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									Hair Extensions Can Work On Short Hair

Hair extensions have been popular for years but recently they really have
enjoyed an increase in popularity as new styles and application
techniques have hit the market. Hair extensions are a great way of
changing your look by adding volume and length to your hairstyle. You can
also experiment with different hair colours without having to use
damaging chemicals.

Hair extensions are most commonly used to transform a short hair style in
to flowing long locks. However, many women with short hair worry that
they can't have extensions as their hair is too short. In most cases this
simply isn't true; a person only has to have a couple of inches of hair
to have extensions fitted as long as the correct application methods are
used. The biggest women with short hair have is that the extensions will
be clearly visible due to the lack of hair to cover the application
point, however human hair extensions are ideal for short hair and can be
used very effectively.

The most effective methods of applying hair extensions to short hair
styles are heat fusion and gluing. The trick to getting extensions right
on short hair is to make sure that the attachments are not too heavy that
the hair falls out and that the client has enough hair for the extension
to grip on to. If these two things are sorted then there is no reason why
a person with short hair can't use hair extensions.

Probably the best way to attach human hair extensions to really short
hair is to use the fusion method. This method uses heat and a polymer
bond to attach the extension hair to your own. The hair is blended in
with your own so the extensions are not noticeable.

If you have a few inches of hair in length, then the gluing method could
be suitable for you. This method involves using a weft which looks like a
curtain of hair instead of individual strands of hair. The wefts are
attached at the lower portion scalp and then work upwards so that hair is
attached throughout your head. This technique is great for creating
natural movement.

As you can see it is not that difficult to attach hair extensions to
short hair, the hardest bit is actually the blending process. The
extension hair needs to be blended in to your own hair in order for the
results to look natural. There are several ways to make sure that your
extensions look entirely natural and blend in with your own hair. The
first thing to get right is to match the right colour to your own hair as
this will help create a seamless look. Good styling and cutting after the
extensions are fitted is essential. Your stylist should shape and blend
your extensions so that no-one will realise it isn't your own hair!

Hair extensions can give you the thick, long hair you've always wanted so
why not make everyday a good hair day with hair extensions!
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