          > Manual (default)
      14. Remote Registry Service in the field (see )
      15. Windows Time Service if there is no time server in the network ( see
 ) -->It should always exists one! --> Automatic /

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                               02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                                   Balthazar - MSFCH

           To be confirmed
       16. Security Center If your antivirus isn't properly evaluated by this tool (see
  ) --> To be confirmed
       17. Smart Card Service if you don't use smart cards (see
Software Installation #1
   1) Install IE 7 (download it from
       1. un-tick the “Install the latest updates for Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Malicious
           Software Removal Tool”
       2. When you update to IE 7, you'll loose all the settings you've done in IE 6.
       3. Remove the “Automatically detect settings” from the LAN settings
       4. In Programs, change the default program to:
           1. HTML editor: Notepad
           2. E-mail: Thunderbird (if already installed)
           3. NewsGroup: Thunderbird (if already installed)
           4. Internet Call: nothing would be good, but we can't, so Netmeeting
       5. Add the Links bar and remove all the bookmarks
       6. Add the bookmarks decided (Virus update, etc...)
       7. Turn off the Phising filter (see below)
       8. Open the mmc --> gpedit
           1. User Configuration --> Administrative template --> Windows components --> Internet
               1. Turn off Managing Phishing filter --> Off
               2. Prevent participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program -->
               3. Prevent performance of First Run Customize settings --> Go directly to home page
   2) Larousse fr-uk
   3) Launch IE
       1. Change the homepage to
       2. Remove automatic settings (Tools --> internet option --> Connections --> LAN settings)
       3. Put the temporary files to C:\Temp
       4. Delete all the bookmarks
       5. Add the Avast update & FTP bookmarks (in the Links bar)
   4) Saga 4.03 --> inside the folder C:\Program Files\msf_programs
   5) 7zip
       1. create an archive once and change the default archive file from “7z” to “zip”
       2. move the whole menu folder to the accessories one
   6) Adobe Reader 7.0.9
       1. Remove the automatic updates
       2. In case of Adobe Acrobat 8, remove the startup update check using CCleaner
   7) Firefox
       1. Select “Always ask me where to save files”
       2. Remove the automatic updates

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                         02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                                Balthazar - MSFCH

       3. Add the Avast update & the ftp (MSFCH) bookmarks
       4. Remove all the others bookmarks
       5. point the home page to (for english google)
       6. go to a flashplayer enabled website to install Adobe flash player
       7. Install the extension ie-Tab
   8) Java jre6 update3
       1. Go for the advanced options
       2. Add Additional Font and Media Support (or remove it completely)
       3. Change the temporary file folder to C:\Temp
       4. remove the auto update from the control panel
       5. Remove the startup update check using CCleaner
   9) PDF Creator 0.9.3
       1. Change the default paper Size to A4 instead of US Letter (at least check if it's ok)
       2. move the whole menu folder to the accessories one
   10) quicktime alternative
   11) real alternative
       1. Both quicktime & realtime have to be moved to accessories (Start menu)
   12) Thunderbird
       1. Remove the automatic updates
       2. run thunderbird once with the parameter -profilemanager
           1. remove the default profile
           2. re-create a new one on D:\Thunderbird
       3. Configure an account completely using “”
   13) VLC 0.8.6c
       1. un-check Desktop shortcut
       2. check Mozilla plugin
       3. check Context menu
       4. move VLC to accessories (Start Menu)
   14) XNView 1.91.6
       1. Remove the “tip of the day”
       2. Tools --> Options --> Associations --> Press “The most used”
       3. Tools --> Options --> View --> Fullscreen --> Auto Image Size: Fit image to window, all
       4. move Xnview to accessories (Star Menu)
   15) Ccleaner
   16) Other software
       1. Create a folder C:\Program files\Tools\Putty
           1. Create shortcuts to putty.exe within the start menu (Accessories\Tools\Putty)
       2. Create a folder C:\Program files\Tools\Testdisk
           1. Create shortcuts to photorec.exe within the start menu (Accessories\Tools\Photorec)
           2. Create shortcuts to testdisk.exe within the start menu (Accessories\Tools\Testdisk)
Image 202
Corrections (Bugs?)

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                      02/19
How to Install a standard MSF computer under XP 1                                  Balthazar - MSFCH

    1) Remove the Shared documents
         1. Regedit -->
         2. Add a DWORD names “NoSharedDocuments” with a value of “1”
         3. More info:
    2) Remove the file C:\documents and settings\msfuser\Application Data\Sun\Java\jre*
    3) Move Firefox default profile to D:\Firefox --> CHANGE RIGHTS !!
    4) Remove My music & My pictures' folder by hand in all the profiles
    5) Add the ipconfig batch files
    6) Retrieve msfuser admin rights
    7) Remove Internet games' icons left in the Start Menu (All users)
    8) Change the background desktop
    9) Add OEM Logo and oemchange, etc...
Install of medical software
    1) Epi 6 Dos version
         1. Install EPI 6 dos UK version (following the DOS installation)
         2. Install EPI 6 dos FR version (following the Windows installation)
         3. Create a Medical Apps within the Programs menu and add EPI 6.04 UK and EPI 6.0 FR
Creation of the default profile
    1) Re-arrange the start menu
    2) log on with msfadmin
    3) Copy the profiles msfuser to default profile (with the rights to everyone)
    4) logon with hqadmin and suppress msfadmin's profile
    5) logon back with msfadmin

Questions for the working group:
   1) Which Advanced language do we install ? (Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, etc...)
   2) Have you heard about MUI for Microsoft Windows and Office ?
   3) What about documents sharing and so ?
   4) Can we use Foxit PDF?
   5) How to burn a CD ? (Nero?)

Images of the installation

LASER-XP-ITC-100: OS + Drivers + Security Updates
LASER-XP-ITC-110: OS + Drivers + Security Updates + Many languages
LASER-XP-ITC-111: OS + Drivers + Security Updates + Many languages + Cosmetics #2, system,
LASER-XP-ITC-120: (ghost) 111 + software installed (1st part)

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\56863e3e-37bd-4ef7-a691-e6ace8c1169e.doc                                        02/19

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