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                            STOCK IMAGE LIST
Image Titles                               Galleries
Angel with Chalice                         Angels
Angels Adoring the Lamb of God             Angels
Angels and Crusader                        Angels & Miscellaneous
Bosseron Chambers' Angels                  Angels
Child Jesus                                Jesus & Holy Children
Child Jesus Praying                        Jesus & Holy Children
Child Mary                                 Mary & Holy Children
Christ as Priest                           Jesus
Christ Knocking                            Jesus
Crucifixion, The                           Jesus & Miscellaneous
Divine Babe                                Jesus & Holy Children
Divine Protection                          Miscellaneous
Holy Family,The                            Holy Family
First Communion                            Miscellaneous
Infant Mary                                Mary & Holy Children
Jesus Christ (1896)                        Jesus
Joseph and Christ Child                    Jesus & Holy Family
Joseph and Christ Child in Rose Heart      Holy Family
Last Supper (1986),The                     Miscellaneous
Mary and Angels                            Mary & Angels
Mary and Christ Child                      Mary & Holy Family
Mary Immaculate                            Mary
Mass                                       Miscellaneous
Monte Carmelo                              Mary & Holy Family
Sickroom Angel                             Angels
St. Anna                                   Saints
St. Anthony Exiled                         Saints
St. Anthony with Christ Child              Saints
St. Dismas                                 Saints
St. Francis                                Saints
St. Francis with Doves                     Saints
St. Margaret and Mary                      Saints
St. Michael                                Saints
St. Peter                                  Saints
St. Peter and St. Paul                     Saints
St. Thomas and Christ                      Saints
Suffer the Little Children                 Jesus & Holy Children

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