halloween cake decorating ideas by mr2exp


									With many more people than in the past staying home or going to specific
parties for Halloween, Halloween cake decorating ideas have grown in
importance. As parents are becoming the hosts for many children at
Halloween parties, cakes are a good solution to treating children without
having to buy many boxes of candy to appease them. However, finding good
Halloween cake decorating ideas can be baffling to those who do not have
a lot of experience in cake decorating.

There are many types of Halloween cake decorating ideas that you can
pursue for a party. One of the most popular types of cakes at the moment
is the castle cake. Castle cakes resemble haunted houses, and provide
several tiers of cake and icing so they can feed many hungry children.
These cakes are works of art, ranging from one to three or more stories,
and are usually elaborately decorated. For parents, these types of
Halloween cake decorating ideas can be extremely time consuming, but also
extremely rewarding. As children love the thrills of Halloween, these
castle cakes can often top the evening for them. While it can be painful
to watch the hard work put into the cake be devoured by hungry children,
many children will remember the cake for years to come. If you are new to
cake decorating, you can purchase pans that are in the shapes of castles.
This can help you start making a castle without having to carve your own
castle shape. Many of these pans will also include instructions and
supplies to decorate the cake the first time you use the pan. This is
extremely useful for those who are just learning about cake decoration.

If you do not want to make a castle, there are many other Halloween cake
decorating ideas that you can pursue. You can design your cake to have
bats, Frankenstein or other famous Halloween subjects. If you are not
comfortable with the idea of cutting a sheet cake into a specific shape
or design, you can pipe different Halloween figures onto the cake. Bats
and tombstones are very common, as these shapes are extremely easy to
pipe onto a cake. You can also purchase plastic spiders to decorate the
edge of your cake with.

If you are uncertain with how many children will be showing up, you can
augment your Halloween cake decorating ideas with cupcakes. Cupcakes
leave a lot of room for design, letting you feature a different Halloween
them on each individual cupcake. This can be a lot of fun to make, as you
can use a variety of styles and designs on cupcakes.

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