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									                                                    Laurel County Schools Topical Curriculum Map
                                                               Grade Four (Weeks 1-9)
Content Area    Week 1          Week 2            Week 3               Week 4            Week 5            Week 6              Week 7          Week 8           Week 9
               Aug. 17-21      Aug. 24-28      Aug 31-Sept. 4         Sept. 8-11        Sept. 14-18       Sept. 21-23      Sept. 28-Oct.2      Oct. 5-9        Oct. 19-23
Social                                Geography Patterns & Human-Environment Interaction                                    Geography Regions- Use of Geographic Tools
Studies                              Early Exploration of Kentucky (Patterns of Human Settlement                            Compare Regions of KY by human and physical
                                     & influence by physical characteristics& physical environment)                                          characteristics
                 Scientific                      Biological Science Unity & Diversity                                  Biological Science Unity & Diversity
                  Method                          (Plants) Compare Structure/Function                                   (Animals) Compare Structure/Function
Science        Process Skills                   Growth/Survival/Reproduction\/Life Cycle                              Growth/Survival/Reproduction\/Life Cycle
                  Safety                              Inherited/Learned Behavior                                             Inherited/Learned Behavior
                                            Interdependence Unifying Concepts-Success of                Interdependence Unifying Concepts-Success of Organisms/Environment
                   Rules & Consequences           General Space         Locomotor                 Physical Fitness         Physical/Social/E           Volleyball
Physical       Guidelines Safety Procedures         Locomotor         Nonlocomotor                    Pre-Test             motional Benefits         Serve & Volley
                      Personal Space              Nonlocomotor             Skills           (FITT) Principle (Frequency,                         Manipulative, Fair Play,
Education                                             Skills           Directions &            Intensity, Type, Time)                           Sportsmanship, & Practice
                                                                     Pathways, level,
Health           Stress Management-Problem Solving-Conflict Resolution-Social &           Personal Responsibility & Good           Good Hygiene                   Safety
Consumerism      Emotional Problems (Bullying) Social Interactions (Bullying)- Goal                 Work Habits                    Communicable\                 All Areas
Voc. Studies                Setting-Decision Making-Time Management                                                           Noncommunicable Diseases        (Fire, Medical
Art                                          Elements (Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Form)                                                 Native American Art
                                           Principles (Emphasis, Contrast, Balance, Pattern)                                          Media, Processes, Purposes
Music                                                 Structure-Elements of Music                                                       Native American Music
                                                        Rhythm, Melody, Notation                                                     Humanities in Music- Purposes
                                                     Structure –Elements of Drama                                                    Structure –Humanity-Purpose
Drama                                             (Literary, Technical, & Performance)                                                  Native American Culture

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