Interview questions for Assistant Superintendent by HC120219022633


									                  Interview Question Guide for
      Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

Name of Candidate

1.    Please tell us about your background in the field of education, specifically
      focusing on your expertise and experience in the area of curriculum &
      instruction PreK-12.

      (Listen for: recent curriculum experience in K-12 unified setting: teaching – especially
      experience in districts with high numbers of ELL, building administration, curriculum work,
      central office experience, working with central administrative leadership/departments to
      provide a consistent vision for district-wide curriculum and instruction, role and
      relationship of NCLB to Curriculum, working with teachers/parents/community)

              1               2                3               4                5

2.    Please provide some specific examples of how you would go about
      developing a quality relationship with the principals. Speak specifically to
      how you would attempt to align the various levels.

      (Listen for: individual meetings, group meetings, observation, meeting at schools, value
      of articulation, vertical integration of curriculum, setting the “standards & operational
      procedures” after gaining consensus among all principals )

              1               2                3               4                5
3.   How will you utilize disaggregated data, communicate data analysis to the
     Curriculum & Instruction team, and making data-driven decisions that
     affect instruction?

     (Listen for: definition of the role and relationship of Assessment and Evaluation Dept;
     Federal Programs Dept, LAD Dept. Spec Ed Dept; meet with data/research director,
     review school profiles, ADE report cards, data by school, grade, & teacher, analyze SIPs,
     alignment of curriculum, instruction, & assessments)

             1                2                3                4                5

4.   Walk us through the steps you would take when selecting a new resource
     or intervention program in our schools?
      (Listen for: Dialogue and consensus with superintendent, principals, teachers and
     parents. Review the data and research of this new program)

             1                2                3                4                5

5.   How will you address integrating the needs of ELL students, special
     education students, and gifted students when considering modifications to
     the XYZ curriculum system?

     (Listen for: Levels of instruction, appropriateness of fit for individual students, knowledge
     of specific needs of students, differentiated instruction, materials for re-teaching & for
     extensions, challenging)

             1                2                3                4                5
7.   How do you see the role and relationship of the Curriculum & Instruction
     department within the context of the entire school district operation?

     (Listen for: The dept. leads in the area of student learning, it works with other parts of the
     district regarding resources, it must form a collaborative working environment, it
     communicates what the district is attempting to accomplish in the area of student

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