Sunday to wish Fr Perry congratulations on his Masters of Arts degree from Fordham University

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MAY 24, 2009                7TH SUNDAY OF EASTER

                                                                 **BIRTHDAY GREETINGS**
                                                              May 24
                                                              Donald Diehl, Suzanne Heasley, Juliana Richardson, N. Paige
                                                              Dupilka, Robert Segrell, Deborah Guernsey, Amy Beierholm,
                                                              Christa Benes, Jessica Krochmal, Ava Rowe
ANNOUNCED MASSES                                              May 25
Saturday, May 23                                              Elizabeth Guerra, Linda Barnes, Peter Schwarze, Kirk
9:00am Muriel Graap – Sharon Chapman                          Vanswearingen, Lindsay Mills, Vincent DiGregorio III,
5:30pm Rev John Fleming - Joan and Jim Weston                 Yvonne Froehling, Michael Mangione, Raymond Santiago,
                                                              Theresa Dean, Rosendo Becerra, Ethan Neider
Sunday, May 24
7:30am People of St Stanislaus Kostka                         May 26
9:00am Mary Areno – husband Alex                              Cathleen Lang, Christopher Morrison, William Esche, Erika
11:00am Cheryl Zingaro – Zingaro Family                       Boyle, Kayli Sinon, Megan Frinton, Geraldine Gritmon,
                                                              Christopher Knight, Katyanna Arraiano, Elizabeth Novoa ,
Monday, May 25                                                Kenneth Sambells, Jr., Patrick Murray, Dorothy Nadell,
9:00am Mothers Living and Deceased                            Margaret Meyer
Tuesday, May 26                                               May 27
9:00am Budd Robertson – The McKenna Family                    Clare Telesco-Goldstein, Kelly Ann Muir, Kelli Polotaye,
                                                              Caroline Steigerwald, Ellen Caruso, Sadi Curtis-Shanahan,
Wednesday, May 27                                             Frank Denisco. Lisa Hajkowski
9:00am Mothers Living and Deceased
                                                              May 28
Thursday, May 28
                                                              Gino DiCamillo, Gabrielle Paul, Dara Battistoni, Reed
9:00am Rev John Fleming (1st Anniversary)–
                                                              Ketcham, Kathryn Molina, Quinn Eckert, Sean DeLawder,
        Joan/Jim Weston
                                                              Jack Quartararo, Jeanette Marotta, Carrie DePaola, Nicholas
Friday, May 29
9:00am Mothers Living and Deceased
                                                              May 29
                                                              Gregory Gallagher, Mary Ellen Ulbrandt, Thomas Marone,
Saturday, May 30
                                                              Jeffrey Rauh, Michael Reda, Krystal Rose, John Volnick,
9:00am Philip Huller – The St Stanislaus Parish Family
                                                              Brian Steigerwald, Luke Raisch, Charles Castellano, Kathryn
5:30pm Michael J Fisher, Jr – Ellen DePaolo
                                                              Biagiotti, Dawn Stoll, Edward Sablinski, William DeMatteis,
                                                              Stephanie Risucci, Laura Cawley, Radames Martinez, Brandon
  ST. STANISLAUS IS A TITHING                                 Dougherty

            PARISH                                            May 30
                   God’s Plan for Giving                      Zachary Sandford, Kathryn Watroba, Brad Whitted, Chelsea
In return for the Lord’s generosity, our people returned to   Vogg, Caitlin Clark, Jaclyn Halk, Esther Catanzaro, Jade
His Church the following                                      North, Kristian Shabanaj
May 17, 2009                              $5376.00                     ROSARY MYSTERY OF THE WEEK
Thank you for your continuing generosity that enables us to             Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation
continue to serve the people of God                                       Fruit or Virtue: Love of Neighbor

  ***There will be a small reception in the parish hall
   after the 11am Mass this Sunday to wish Fr Perry
  congratulations on his Masters of Arts degree from
                Fordham University .***
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                    7th SUNDAY OF EASTER                                      THE 2010 ANNOUNCED MASS BOOK
                                                                    If you would like to plan in advance, the 2010 Mass book for
                                                                    announced Masses will open up on Tuesday, June 2 after the 9am

                                                                                    ST STANISLAUS KOSTKA’S
                                                                                RELAY for LIFE TEAM: The Jebbies
                                                                      Led by veteran Relay participant, Steven Lang, this parish has
                                                                      a team registered at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds
                                                                      May 30-31.
                BABY BOTTLE COLLECTION                                     Feel free to go to the parish website to connect with
                  GOOD COUNSEL HOME                                           the Relay website link in order to make direct
The members of Good Counsel thank and pray for you as you fill                                    donations.
your baby bottles with spare change. It really makes a difference     In addition, Fr Brian is looking for sponsors for his lap
to those helped in their homes! Extra baby bottles are available      around the track . Baskets are at the doors of the church
in the parish hall if you need them. Find out more about Good
Counsel at                                            NURSERY SCHOOL REGISTRATION
       The 24/7 HOTLINE FOR HELP is 800-723-8331                    The St. Stanislaus Kostka Nursery School still has a few opening
                                                                    for their 2 day 3 year old program and their afternoon 4year old
       BEST WISHES TO MSGR. CHARLES QUINN                           program. The afternoon program for 4 year olds offers a 3 day
Please join us as we celebrate Msgr. Quinn’s 50 Anniversary of      or 5 day option. The St. Stanislaus Nursery School is committed
Priesthood. The parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka would like    to overall social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual
to share in his joy and acknowledge the 13 years of dedicated       enhancement of each child. Students in the 4 year old group are
service he gave to our parish. On Sunday, June 14th, after the      also exposed to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a program
11am Mass we will have a fellowship event. Mark your                that nurtures the spiritual development of very young children.
calendars so you don’t miss this special celebration.               Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a wonderful pre-school
                                                                    experience. For information or to register please call Jayne
                       A PRAYER FOR PRIESTS                         Rossi, Director, at 635-9312.
O Jesus, our great High Priest,
Hear my humble prayers on behalf of your priest, Father [N].                      RELIGIOUS EDUCATION NOTES
Give him a deep faith
                                                                    There will be a staff meeting next Tuesday, May 26th at 6PM.
A bright and firm hope
And a burning love
                                                                    All teachers should make an attempt to come whether you will
Which will ever increase                                            be returning or not. Please bring your report cards.
In the course of his priestly life.                                 REGISTRATION: Re-Registration for next years Rel Ed
In his loneliness, comfort him                                      Classes has been going on for the last two weeks. If you are
In his sorrows, strengthen him                                      currently in the program and have not yet registered please call
In his frustrations, point out to him                               Lawris Barrett to set up a time to come into the office and fill
That it is through suffering that the soul is purified,             out the required forms. New Families can register their
and show him that he is needed by the Church,                       children on Sunday June 7th after the 11am Mass until 2pm. If
He is needed by souls,
                                                                    you have any questions or concerns please call the office.
He is needed for the work of redemption.
O loving Mother Mary, Mother of Priests,
Take to your heart your son who is close to you                                            CYO TEEN CLUB
Because of his priestly ordination,                                 Last call for any teen who wants to come to CYO Day on May
And because of the power which he has received                      30th. CYO Day is a day filled with fun events and activities. The cost
To carry on the work of Christ                                      of the day is $9.00 per person. We will be leaving St. Stanislaus at
In a world which needs him so much.                                 830am and will be returning around 6PM. The theme for the day is
Be his comfort, be his joy, be his strength,                        Holiday Celebrations and Dutchess County is celebrating Chinese New
And especially help him                                             Year. We will have a booth with decorations and even a dancing lion.
To live and to defend the ideals of consecrated celibacy. Amen.     If you are planning on attending the day please e mail Mrs. Tighe at
                        +John Joseph, Cardinal Carberry (d.1998) We will need some drivers to transport the teens to
                                                                    the event. Blair Lodge is just 45 minutes away so we can have some
                       MISSION APPEAL                               adults bring and others pick up from the day. Of course adults are
This year, our annual Mission Appeal is on the weekend of June      welcome to share the day with us as well.
                                                                    PENNY WARS: As part of CYO Day St. Stanislaus will participate in
6th & 7th. By supporting the Missionary work of our Church, we
                                                                    the Archdiocesan Penny Wars. We will need to collect as much
are invited to actively participate in spreading the Good News of   change….especially pennies… possible. The county with the most
our Risen Savior. Our Missionary this year, is Sister Lisa          change collected, gets all the monies to use for the charity of their
Valentini, a Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart, who has been    choice. There will be collection stations at the doors of the church for
a missionary for the past 25 years – and has just returned from 8   the next two weeks. Please support our efforts and check the sofa
½ years in the Dominican Republic. Please be generous as you        cushions and under the car seats for some spare change.
plan to share with our brothers and sisters who are most in need.                                                           432 –page 2
                                                                   comes from doing what is right no matter what the cost.
                                                                   Knowledge depends on our understanding of divine revelation
                                                                   as expressed in Sacred Scripture and Tradition. It challenges
                                                                   us to be life-long learners of the Word. The food of a virtuous
                                                                   intellect is more than the natural arts and sciences, it is an
This weekend we celebrate the full initiation of our ninth grade   acknowledgement of the power that comes from an intimate
students in their reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.      relationship with the Lord, His Mother, and the saints of the
Bishop Gerald Walsh encouraged each of them to nourish the         Church. We cannot be satisfied with the lessons of faith
seed of faith that God has placed in them. I must confess that I   learned in our youth. Piety is the gift by which we recognize
spent some time this past week remembering that day when           the obligation we have to serve God and His church in a
Bishop Philip Furlong anointed me with the chrism and              reverential way. We must respect the truth of the words of
invoked the Holy Spirit. I was only a fourth grader at the time    Jesus: “Without God we can do nothing.” Our debt of
and therefore, probably, not as able to appreciate the             worship is clear. We must always act with humility, trust, and
significance of the moment as do present candidates. I further     love. The final gift we receive through sacramental reception
recall that it was the “mothers’ sacrament” since it occurred      is Fear of the Lord. Due to confusion of meaning today’s
during the week when few working parents could attend. The         preferred term is wonder or awe. Through it we develop an
ritual included a slap to the cheek. Our teachers told us that     awareness of the power of the Divine. In his book: The Idea
this gesture was to remind us that we are called to be “soldiers   of the Holy Rudolph Otto urges us to enter into the “fasciens”
of Christ.” This was a gross misinterpretation. It is meant to     of God. Knowing His infinite power, perfect love, and
be a kiss of peace. As we prepared for Confirmation Sr.            absolute goodness our attitude becomes one of filial fear. The
Dolorita conveyed to us that this outward sign of grace is         type of which we exhibit towards our parents on earth: a
received only once because its effects remain with us              desire never to disappoint, a hope to imitate, an undying
throughout our lives until that moment when we see God face        attempt to express gratitude for what we have received.
to face. They are especially seen in the exposition of the gifts
and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Sadly, we do not make reference     Let us pray for our young people who have completed their
to them as often as we should nor do we appreciate their value     initiation under the guidance of their parents as their primary
in making decisions daily. For that reason, I will take an         teachers in the ways of faith, the administration, staff, and
opportunity to remind each of us of their importance as we         faculty of our religious education program, and the people and
seek to live faithfully.                                           agencies for whom they began their lives of Christian service.
                                                                   They are grateful, as I am, for those parishioners who
Isaiah mentions the gifts of the Holy Spirit which have been       remembered them in their daily prayers.
promised to those anointed. Saint Thomas Aquinas defines
them in his historic opus: Summa Theologica. Wisdom assists        As significant as this Saturday was for the church so is next
us in recognizing God’s presence in the works of nature and        Saturday. On May 30th in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, my
human events. Modern man all too often seeks to maintain a         predecessor, Monsignor Charles Quinn will mark his fiftieth
distance from God-talk and creates a quasi-independence of         anniversary as a priest of God. The New York Archdiocese is
science, law, and psychology from religious scrutiny. The          richer for his ministry. From Staten Island to Dutchess County
Holy Spirit enlightens us to realize the image of God is present   and places between he baptized babies, educated the young,
in the entirety of creation. Understanding leads us to             supported the poor, blessed couples, comforted the sick, and
recognize our obligation to live a Christian existence. It         buried the dead. May he be blessed for all he is and has done
enables one to see through the diverse messages of culture to      in a persona Christi. On June 14th, the Feast of Corpus Christi
the truth who is Jesus. So many in our community have              we will be privileged to host Monsignor Quinn when he
departed from the reality of natural law and the self-evident      celebrates the 11:00 a.m. Mass and we greet him at a reception
principles it exhibits. Counsel, which is sometimes called right   in the hall. I hope all can attend.
judgment focuses on the difference between right or wrong. It
is essential to the formation of a proper conscience. When we      Have a blessed week!
take advantage of this spiritual gift we are seeking to respond
to situations prudently. Too many issues today in their                      Vivat Jesus
complexity require deep prayer and constant reflection
resulting in a firm commitment to Gospel values. Fortitude                   Fr. Brian
can be summed up in the more common word “courage.”
When I conducted interviews with the confirmation candidates
and their parents I expressed the opinion that most people of            WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER
goodwill know what the right thing to do is but all too often      “Beloved, if God so loved us, we also must love one another.”
lack the drive to follow through. They might not want to stand      Deepen your love for your spouse on the next Worldwide
out and seem out of step with family, friends, and co-workers.     Marriage Encounter Weekend, June 26 – 28. For more
They might desire a political or corporate position. They          information call toll free: 877-NYS-WWME.
might require more financial backing to support their
“champagne wishes.” The most high-profile stockbroker to be
convicted admitted in his guilty appeal: “I knew what I was
doing was wrong.” We must recognize the divine strength that                                                        432 –page 3

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