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									                                           2006-07 SCHOOL PROFILE
                                      SAN RAMON VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL
                         A National School of Excellence       A California Distinguished School
                                           140 Love Lane   Danville, CA 94526
                                           (925) 552-5580  Fax (925) 838-7802
                                                 CEEB-ACT Code: 050725

Principal:                 Joseph Ianora                                 Counselors:     A-Cha             Jennifer Kessler
Assistant Principals:      John McMorris                                                 Che-Dr            Craig Ritts
                           Phyllis Roach                                                 Du-Lam            Nancy Conti
                           Sylvia Ryan                                                   Lan-Rei           Sara Spence
                           John Walker                                                   Rej-Z             Vivian Srouji

School:          Comprehensive, 9-12 public high school
                        Enrollment: 2157                          Class of 2007: 514 students
                        School Year: Two semesters                School Day: Six periods, “A” period offered
                        Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:28
                        Ethnic Makeup: 84% Caucasian, 8% Asian, 4% Hispanic, 1% African American, 1% Filipino,
                                          <1% Native American, Pacific Islander
                        Accreditation: Western Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges

Community:       Danville is a suburban community located approximately 35 miles east of San Francisco. A high percentage
                 of its residents are business executives and professionals.

Faculty:         The faculty includes 99 teachers.

Curriculum:      San Ramon Valley High School offers a varied and comprehensive curriculum. The college preparatory
                 program includes advanced, honors and the following Advanced Placement offerings:

                     AP European History    AP Biology        AP Economics    AP French 5     AP English Lang & Comp
                     AP Calculus AB         AP US History     AP Statistics   AP Spanish      AP English Lit & Comp
                     AP Calculus BC         AP Studio Art     AP American Gov AP Music Theory AP Environmental Science
                     AP Chemistry           AP Psychology     AP Computer

                 A “p” coding on the transcript denotes those courses that are approved as college preparatory by the University
                 of California.

Graduation    Students must earn 240 credits to graduate (five credits per semester for courses completed with a grade of
Requirements: “D” or better). Credits must include: four years of English, two years of math, two years of science, three
              and a half years of social science, two years of physical education, one semester of health, and two years
              from foreign language/technical/visual-performing arts.

Class of 2006              71% attended a four-year college/university
College Placement:         27% attended a two-year college

Rank:            Rank in class is not computed.

Grade            Grade point average is weighted and includes all courses taken in grades 9-11. Advanced Placement and
Distribution:    Honors courses are weighted for the class of 2006.

                            CLASS OF 2006 GPA DISTRIBUTION
                                 % of Class       GPA
                                   Top 1%      4.38 - 4.33
                                 First Decile  4.30 - 3.97
                               Second Decile   3.95 – 3.76
                                Third Decile   3.75 – 3.56
                                Fourth Decile  3.55 - 3.39
                                 Fifth Decile  3.38 - 3.25

Grading:         A = Excellent     B = Good          C = Average  D = Passing
                 F = Failure       P = Passing       NM = No Mark INC = Incomplete
                                             COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSES
                         Underlined courses are weighted by the University of California. Former course titles are italicized.

ENGLISH                                AP European History                  Honors Chemistry                       VISUAL/PERFORMING ARTS
English 9                              US History 1/2                       AP Chemistry                           Oral Interpretation
English 10                             AP US History                        Physics                                Women’s Ensemble
Adv English 10                         American Government                  Honors Physics                         Men’s Ensemble
English 11                             AP American Government               Biology                                Concert Choir
AP English Lang & Composition          Economics                            Accelerated Biology                    Treble Clef
English 12                             AP Economics                         AP Biology                             Chamber Singers
AP English Lit & Composition           Law                                  Anatomy/Physiology                     Concert Band
Composition                            Psychology                           AP Environmental Science               Jazz Band
                                       AP Psychology                                                               Jazz Ensemble
FOREIGN LANGUAGE                       World War II                         MATHEMATICS                            Symphonic Band
French 1-3                             Vietnam Era                          Algebra 1A & 1B (Algebra 1)            Orchestra
Honors French 4                        Roots of Rock Music                  Geometry                               AP Music Theory
AP French 5                            Great Political Thinkers &           Algebra 2                              Dance 1-5
Spanish 1-3                            Mass Movements                       Advanced Algebra 2                     Theatre Arts 1-4
Honors Spanish 4                                                            Trig/Math Analysis                     Photography
AP Spanish 5                           OTHER                                Honors Trig/Math Analysis              Digital Photography
German 1-3                             Journalism                           AP Calculus AB                         Graphic Design 1/2
Honors German 4                        Newspaper                            AP Calculus BC                         3D Art 1/2
                                       Speech 2                             Advanced Math Topics                   Art 1-3
SOCIAL STUDIES                                                              AP Statistics                          AP Studio Art
Sociology                              SCIENCE                              AP Computer                            Art of Video Production 1/2(ROP)
World History 2/3                      Chemistry                            Sun Java                               Multimedia 1/2 (ROP)
                                                                                                                   Art & Animation 1/2 (ROP)

                                                          2006 MEAN SAT SCORES
                                                                    SAT Reasoning
            # Students                        Critical Reading                           Math                                 Writing
               399                                   560                                 585                                   568
                                                     2005-06 AVERAGE ACT SCORES
                        #Students      English          Math          Reading       Science/Reasoning          Composite
                           108          24.9            25.3           24.8                23.5                  24.7
                                                         ADVANCED PLACEMENT
                                                   In May, 2006, 427 students took exams.
                                           #Students               Score                 Percent
                                              196                     5                    25
                                              273                     4                    35
                                              228                     3                    29
                                                    NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP
                                                Class of 2007: 3 semi-finalists and 22 commended
                                                    2004-2006 COLLEGE PLACEMENT
Academy of Art, San Francisco         Creighton University                 Miami, University of                  Southern Oregon University
Air Force Academy                     Dartmouth College                    Michigan, Central Michigan Univ       Stanford University
Arizona State University              Dominican College                    Michigan State University             Texas A & M
Arizona, University of                Duke University                      Michigan, University of               Tufts University
Azusa Pacific College                 Drexel University                    Middlebury College                    Tulane University
Baylor University                     Earlham College                      Nevada, University of                 United States Military Academy
Biola University                      Embry-Riddle Aero University         New York University                   University of Dallas
Boston University                     Emory University                     North Carolina, University of         University of Denver
Brigham Young University              George Washington University         Northeastern University               University of Notre Dame
British Columbia, University of       Georgia State University             Notre Dame De Namur University        University of the Pacific
Brown University                      Georgetown University                Occidental College                    University of St Andrews, Scotland
Bucknell University                   Harding University                   Oregon State University               University of San Diego
CA College of Arts & Crafts           Harvard University                   Oregon, University of                 University of Southern California
California Institute of Technology    Haverford College                    Pennsylvania State University         University of the Redlands
California Lutheran University        Hawaii, University of                Pepperdine University                 Utah State University
California State University           Illinois, University of              Point Loma Nazarene                   Utah, University of
   (All Campuses)                     Indiana University                   Pomona College                        Villanova University
California, University of             Ithaca College                       Princeton University                  Wake Forest University
   (All Campuses)                     Kansas, University of                Reed College                          Washington University, St. Louis
Calvary Chapel Bible College          Lafayette College                    Rice University                       Washington, University of
Chapman University                    LeHigh University                    Saint Mary’s College                  Western Washington University
Claremont McKenna College             Lenoir-Rhyne College                 Sacred Heart University               Westmont College
College of William & Mary             Lewis & Clark College                San Francisco Conservatory /Music     Wheaton University
Colorado, University of               Louisiana State University           Santa Clara University                Whitworth College
Colorado State University             Loyola Marymont                      Savannah College of Art & Design      Williams College
Columbia University                   Loyola University                    Scripps College                       Willamette College
Concordia College                     Macalester College                   Seattle Pacific University            Wisconsin, University of
Cornell University                    Massachusetts, University of         Southern Methodist University         Yale University

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