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Annual School Report 2008


									NSW Department of Education & Training   8213

2008 Annual School Report
Birrong Boys’ High School

NSW Public Schools – Leading the way
Our school at a glance                                    Careers and Transition Programs
                                                          The school has continued to support students who
Students                                                  wish to leave school before they complete their
                                                          high school studies. These students are always
In February 2008, there were 495 students
                                                          supported to ensure that they have access to
enrolled at Birrong Boys’ High School. About 90%
                                                          employment or further training.
are from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds.
The largest groups are from Middle Eastern,               Higher School Certificate students are provided
Asian and Pacific Islander backgrounds.                   with access to the information required to make
Altogether, over 30 different nationalities are           informed choices about their post school studies
represented in the school.                                and other options.
                                                          The school has a Transition Adviser who works
Staff                                                     closely with the Careers Adviser they are part of
Birrong Boys’ High School boasts an experienced           the transition team at Birrong Boys’ and have
and very stable teaching and ancillary staff. The         developed a series of close connections with
majority of staff members have been teaching in           support agencies, youth pathway agencies,
our school for more than 5 years. All staff work to       relevant government agencies, local community
ensure that quality teaching programs are                 partnerships and industry groups.
provided for all students.                                Programs that our students have been involved in
All teaching staff meet the professional                  during 2008 include:
requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.                 All Year 12 students completing their
                                                                  individual transition plans and resumes
Significant programs and initiatives
                                                                 Year 9 TAFE visit for selected students
Maths Enrichment Program                                          who are interested in Horticulture.
This program commenced in term 2 and involves                    Year 9 students involved in the Links to
three feeder schools, Birrong, Berala and                         Learning program run by the Arab Council
Yagoona Primary schools. Students from each of                    of Australia aimed at assisting students
the schools attend weekly maths classes that are                  from Non- English backgrounds in
designed to cater for accelerated and talented                    Literacy.
students. The program has been an outstanding
success and strengthened the already strong                      A year 10 computer class was involved in
partnership that exists between Birrong Boys’ and                 a In School Mentoring program through
it’s feeder schools. Students are presented with a                the initiative of the Department of
variety of work that not only challenges and                      Immigration and Citizenship and the ICRA
extends students knowledge but also makes                         Youth Centre.
learning fun. The program will continue in 2009                  A group of students were part of the
and will be expanded to include a Science                         Youth Pathways program run by Mission
extension class.                                                  Australia. This is a personalised service
                                                                  specifically focused on each individual
                                                                  student’s needs. Participants receive
Primary School Links Project                                      ongoing support to assist them to
                                                                  overcome barriers that are getting in the
This program commenced in Term 3 2006 and                         way     of    Education,   Training    or
continued during 2008 to build upon the closer                    Employment.
links which have been established with feeder
schools. The program provides our students with                  All Year 7 students are involved in a
the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to               mentoring program to help their transition
promote our school.                                               from primary to high school.

Students from our school have continued to work
with primary school students in a variety of areas        School Magazine “The Blaze”
including literacy, numeracy and sport.
                                                          Blaze is an integral part of school culture for
Staff members from our school have also                   Birrong Boys High School as it provides an
participated in Mock High School days to provide          opportunity for the students to showcase the
a closer link between primary and high schools.           programs, activities and achievements for that
                                                          year. The Blaze is funded by the Priority Schools
                                                          Program. The main initiative of the Blaze is to
                                                          improve students critical literacy and the writing,

speaking, listening and viewing skills necessary to        Literacy – NAPLAN Year 7
communicate their opinions and thoughts
effectively. Research about a boy's identity and           In 2008 the ELLA tests were replaced by a series
his use of literacy to explore that identity               of national tests called NAPLAN. These tested
investigated by Smith and Wilhelm (2002) and               and reported student achievement in four areas
Blair and Sanford (2003) - shows that boys' used           Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar. The
literacy to interact with their peers through shared       results for these tests are now reported over 6
interests. Computers and video games are a good            bands the lowest starting a 4 the highest at 9. The
example.The Blaze encourages literacy through              majority of students achieved across bands 4 to 6,
allowing students to write in a diverse range of           there was a slight increase of students into the
text types and to supplement their visual literacy         higher bands.
skills through use of Photoshop and Illustrator. It
allows students to gain confidence in literacy             Numeracy – NAPLAN Year 7
through developing writing skills which target             In 2008 the SNAP tests were replaced by the
areas of personal and shared experience and                NAPALN tests, these are reported over 6 bands,
through having clear goals, develop intrinsic              the lowest being 4 and the highest 9. Results from
motivation, as well as confidence and control.             these tests indicate a significant movement of
                                                           students from the lower bands to the middle and
The Blaze 2008 was a successful program,                   higher bands. Programs that have been put in
culminating in a professional, street press                place to address numeracy concerns over the
magazine that was well received by the school              past three years have resulted in more positive
community. The Blaze team reported that they felt          outcomes for our students. A numeracy
they had learnt valuable literacy and computer             coordinator works in a variety of Key Learning
skills and were pleased at the outcome of the              Areas to support numeracy across the curriculum
                                                           Literacy – NAPLAN Year 9
Adopt a school program                                     The NAPLAN tests for year 9 replaced the ELLA
                                                           tests that were conducted for year 8 students.
This program is one of the many programs                   These tested and reported student achievement in
provided by Canterbury Bankstown Career                    four areas Reading, Writing, Spelling and
Connections. In 2008 10 students from year 11              Grammer. The results are reported over 6 bands
took part in this week long program that was               the lowest being 5 and the highest is 10. The
sponsored by the NSW Fire Brigade at                       majority of students were placed in the lower to
Alexandria. The program provided students with             mid bands. Overall growth of students into the
the opportunity to experience the training and             higher bands increased slightly.
skills required to successfully work with the Fire
Brigade. The partnership with Canterbury                   Numeracy – NAPLAN Year 9
Bankstown Careers will continue in 2009, where
students will have the opportunity of either               In 2008 the SNAP tests were replaced by the
working with an organisation to gain experience or         NAPALN tests, these are reported over 6 bands,
be involved in the development of a community              the lowest being 5 and the highest 10. Results
project.                                                   from these tests indicate a significant movement
                                                           of students from the lower bands to the middle
                                                           and higher bands. While a large proportion of
Youth Pathways Program                                     students were placed in the lower to mid bands
                                                           there was a increase in the students who
This program is supported by Mission Australia             achieved results in the top three bands.
and involved one on one support for selected
students from across all years. The support can            School Certificate
be in the form of mentoring, providing advice,
assistance in learning or general issues that              In 2008, 78 students sat for the School Certificate
impact on the lives of students. Counsellors and           examinations. The majority of students achieved
staff from Youth Pathways are qualified social             results in Bands 2 to 4. Our students performed
workers and teachers who have formed a special             well in the Computer Skills test with all but 4
and trusted bond with students. The program runs           students    achieving    competence.     Students
once a week and will continue again in 2009.               continue to perform well in school based
                                                           programs where there is a practical component
Student achievement in 2008
                                                           Higher School Certificate
Results achieved by students in the Naplan,
School Certificate and Higher School Certificate in        Fifty eight students sat for the Higher School
2008 were                                                  Certificate in 2008. The results achieved by our

students showed a significant improvement to the            Student representative's message
previous year. One of our goals was the shift the
number of students from the lower to the middle             The student representative council has again
bands and this was successfully achieved.                   been active during 2008 by involving itself it a
Students also gain a large number of band 5                 number of school projects, including fundraising
results with a number of students gaining band 6            and strengthening the links with Merriwa Central
results. The focus by the school to improve HSC             School that resulted in a three day visit to the
results over the past three years has been                  school. This was the second visit to Merriwa
justified with the pleasing overall results achieved        which again proved to be a very successful trip for
in 2008.                                                    our students. The return trip to Birrong Boys by
                                                            students from Merriwa for the first time was
                                                            equally successful and the link between the two
Messages                                                    schools will continue in 2009.

Principal's message                                         The visit to Merriwa Central School was a highly
                                                            successful trip that allowed students to share their
The Annual Report 2008 aims to provide                      cultural backgrounds and see what life is like for
information to our parents and our community                students who live in the country
about the aims and achievements of 2008 and our
                                                            The SRC has also supported the school when
goals for 2009. This report is the result of a whole
                                                            important functions have been held including the
school evaluation process.
                                                            Year 7 Meet the Parents evening, the visit to the
Birrong Boys’ High School is situated in the                school by Korean students, organising assemblies
Western Suburbs of Sydney in the Bankstown                  and organising BBQs at various times during the
Area. The school was established in 1958 and                year. The SRC was also actively involved in
has a strong tradition of comprehensive education           helping to organise the school’s 50 anniversary
for boys with an emphasis on academic and                   celebrations.
sporting achievement as well as culture and the
arts. A significant achievement for the school in
2007 was the complete refurbishment of two-                 Ms Amanda Meyer (Co-ordinator)
thirds of the school in a major capital works
program which was officially opened in April
                                                            School context
Our school boasts a very strong emphasis on                 Student information
working cooperatively with our local community to
support others.                                             It is a requirement that the reporting of information
                                                            for all students must be consistent with privacy
Our students are encouraged to strive towards the           and personal information policies.
ideal of the school motto “From Each His Best”.
Our mission is to:
                                                            Student enrolment profile
   Provide students with the best possible                 Enrolments for 2008 averaged 495 students. This
    learning opportunities
                                                            represents a slight increase over previous years.
   Work in partnership with students, staff and            There has been a minor increase in the number of
    parents to promote socially responsible                 students enrolling in Year 7. Enrolments in
    behaviour                                               February by year were Year 7 - 92, Year 8 - 86,
                                                            Year 9 - 90, Year 10 - 96, Year 11 - 70 and Year
   Provide students with a safe and happy                  12 - 61.
    learning environment
                                                            About 90% of students are NESB, the largest
   Make the transitions easier for students from           group being from Middle Eastern, Asian and
    primary school to high school and from high             Pacific Islander backgrounds.     More that 30
    school into the world of work                           different ethnic groups are represented in the
   Prepare students for productive citizenship.            school.    While most students were born in
                                                            Australia, English remains for many students their
                                                            second language
I certify that the information in this report is the
result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process                      2004     2005    2006    2007     2008
and is a balanced and genuine account of the                    Male      498      451     463     474      495
school's      achievements     and      areas     for
                                                                Female     0        0       0       0        0
Arety Dassaklis

                          School Enrolm ents
                                                                       been a stable pattern over the past two years.
                                                                       Students who leave at the end of Year 10
                                                                       generally find permanent employment or are now
            500                                                        attending courses provided by TAFE and other

            300                                                        Post-school destinations
            200                                                        Forty one students completed the Higher School
                                                                       Certificate at the end of 2008. The vast majority
            100                                                        of these students are now undergoing further
                                                                       education. Over 30% of students gained entry
                                                                       into university
                   2004     2005       2006      2007    2008
                                Female    Male
                                                                       Staff information
                                                                       It is a requirement that the reporting of information
Student attendance profile                                             for all staff must be consistent with privacy and
                                                                       personal information policies.
There has been a minor decrease in attendance
in the last year. The school has addressed this                        The staff at the school has remained quite stable
issue and implemented a number of new                                  over the past three years. The slight increase of
procedures that will take effect from the start of                     student numbers has not only ensured the
2009.                                                                  retention of the previous year’s staffing levels but
                                                                       also slightly increased staff. The school has been
The school has worked in the second half of the                        fortunate in being able to have all permanent
year to ensure that students who have effectively                      positions filled at the beginning of the year.
left school, are no longer enrolled and their                          Throughout the year, we have also been ably
absences are not recorded. There has also been                         supported by well-qualified casual staff who are
considerable effort made to reduce the number of                       able to fill positions created by extended leave or
students who consistently do not come to school                        short-term illness.
by offering them support and mentoring programs.                       Over the past three years the school has been
While the statistics do not reflect this, there has                    fortunate in maintaining the position of a second
been considerable improvement in this area.                            Deputy Principal while under review, however in
                                                                       2008 the school was granted permission to
                                                                       advertise the position on a permanent basis with
                         2005       2006         2007       2008       the position no longer on review. This was due to
School                   85.9       86.1         88.0       86.5       the increase in numbers and our ability to
Region                   90.7       90.8         90.7       91.0       continue to develop Quality Teaching programs
State                    90.1       89.9         90.1       90.1       and to maintain our high levels of student welfare
                                                                       programs is immeasurably increased by the
                                                                       retention of this position in the school.
                  Years 7 to 10 Attendance Rates
                                                                       Staff establishment
     89                                                                Staffing details are as follow:
                                                                        Position                                   Number
     85                                                                 Principal                                  1
                                                                        Deputy Principal(s)                        2
                                                                        Head Teachers                              6
                  2005          2006       2007          2008
                                                                        Classroom Teachers                         30.9
                                                                        Support Teacher Learning Assistance        1.1
                           School      Region    State
                                                                        Teacher Librarian                          1
                                                                        Teacher of ESL                             2
Retention to Year 12                                                    Counsellor                                 1
                                                                        Total                                      45
Eighty-four percent of students studying for the
School Certificate in 2006 chose to proceed on to
                                                                       Staff retention
the Higher School Certificate for 2008. This has

Staff numbers have continued to remain stable for           Date of financial summary:                 30/11/2008
the past three years. During term one 2008, one             Income                                            $
permanent member of staff retired. Their position
was filled in the second half of 2008.                      Balance brought forward                  264 519.80
At the beginning of the year there was one new              Global funds                             279 606.10
permanent teacher appointed to the school in the            Tied funds                               211 593.50
PDHPE faculty. During the year a further two                School & community sources               132 426.81
permanent members of staff were appointed in                Interest                                  19 595.27
the area of languages and ESL.                              Trust receipts                            15 224.55
                                                            Canteen                                        0.00
More than 8 casual staff also held temporary
                                                            Total income                             922 966.03
positions in the school throughout the year
ensuring that all teaching positions in the school
were filled                                                 Expenditure
                                                            Teaching & learning
Staff attendance                                                  Key learning areas                  68 767.89
                                                                  Excursions                          16 770.34
Staff have access to leave entitlements such as                   Extracurricular dissections         75 059.87
sick leave. In 2008 the average daily attendance            Library                                    3 733.34
rate for staff, as determined by the Department,            Training & development                     1 155.24
was 95.2%.                                                  Tied funds                               235 220.54
                                                            Casual relief teachers                    50 920.39
Teacher qualifications                                      Administration & office                   97 107.02
All teaching staff meet the professional                    School-operated canteen                        0.00
requirements for teaching in NSW public schools.            Utilities                                 65 672.84
                                                            Maintenance                               26 370.46
The teaching staff members at Birrong Boys’ High
                                                            Trust accounts                            27 904.33
School are highly qualified in their subject areas.
The staff members have also shown a high                    Capital programs                          31 783.02
commitment to ensuring that student teachers and            Total expenditure                        700 465.28
newly trained teachers are supported through                Balance carried forward                  222 500.75
quality training and professional development.
All staff members are provided with training
                                                          In 2008, the school finances were kept well within
throughout the year during School Development
                                                          the budgets set for the year. The school set aside
Days and through a variety of training programs.                                                            th
                                                          extra funds for 2008 to celebrate the school’s 50
                                                          anniversary and open day celebrations, further
                                                          funds were also allocated to purchase 25 new
                                                          computers to provide students and staff with the
 Qualifications                    % of staff
                                                          latest in Information Technology resources.
 Degree or Diploma                  100%
                                                          A full copy of the school's 2008 financial
 Postgraduate                        18.6%                statement is tabled at the annual general
                                                          meetings of the School Council and/or the parent
Financial summary                                         body. Further details concerning the statement
                                                          can be obtained by contacting the school.
This summary covers funds for operating costs
and does not involve expenditure areas such as
permanent    salaries,  building   and   major            School performance 2008
                                                          At Birrong Boys’ High School we aim to provide a
                                                          varied curriculum with opportunities for students to
                                                          excel in many different areas. The school has a
                                                          strong tradition of participation in sporting
                                                          activities, the arts and in many other facets of the


                                                          Birrong Boys’ High School has again provided
                                                          wonderful opportunities for students in the

creative aspects of the school curriculum. The               Australian Schools Science Competition
school also gained an extra Head Teacher CAPA
and Ms Holloway was successfully promoted into               The NSW Schools’ Tritation Competition
the position in November 2008.
       Students from year 10 and 11 elective                Royal    Australian   Chemical         Institutes’
        music classes formed a rock band to                   Chemistry Competition
        perform “Eye of the Tiger” as part of the
        “Our Spectacular” performance which was              Premiers Reading Challenge
        held at the Sydney Opera House.                      Film Industry Workshops
       The 2008 edition of the school’s annual              University of Western Sydney Engineering
        magazine, “The Blaze” was produced by                 Report Writing.
        a group of dedicated students with the
        help of Ms Palmer and once again                     Marketing Day
        highlights the many achievements of our
                                                             Students organised and participated in Anzac
                                                              and Remembrance Day ceremonies
Sport                                                        Chess and Film Club
In 2008 students enjoyed many sporting                       Battle of the bands
successes. At Birrong Boys’ we see sport as
being an important part of a student’s learning              Transition Programs with       local     primary
process and we encourage students to be actively              schools throughout the year.
involved in physical fitness. The school has had
tremendous success during the year participating
in the Edmondson Zone Sports Association                  Academic
Wednesday grade sport competitions which
include a large variety of sports from which our          In the National Assessment Program, the results
students are able to participate in. Birrong Boys’        across the Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 literacy and
participated in over 90% of the available sports in       numeracy assessments are reported on a scale
the zone including successes in the following:            from Band 1 to Band 10.

       Bankstown Sports Rugby 7s – 16yrs                 The achievement scale represents increasing
        champions                                         levels of skills and understandings demonstrated
                                                          in the assessments.
       Regional Football (Soccer) champions in
        the Opens knockout. The school reached            Yr 7: from Band 4 (lowest) to Band 9 (highest for
        the last 16 in the state.(EREA Cup)               Year 7)

       Representation in the area swimming               Yr 9: from Band 5 (lowest) to Band 10 (highest for
        team for the first time in 10 years.              Year 9)
                                                          In the School Certificate the performance of
       Bulldogs   rugby   league       Year    10
                                                          students is reported in performance bands
        tournament winners
                                                          ranging from Performance Band 1 (lowest) to
       Bulldogs rugby league Year 9 tournament           Performance Band 6 (highest).
        runners up
                                                          Literacy – NAPLAN Year 7
       Bulldogs rugby league Year 7 tournament
        runners up
                                                          The average mark achieved by students for
Apart from these successes Birrong Boys had               reading was below that of both LSG and state.
representation    in  the   following  zone               The majority of students however did show a
representative teams, Basketball, Volleyball,             positive growth in their overall results in reading
Athletics, Cross Country, Rugby league and                from their previous testing undertook in year 5.
Soccer (football)                                         reading results for our students however were the
                                                          best when compared to other schools in our
Other                                                     district which indicated that the programs that are
                                                          in place both DEAR and peer tutoring are having
Competitions                                              an impact on students results.

The school participates in:

   The Australian Mathematics Competition

                              Percentage of students in bands:                                            Percentage of students in bands:
                                      Year 7 reading                                                              Year 7 spelling
                         40                                                                          35

Percentage of students


                                                                            Percentage of students

                         20                                                                          20


                         0                                                                           5
                                 4      5      6        7      8   9
                                                                                                            4      5      6      7      8    9
                                     Percentage in band 2008                                                              Band
                                     School average 2005 - 2007
                                                                                                                  Percentage in band 2008
                                     LSG average 2008                                                             LSG average 2008
                                     State average 2008                                                           State average 2008

                              Percentage of students in bands:                                            Percentage of students in bands:
                                       Year 7 w riting                                                    Year 7 gram m ar and punctuation

                         35                                                                          35
Percentage of students

                         30                                                                          30
                                                                            Percentage of students

                         25                                                                          25

                                 4      5      6        7      8   9                                 0
                                               Band                                                         4      5      6      7      8    9
                                     Percentage in band 2008
                                     School average 2005 - 2007                                                   Percentage in band 2008
                                     LSG average 2008                                                             LSG average 2008
                                     State average 2008                                                           State average 2008

                                                                           Numeracy – NAPLAN Year 7

                                 Percentage of students in bands:                                                Percentage of students in bands:
                                         Year 7 num eracy                                                                 Year 9 writing

                            35                                                                             45


                                                                                  Percentage of students
 Percentage of stud en ts

                            25                                                                             30

                            20                                                                             25


                            10                                                                             10

                            0                                                                                      5      6      7      8         9   10
                                    4       5
                                        Percentage 6 band7
                                                   in     2008 8       9                                                        Band
                                        School average 2005 - 2007
                                                                                                                        Percentage in band 2008
                                        LSG average 2008
                                                                                                                        LSG average 2008
                                        State average 2008
                                                                                                                        State average 2008

Literacy – NAPLAN Year 9
                                                                                                                Percentage of students in bands:
Enter your text and graph from Electronic Data
                                                                                                                        Year 9 spelling
Summary Sheet where appropriate

                                 Percentage of students in bands:
                                         Year 9 reading                                                    35
                                                                                Percentage of stud en ts


                            40                                                                             25

                            35                                                                             20
 Percentage of stud en ts

                            30                                                                             15

                            25                                                                             10

                            20                                                                             5

                            15                                                                             0
                                                                                                                   5     6      7      8         9    10

                            0                                                                                          Percentage in band 2008
                                    5      6      7        8       9   10                                              LSG average 2008
                                                  Band                                                                 State average 2008

                                         Percentage in band 2008
                                         LSG average 2008
                                         State average 2008

                                Percentage of students in bands:
                                                                               Enter your text and graph from Electronic Data
                                Year 9 gram m ar and punctuation
                                                                               Summary Sheet where appropriate

                                                                               School Certificate
                           45                                                  In 2008, 85 boys sat for the School Certificate
                           40                                                  external examinations in English literacy,
                                                                               mathematics, science, Australian history and
 Percen tage of students

                                                                               geography, civics and citizenship.     In these
                           30                                                  examinations student performance is reported in 6
                                                                               achievement bands, Band 6 being the highest
                                                                               level of achievement.
                                                                               In English literacy no student achieved Band 6
                           15                                                  while only 2 students achieved Band 5, 22
                           10                                                  students achieved Band 4, 46 students achieved
                                                                               Band 3, 8 students achieved Band 2 and 5
                                                                               students achieved Band 1. In mathematics, 1
                           0                                                   student achieved Band 6, 4 students achieved
                                   5     6      7      8         9   10        Band 5, 10 students achieved Band 4, 25
                                                                               achieved Band 3, 37 achieved Band 2 and 6 in
                                                                               Band 1. In science, 3 students achieved Band 5,
                                                                               12 achieved Band 4, 22 achieved Band 3, 31
                                        Percentage in band
                                                                               achieved Band 2 and 15 achieved Band 1.
                                        LSG average 2008                       History results this year were disappointing with
                                        State average 2008                     the majority of students achieving in the lowest
                                                                               three bands. Geography results were significantly
                                                                               better with the majority of students achieving in
Numeracy – NAPLAN Year 9                                                       Bands 3 and 4.
                                Percentage of students in bands:               In the computer skills assessment 6 students
                                        Year 9 num eracy                       performed in the Highly Competent range, 72
                                                                               performed in the Competent range and 5 students
                                                                               did not achieve competency in this area.
                           50                                                  While our students continue to remain in the
                           45                                                  middle bands in most of these subjects there has
                           40                                                  continued to be a drop in the number of students
 Percen tage of students

                                                                               performing in the two lowest bands. In 2009 we
                                                                               will work to ensure that our middle students are
                                                                               encourage to improve their performance to
                           25                                                  achieve in the two highest bands.
                           15                                                  School Certificate relative performance
                                                                               comparison to Year 5 (value-adding)
                           5                                                   School Certificate value added since Year 5 is
                           0                                                   below expectation and an area for focus
                                   5     6      7      8         9   10        support for the future.

                                       Percentage in band 2008                 Higher School Certificate
                                       LSG average 2008                        Enter your text and graphs from Electronic Data
                                       State average 2008                      Summary Sheet where appropriate

Progress in literacy                                                           Higher School Certificate relative performance
                                                                               comparison to School Certificate (value-
Enter your text and graph from Electronic Data                                 adding)
Summary Sheet where appropriate

Progress in numeracy

                                                                                                                           School 2008                                                School 2004 - 2008
        Average HSC Relative Performance
                                                                                                                           LSG 2008                                                   State 2008
            from Year 10 (value-added)


                          Low                              Middle                   High
 -1.0                                                                                                        30

                                                                                                                                                            Mathematics Extension 1
                                                                                                                  Information Processes and


                                                                                                                                                                                                   Visual Arts


                                  School, 2008
                                  School average 2004-2008
                                  LSG average 2008

                                                                                                           Minimum standards
            School 2008                                       School 2004 - 2008
            LSG 2008                                          State 2008                                   The Commonwealth Government sets minimum
                                                                                                           standards for reading, writing, grammar and
100                                                                                                        punctuation, spelling and numeracy for years 3, 5,
                                                                                                           7 and 9.
                                                                                                           The performance of the students in our school in
                                                                                                           the National Assessment Program – Literacy and
80                                                                                                         Numeracy is compared to these minimum
                                                                                                           standards. The percentages of our students
70                                                                                                         achieving at or above these standards are
                                                                                                           reported below.
                                                                                                           Percentage of Year 7 students in our school
                                                                                                           achieving at or above the minimum standard
50                                                                                                         in 2008


                                                                                                            Percentage of Year 7 students achieving at
30                                                                                                                and above minimum standard
        Ancient History


                                        Business Studies




                                                                                                           Reading                                                                                               79.6
                                                                                                           Writing                                                                                               73.0
                                                                                                           Spelling                                                                                              78.7
                                                                                                           Punctuation and grammar                                                                               67.4
                                                                                                           Numeracy                                                                                              89.5

                                                                                                           Percentage of Year 9 students in our school
                                                                                                           achieving at or above the minimum standard
                                                                                                           in 2008

                                                              Historical, social and cultural aspects of Aboriginal
    Percentage of Year 9 students achieving at                life are areas of study in particular for history,
          and above minimum standard                          geography, visual arts and music.
Reading                                    71.1               There were two Aboriginal and no Torres Strait
Writing                                    68.2               Islander students enrolled at Birrong Boys’ High
Spelling                                   74.1               School in 2008. Both students have had a
Punctuation and grammar                    61.2               specialised program developed that provides each
Numeracy                                   80.7               student with the opportunity to involve themselves
                                                              in all aspects of school life and extra-curricular

Significant programs and initiatives                          Multicultural education
                                                              Multicultural education is an integral part of life at
Priority School Program (PSP)
                                                              Birrong Boys’ High School. It is a compulsory
The Priority Schools Program is provided to our               component in all subject areas.
school to support the learning needs of the many
                                                              At our school, students are encouraged to
students who come from a low socio-economic
                                                              celebrate their culture and recognition is given to
background. The program provides for both a
                                                              the many community cultural festivities held
supplementation in staffing which is used to
                                                              throughout the year.
maintain a wide curriculum and funds which have
been used in the following manner:
                                                              Respect and responsibility
    The provision of two Community Liaison
     Officers (CLOs) (Arabic and Vietnamese) to               In 2007, the school completed the two year
     support links between the school and our                 program to ensure that all staff members are
     NESB community. Parents are able to access               trained in the Glasser system of behaviour
     the CLOs to discuss issues regarding their               management. This program is aimed at ensuring
     son’s educational needs and to gain                      that all students are aware of the school’s values
     information about student progress.                      and code of conduct and that each student takes
                                                              responsibility for his actions. A follow up
    Continued support was provided to staff to
                                                              The values of respect for others and responsibility
     develop programs using the Quality Teaching
                                                              for your actions are key points of discussion
     model which supports both literacy and
     numeracy skill development.                              during regular assemblies and in the many
                                                              support and welfare programs provided for
    The publishing of the “Blaze” magazine. This             students at Birrong Boys’
     annual publication is a literacy strategy for the
     student editors and well as a valuable
     promotional tool for our school community.
                                                              Other programs
    The provision of suitable materials to support
     the literacy and numeracy needs of our                   Environment: Towards a Sustainable School
     students. In 2008 the school library was
     provided with extra money to purchase                    A number of environment initiatives have been
     appropriate new reading materials for Year 7             running during 2008. They include:
     and Year 8 students.
                                                                 A Year 7 Local Environment study which is
PSP funds will continue to be used to ensure that                 incorporated in the Science curriculum. Each
all students have access to the widest possible                   year 7 class spends a term doing an ecology
curriculum. In 2009, the school was placed on the                 unit, part of which includes a field study
PAS program which provides extra funds for our                    undertaken on the school grounds with a
students on top of the PSP programs. As a result                  professional Bushcare worker. Students learn
extra funds will continue to support the                          about local plants, environmental issues,
development of Quality Teaching programs with                     sustainable gardening and creating habitats.
an emphasis on Years 9 and 10. The PAS                            This program has proved to be both popular
program will also provide more options and                        and interesting for students.
opportunities for our school to assist students

                                                                 Students from years 7 and 8 help to reduce
Aboriginal education                                              waste in the school through paper recycling,
                                                                  collecting the food scraps from the canteen for
Aboriginal Education is incorporated in all subject               composting and keeping a worm farm. The
areas as a mandatory component of each course.

    composting and the worm farm produce                    To improve the numeracy skills of all students
    organic fertiliser for the vegetable garden             with a special focus on Stage 5 students
    which is tended by Year 7 classes and the
    Environment Team.
                                                            Our achievements include:
                                                            Enter text here
   The Environment Team consists of an
    enthusiastic group of students who meet once            Enter text here
    a week at recess to plan and manage areas
                                                            Enter text here
    such as applying for grants and special
    projects. They look after the bush garden and
    the herb garden and have made a frog pond.
                                                            Target 3

   The school applied for and was successful in            To increase the number of students coming to
    receiving    $50,000     from    the    Federal         school
    Government as part of the Green Voucher
    program for schools. After completing the               The school has worked hard over the past three
    tender process the school will have installed at        years to enhance the image of the school in the
    the start of 2009 a large water tank with               community and increase student numbers. A
    electric pump to service the environmental              number of programs and activities have been put
    area. (run off from the large school hall roof).        in place to promote the school and encourage
    A recycling system for the boy’s toilets will           students to choose Birrong Boys’ as their first
    also be installed to save with water use.               place of school.

Our school has continued to be supported during             Our achievements include:
2008 by Bankstown Council in many of our
environment programs.          This includes the               An increase in the number of year 7
provision of a Bushcare Officer to work with                    enrolments.
students in their Science classes as well as
supporting the Environment Team. During 2008                   The development of a Maths Enrichment
the school’s only demountable classroom was                     program to support gifted and talented
removed and this opened up a large area of land                 students in the local area.
where the environmental team work at the school.
The planting of herbs and trees has now taken up               An increase in numbers of students in Years
most of this previously hindered land.                          11 and 12 for 2008.
The environmental team is led by Ms Sue
Creighton who has worked tired less to ensure the           Key evaluations
school is at the fore front of environmental                It is a requirement for all NSW public schools to
education.                                                  conduct at least two annual evaluations – one
                                                            related to educational and management practice
                                                            and the other related to curriculum. In 2008 our
                                                            school carried out evaluations of Welfare and
Progress on 2008 targets
Enter text here                                             Educational and management practice
Target 1
To improve the literacy skills of all students              Background
with a special focus on Stage 5 students
                                                            The welfare and discipline policy at the school
School Certificate results in 2008                          was reviewed and refined in 2006, it was
                                                            necessary to examine the overall satisfaction with
Our achievements include:                                   our system and identify if options available once
Enter text here                                             students were at “red book” level were sufficient
                                                            or needed refinement.
Enter text here
                                                            The methodologies used included written surveys
Enter text here                                             which were completed by all staff, documents and
                                                            post data analysis and parent interviews, analysis
                                                            of “RISC” referrals student reports, suspension
Target 2                                                    data and student academic achievement data.
                                                            The evaluation focused on the initial assessment

of effective behaviour support systems in terms of         Currently literacy support is focused in Year 7
status and need for improvement. This was                  through the English faculty, consisting of one
examined at four levels, school wide, non-                 period per cycle of SRA and one of wide reading,
classroom, classroom and for individual students.          both team taught. Each year a reading program is
                                                           implemented by the STLD. This is based on Multi
Findings and conclusions                                   Lit employing the Pause, Prompt, Praise method
                                                           and is used with targeted year 7 students, with
Generally improvements were identified across all          year 10 students used as peer tutors.
system areas. Behaviour support systems in the
classroom were reported to be consistently
                                                           Scope of Review
effective at classroom level, the need for
consistent consequences and congruence with
                                                           The purpose of this review is to examine the
school wide procedures were identified.
                                                           reading program currently in place at Birrong
A small number of students, particularly in years 7        Boys’ High School
and 8 were identified as generating a
disproportionate number of incidents reports.              Findings and conclusions
Similarly a small number of students in year 7
                                                           Students from year 7 who were tested and whose
require intensive behaviour support and
                                                           reading level was identified as ‘very low’ in the
individualised attention. This data reinforces the
                                                           first few weeks of school were included in the peer
identified system improvement priority of
individual student support.                                tutoring program. This runs every day during the
                                                           DEAR period in the school library.
Future directions                                          The year 10 mentors volunteered to assist and
                                                           participated in training. They reported that they
Areas for consideration identified for improvement
                                                           enjoyed mentoring the year 7 students. The TAFE
planning by the evaluation are:
                                                           training day was particularly helpful and they
   The establishment of a behaviour support               appreciated the ongoing support of the TAFE
    team for behaviour support planning and                program coordinator.
    problem solving. The responsibility to include
                                                           In the tutees, they observed faster, more fluent
    that of students who present chronic problem
                                                           reading with fewer mistakes. One aspect of each
    behaviours. Regular to be provided to staff
                                                           session involved spelling in which they also
   School wide expected student behaviours be             observed improvement.
    taught in non-classroom settings.                      Sometimes the tutees became frustrated but the
   Effective programming such that students               year 10 boys felt they had strategies to support
    experience rates of academic success                   the younger students. Joint reading or turn taking
    commensurate with their potential in the               was employed when year 7 students lacked
    classroom.                                             motivation or were tired or unwilling to engage.
                                                           The year 7 participants felt that the program had
Curriculum                                                 helped them immensely, particularly with
Enter text here                                            understanding the meaning of words. They were
                                                           keen for the support to continue into year 8.
Background                                                 Ten of the fourteen students were matched using
Trend data obtained from ELLA indicates that               growth charts from year 5 to 7 in reading. The
students at Birrong Boys’ High School consistently         median growth for the group of students was 64
achieved below the State average by more than              with a range of 155.
10% in Years 7 and 9 in reading. Data obtained
from teacher focus groups and particularly the             Future directions
Stage 6 curriculum team indicated that literacy            The year 7 reading program be extended to yea 8.
levels were a major impediment to students                 the PAS Literacy coordinator investigates the
attempting Preliminary and HSC courses and had             purchase of a suitable reading resource for use
a significant impact on engagement. Reading                with year 8 students. Opportunities for students to
levels were identified as being of particular              enjoy continued support in their reading be
concern.                                                   investigated.
Their strong recommendation, which was                     Data on the reading levels of year 7 and 9
reinforced at whole staff meetings was that a              students to be made available to all staff.
whole school literacy policy be developed and
implemented from Year 7 onwards.                           Strategies to support reading to be included as
                                                           part of staff professional learning of systematic,

explicit teaching of reading in the classroom               75% of students achieve significant value
context.                                                    added in Naplan numeracty from years 7 -9
                                                            Strategies to achieve this target include:
                                                            Numeracy team and coordinator established
Professional learning                                       whole school literacy professional learning based
All staff members are committed to ongoing                  on teacher needs.
professional learning. In 2008 a major focus was            Teachers work in faculty teams to embed literacy
on the development of the quality teaching and              strategies.
learning framework. Staff were involved in a
series of workshops within each faculty group that          Our success will be measured by:
developed and implemented programs using the                Strategies evidenced in faculty management
quality teaching framework.                                 plans and programs
At the beginning of each of the first three terms of        Work samples
the year, the school provides training to all staff
during the School Development Days. In 2008,                Naplan results
Quality Teaching Programs, Child Protection,
Anaphylaxis training, Information and Computer              Target 3
Technology and Student Welfare were areas of
                                                            To increase student attendance by 5%
training on these days.

                                                            Strategies to achieve this target include:
School development 2009 – 2011                              Develop and implement an attendance policy.
The new school plan was collaboratively                     Professional Learning for staff on attendance
developed by the school executive, teaching staff,          policy, their role and responsibilities.
students and with community consultation. A draft
was submitted in December 2008 for review and               Student advisors to develop procedures for
the final copy submitted in February 2009 ready             mentoring students in the year.
for implementation.                                         Our success will be measured by:
                                                            School attendance policy published consistent
Targets for 2009
                                                            implementation by staff
The school has limited school targets to ensure
                                                            Improvement in student data
that the main focus of literacy, numeracy,
engagement and attendance are addressed.

Target 1                                                    About this report
65% of students achieve significant value                   In preparing this report, the self-evaluation
added in Naplan literacy from years 7 -9                    committee has gathered information from
Enter text here                                             evaluations conducted during the year and
                                                            analysed other information about the school's
Strategies to achieve this target include:                  practices and student learning outcomes. The
Literacy team and coordinator established whole             self-evaluation committee and school planning
school literacy professional learning based on              committee have determined targets for the
teacher needs.                                              school's future development.

Teachers work in faculty teams to embed literacy            Ms A. Dassaklis, Principal
strategies.                                                 Mr A. Stasos, Deputy Principal
Our success will be measured by:                            Ms Billie Holloway, Head Teacher CAPA
Strategies evidenced in faculty management                  Ms Cathy Walton, Head Teacher Mathematics
plans and programs
                                                            Ms    Karen      MacGregor,       Head       Teacher
Work samples                                                Administration
Naplan results
                                                            School contact information
Target 2                                                    Birrong Boys’ High School
                                                            Rodd St, Birrong 2143

Ph: 9644 5200
Fax: 9743 7009
School Code: 8213
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