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									                     Holiday Writing
                         Room 5

Auckland                                                                                            Thursday, 16 February 2012
In the holidays we went to Auckland. It was a 7 hour trip for us      Kia ora, Malo lelei, Nehou, and Hi
so we decided to stay in a hotel on the way. When we reached          ATTENDANCE and BEING ON TIME…We’ve been emphasising the impact of
                                                                      continuous attendance & punctuality on kids’ learning achievement. These are
Auckland we stayed at our Dad’s friends house. I slept on a
                                                                      being monitored & we will be in touch if need be. We encourage kids to not just be
single bed. It was a cold night. In the morning we went to            on time, but ahead of time so they settle in, get organised for the day & chat with
Rainbows End. We bought tickets. It was expensive but worth it.       mates before learning gets underway. Achieving this often needs support, skill
First I went on the pirate ship. I was scared of the pirate ship      teaching & organisation at home. We observe that already for some kids, running
because I thought it would breakoff and people would go flying.       late is an ingrained way of life that is impacting on their everyday life.
                                                                      STUDENT LEARNING ACHIEVEMENT…To further assist kids learning we are
Second I decided to go in the dinosaur theatre. It was scary and
                                                                      targetting groups of kids who are at risk of not achieving National Standards.
the seats even moved. It was a 3D movie.. Next me and my dad          These groups will benefit from highly targetted teaching & close monitoring over
decided to go on the Fear Fall. My dad spotted a note saying:         the year. We cannot do this on our own & where need be will contact you to join
“You might not have guts to do this ha ha.” I did and it took us so   us in an even closer home – school partnership to lift achievement. We look
high. I started screaming like a dinosaur when it went down and       forward to the outcomes of working together over the year.
                                                                      NATIONAL STANDARDS ARE A FUNNY BEAST…Most kids spend the whole
my face almost flew off. We had lots of fun.
                                                                      year working towards achieving NS & finally make it at the end to be At or Above
Avian Chand
                                                                      NS. Phew, great stuff. Only trouble is, the cycle begins again the next year as they
                                                                      work towards NS to get there towards the end. So NS is a full year’s work at the
                                                                      next level which is worked towards progressively over the year.
                                                                      INDEPENDENCE…The ‘I’ for Independence in PRIDE is one of the greatest gifts
                                                                      we collectively give kids as they strive towards being grown up. Doing it for
                                                                      themselves is a very strong natural urge kids have & with support become very
Camping                                                               independent very quickly. Independence is achieved by walking alongside kids,
In the holidays my family and I went camping in Whanganui at a        encouraging, teaching the skills necessary, providing the organisation framework of
camping site with a Pool netball court and a awesome playground       time, materials & systems for them to be independent. Again a partnership of kids,
right next door. Very nearby there was a beach and at night you       family & school working together to achieve that great gift of independence. One
could hear the waves going swish swish as you went to sleep.          of the saddest sights we see is kids learning helplessness or dependence on others
                                                                      through families running around after them.
One evening we took a walk down the beach. The sun was just
setting and the sky was all pink and purple and it looked             BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER…This week’s theme is about pulling together the
gorgeous.                                                             threads that impact on kids learning. In the hurly burly of modern life this can be a
Carys Gibbs                                                           challenge & that’s understandable. Make contact with your class teacher where
                                                                      needed. Information is helpful & together solutions can be worked out.
PRIDE Honours Board for week ended 10th February 2012                         School Picnic 2012…5.00 pm – 7.00 pm Thurs 23rd February
GREEN 10 point draw -
Isaiah Rm 15        Sophie Rm 3         Stan Rm 4
                                                                                             on our DPS field. Bring your family along for a
Anna Rm 5           Nikia Rm 2          Donna Rm 3                                              night of fun! Bouncy Castle, Team Sports,
GOLD 25 point draw –                                                                            Running Races, Sack races, Water Balloon
Ty Rm 10            Libby Rm 10                                                                 Challenges, Jump Jam and much, much more!
                                                                                                   Bring your picnic tea or try some of the yummy
        SchoolGen Solar Panels: Power Generated last 7 days:                  sausages and drinks at the PTA BBQ. Don’t miss out!
        51 kW h       Tonnes of CO2 saved: .010
                                                                              Stationery packs…every child received a stationery pack on the first
PTA news…
                                                                              day of term so that everyone could begin work at 9:00 am 30th January
  • Great to see all the faces at Tuesday night’s PTA meeting.                2012. The books were not sent home as the children began work in
     We had a chance to talk about what people would like the                 them immediately. Everyone was given 2 weeks to pay for these packs,
     PTA to do. The next meeting is Tuesday 13th March at 7pm.                we would appreciate those who have not paid to do so asap please.
     Please come along and meet other parents from our school.                Prices for the packs are:
     Wine and cheese at this meeting.                                         New entrant $18.00           Year 1 $20.00         Year 2 $20.00
  • PTA will be selling BBQ sausages at the school picnic next                Y3/4          $18.00         Year 4/5 & 5/6 $16.00
     Thursday 23rd February.
                                                                              Summer Hockey…We have entered one summer hockey team this
   Healthy eating…we would encourage you to have fast foods                   term. The team is up in the glass display cabinet. Please pay the office
   (McDonalds, KFC etc.) as treats for home or weekend treats                 asap. The games this term will be played on Tuesday afternoons at
                                                                              Clareville and the draw will be displayed as soon as it is received.
   not school lunches. If you want a school lunch treat please
                                                                              As the games are played on Tuesday, our staff professional learning day,
   make it sandwiches and fruit. Likewise, we ask that children be            it may be difficult for us to get a teacher to every game. If you are able
   not given fizzy drinks at school – water is the preferred drink.           to help with the team at Clareville Turf, please let Jane know.

School donations…Big thanks to those folk who have paid their school
donations this term. $10 per child each term or $40 for the year. We
                                                                                          23rd Feb     School picnic 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
reckon we give value for money. For the equivalent cost of half a can of
                                                                                          28th Feb     BOT meeting 7:00 pm Staffroom
Coke a week it can’t be beaten! Agree? Disagree? Drop me a line on                        13th March   PTA meeting 7:00 pm
principal@douglaspark.school.nz                                                           5th April    Last day of Term 1
                                                                                          23rd April   First day of Term 2

Absences…if your child is absent from school please phone and leave a                     Uniform shop is open Wednesdays in term time
message on dedicated phone line (370 0189 Ext 1) or text 021 128 3607                     8:30 am – 9:30 am and 2:15 pm-3:00 pm
by 9:00 am. Please ensure you leave the reason for the child’s absence.
It is very important that we have current phone numbers for all contacts
given for each child. It is very frustrating when all contacts are rung and                   “If everyone is moving forward together,
no reply from anyone…if it is an emergency we need to be able to                                 then success takces care of itself.”
contact you immediately.
                                                                                                                                              Henry Ford
                                                                                   Naku noa na
                                                                                   Dick Brown

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