Odysseus� Diary by 4991WsC


									                             Odysseus’ Diary!
 Think about the book we are reading in literacy lessons at the moment:
                      The Adventures of Odysseus
                And remember the story: The Stranger.
  Maybe you could explain what happened in the story with your Mum or
    Odysseus was needed to go to the Trojan War and fight for King
 Menelaus! He was so desperate not to go that he pretended to be mad!
 Imagine how he might be feeling once aboard the ship. He left his wife
Penelope behind and their new baby son and was heading for a war that he
                          had little interest in.
                             Write a diary.
                           You should include:
                 * How he felt leaving his home behind
                       * What his voyage was like
                           * His fears/worries
                  * How he longed to come home soon
                   * What would he miss about home
                   * What he thought about the war

           & of course – any other imaginative ideas you have!

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