Tiered Chocolate Activity by Y3rA77


									Tiered Chocolate Activity

            Look closely at your chocolate and think about it for a couple minutes. Choose one or more
            of the following activities and complete it on one side of your 4X6 index card.

       i.   Make a list of descriptive, sensory, and /or comparative words to describe your piece of
            chocolate (can you list 10? 15? 20?)

      ii.   Create 3 similes to help someone understand how you feel about chocolate.
     iii.   Create an original name and slogan to market your original piece of chocolate (i.e. name:
            M&Ms slogan: “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”). Present the slogan in the form of a
     iv.    Complete the analogy by adding 2 words. Are there other words that could be used? Make two
            different analogy statements, and explain how the choice of words changes the meaning of the
                    Chocolate is to Stress as ___________is to ___________.
                    Chocolate is to Earth as ___________is to ___________.

      v.    Create a writing label to be attached to every chocolate that describes a risk of eating

     vi.    Complete this sentence: Chocolate goes best with ______________________.
            Write two or three sentences to support your opinion.

Tiered Assignments:
Tiering is one element in differentiation, and can be based on challenge level, complexity, resources,
process, or product.

  Challenge Level: Vary level of challenge based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.
      Activity i
              Requires knowledge of words, application of a skill (alphabetizing), and thinking
              May also involve reference materials
      Activity ii and iv
              Require the observation and analysis of the chocolate before application of figurative
                 language and comparisons.

  Complexity: Adjust level of complexity between choi8ces.
     Activity i
             Requires making a list of words whereas
     Activity iii
             Requires lasting ideas, evaluation for originality, and then writing a slogan and putting
                to music

Question: How do you determine which student’s complete individual tasks?

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