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Akira's bird nest by 3wouzW


									Queensland kindergarten learning guideline
Professional development            | Module 3: Engage

                      Akira’s bird nest: Planning from a child’s

      Akira, aged 4, arrives at kindergarten with a nest that she found in her backyard. In the centre of
      the nest is the tiny skeleton of a baby bird. Akira is very excited about her discovery and waits at
      the entry calling to each child as they arrive, talking and gesturing to come and look at the nest.

      Consider the scenario described above and complete the following set of questions. Then using
      the template provided, map out all the possibilities you can think of to extend the learning.

      Note: This task is designed to help teachers think about and engage in the process of planning
      from a child’s emerging interests. The planning or mind mapping that is done in practice may look
      different to the format provided. For example, you may have a brief set of notes or some planning
      evidence that you have developed with the children.
      Whatever form your planning takes, it is important to make plans based on children’s interests,
      strengths and needs, remembering that the possibilities you have considered and the events that
      develop are likely to vary enormously. Teaching from an emergent curriculum perspective
      requires a great deal of flexibility. It also requires the ability to change direction in response to an
      evolving focus, which may come from some information that the children discover, or other
      unexpected sources.
        Reflection questions
        Think about the scenario Akira’s bird nest, consider the following questions and record your responses below.
        1.     How would you help Akira to share this interest?

        2.     How could you use it as an opportunity for an investigation?

        3.     What would be the focus for the investigation?

        4.     What kinds of questions might you ask?

        5.     What links could you make to the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline through this interest? What learning would you promote?

2   |        QKLG Professional development   Akira’s bird nest
Opportunities for planning with child/children                                      Opportunities for reflecting

                                                 Learning experience
                                                   The bird’s nest

Opportunities for interacting                                               Links to Queensland kindergarten
                                                                              learning and development areas

                                                                       Queensland Studies Authority February 2012   | 3

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