Create your Own Jolly Roger by 2hVlzP


									              Create your Own Jolly Roger

Your Mission: Imagine you are a pirate living hundreds of
years ago. What would your Jolly Roger look like? What
would the images tell others about you?


   Create your jolly roger using whatever media you
    choose: painting, collage, computer generated, etc.
   It must be at least 8 ½ x 11 inches.
   You must have at least 3 different images on your
   You should include a written explanation of each
    image and why it was chosen. You are trying to
    answer the question: What does this image say about
    me as a pirate?
   After completing your Jolly Roger, go online to and
    check out one other pirate’s jolly roger. Be prepared
    to share a little about that pirate in class.
          Name of Pirate: _________________
          Description of Flag:
          One interesting fact:

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