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									Causes and Treatment of Haircut Phobia

I have often seen teenagers face haircut phobia. It happens, in fact to
my son who is in his late teens. After getting a special hair cut from a
renowned hair dresser in the town he refused to face the ordeal any more.
Yes an ordeal it was because he threw tantrums for over a week and would
not come out of his room even. He missed school for the fear of his
friends rebuking him for his new stupid looking hair cut. It happens.
Till date, I have to trim his hair here and there only to keep it in
shape, the way he wants. And that's the end of it. So waiting for the bad
hair cut to grow into shape is a grave problem for many people. There are
ways to come out of this stress and deal with this haircut phobia.
Haircut Phobia FearI looked into the internet and tried to find out ways
and means to make my son feel better. It was an extensive research and
this is what I came up with. Thanks to the internet,
I could read through the reviews of people feeling the same way as my son
which was enough solace for me as I had been quite upset with his erratic
behavior but I later on felt that it was quite normal and he had
companions. The first thing is to accept the hair the way it is. There is
not much that can be done about it, so acceptance is the best option. To
get rid of a hair cut phobia, you could look at fashion models with hair
your type and then go about matching their styles. If you are doing up
in-between hair you could style it with accessories. For a girl, a hair
too short for a pony tail would look better with fancy clips. A hair cut
phobia can be got rid of when you learn to adapt to things around you
better. A hair cut phobia is bad and if you have had that ghastly hair
cut, you would be afraid to go out in the public. You can wear scarves,
hats or other cover ups for the hair to hide it from the notice of
others. Go on trying different accessories and get adorned with the best
looking scarves if you can. If you ever have a bad hair-cut day, you
should take life practically and with a smile if ever you have a bad hair
cut. So instead of sulking and pouting at your bad luck, take life as it
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