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									Name: _______________________________________ Grade: _______
E-mail: _______________________________________(or preferred method of contact)

                                 CV Anime/Manga Club
                                  (CVAMC 2007-08)
                         Introduction, Interests, and Suggestions

Name a few of your favorite manga/anime titles:
            (InuYasha, Bleach, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note…)

…And some favorite characters:

What genres do you like / are your favorites?
                  (Action/adventure, romance, comedy, fantasy, magical girl, mecha,
                           yaoi/shonen-ai/BL, yuri/shojo-ai, ecchi/hentai…)

How often do you…

       Read manga?
       Watch anime?
       Draw manga/anime fanart or comics?
       Write fanfiction?
       Make AMV's or other anime videos/animations?
       Listen to Japanese music?

Other hobbies (anime-related or otherwise):
                                         (Any instruments?)

About how long have you been interested in anime/manga/Japan?

Do you have any skills in the Japanese language?
                               (kanji, kana, simple words/phrases …)
What are you interested in doing this year in CVAMC?
                    (Check things you think you like, star things you really want to do,
    leave blank things you are indifferent / unsure about, and cross out anything you'd rather not do.
                   Please note that these are only rough ideas and not concrete plans.)

   •   Watching anime/movies
   •   Fanart contests/sharing
   •   Fanfic contests/sharing
   •   AMV contests/sharing
   •   Video game playing/tournaments
   •   Informational stuff: (presentations/demonstrations/talks)
          Japanese culture
             • Japanese Holidays
             • Japanese language
             • J-rock/J-pop
          Seiyuu (VA's), mangaka (manga artists), info about well-known people
          Animation, CG (computer-generated) art, illustration, other how-to's
          Anime/Manga sharing, sampling, and discussion – "book talks" and blurbs
             for new recruits
   •   Manga fundraising for the school library (fees, donations, bake sales..?)
   •   Cosplaying
   •   LARP (Live-action role-playing), making movies, amateur voice acting
   •   Parties (in and/or out of school)
   •   Weird hands-on activities (Anime Mortal Kombat, Anime Pictionary, Never Say,
       "You Know You're Obsessed with ___ when…", cooking, kitemaking, origami...)
   •   Music (Anime, Video Game, J-Pop/-Rock…)
        Listening to (Music playing in background while we do other stuff?)
        Singing with (Karaoke night!)
        Playing it ourselves (Anime music-playing CVAMC band! Or just sharing
           sheet music if we're not that organized.)
   •   Web interaction / doing polls and stuff online / (E-)mailing list for announcements

Anything else? (Additional activity suggestions or questions/comments in general)

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