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									Alternative uses for dryer sheets

Did you know that you can use new and used dryer sheets for a variety of
household chores?
Dryer sheets can be used to make a room smell better by masking odors,
can remove pet hair and lint, and help you clean up around the house.
Your dryer sheets can do a lot more then just freshen and soften up your
loads of laundry. In fact you can do quite a few things with laundry
dryer sheets and you might even find them to be a cheaper alternative to
a product used to do one of the tasks below.
Freshen up:
Dryer sheets can be placed in a wide range of places to add a fresh clean
scent to the area.
Place a fresh dryer sheet near your dirty laundry basket to mask odors.
Put one in each drawer with your clean clothes to keep them smelling
'just washed'. Stick one or two in your closets.
Place one or two in your car.
You can even put one near your cat litter box to block out some of the
Place a sheet inside the roll of toilet paper in your bathroom or place a
sheet or two behind the toilet.
Put a dryer sheet in your gym bag or suitcase to keep odors at bay or to
keep clothes smelling fresh while traveling.
Basically anywhere that you need a good smell in, place a dryer sheet in
for a good smell that isn't overwhelming.
Clean up:
You can use a dryer sheet (new or used) to do some cleaning as well
around your house.
Use a dryer sheet to pick up pet hair or any hair lying around the
Dust with a dryer sheet to clean off a variety of surfaces.
Reduce static with a dryer sheet.
Get out some of that crusty, dried up stain on clothes or furniture by
rubbing the dryer sheet back and forth over the stain.
As you can see, you can use your new and used dryer sheets for a variety
of things on your clothes and around the house. Many products that do
similar things often cost more then dryer sheets and may stain certain
surfaces, have an overpowering smell, or just drain your wallet quicker.
I'd recommend using fresh dryer sheets for the 'freshen up' ideas
mentioned above. When using a 'used' dryer sheet for some of the 'clean
up' ideas; you'll want to remove excess lint from the used sheet before
Save money and get the most out of laundry dryer sheets by purchasing the
store brand of dryer sheet and use them for the ideas above to do more
then just placing them in your dryer with each load of wash.
Try some of these tips today with your left over dryer sheets.

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