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As more and more women take their careers into their own hands, more and
more of them take on busier lifestyles. Studies show that the number of
women in important corporate positions has grown by about a third in the
past decade. But if you're one of them, you'll know that it's not as easy
as it seems. One of the most common problems among these women is
dressing up: how do you find time to update your wardrobe, try out
new makeup styles, or even fix your hair with all the work there is to be
done?Well, when it comes to makeup, it's not really that complicated. The
secret is really just to find a product that lasts all day and keeps you
looking your best even at your busiest hours. And with more companies
geared towards this new market, you'll be sure to find at least a few
all-day makeup solutions that suit your tastes and your personal style.
After all, first impressions are always important in the workplace—and
you can't go wrong with a well-chosen makeup style. Here are some all-day
makeup ideas to help you out.
Go for qualityWhen your work requires you to stay active all day, you
need makeup fashion that can keep up with your lifestyle. While there are
some products that last quite a while, it usually pays to invest in more
trusted brands when buying makeup. They may cost more, but they also last
a lot longer, keep their quality longer, and are less likely to lose
color or luster over time. Ask family and friends for recommendations,
and be sure to try before you buy.Of course, what someone else may
consider high-quality may not always work the same for you. No two people
have the exact same skin type, and when you're wearing makeup all day,
you want it to be just right for your skin—otherwise you'll be prone to
blemishes. The best thing to do is still to try a brand for a while and
see how you like it over time.
Invest in the basicsWhile it won't hurt to add a bit of color once in a
while, everyone needs a "basic" color palette that goes with everything.
This includes a good foundation, some neutral-colored eye shadow, and a
lipstick or lip gloss that perfectly matches your skin tone. The best
makeup colors are those that never get old, and that you can wear pretty
much every day without people noticing. Brown, beige, peach, and pastels
are some of the most popular.The right basic palette for you should
depend on your skin tone. If you're fair-skinned, for example, you want
colors that highlight your color without being too aggressive. For mocha
or olive skin, soft brown and golden hues make excellent highlights.
Dark-skinned women tend to look best with matte foundations and earth
tones, as well as the occasional glittery hue. Try out colors in
different lighting conditions to see how well they'll adapt.
Think long-lastingMost companies have a line of all-day makeup products,
but they tend to be overpriced and often come in limited shades. But you
don't have to look specifically for all-day makeup; rather, look for
those designed for active environments. For example, summer makeup
fashion is usually long-lasting and waterproof, since women like to look
their best outdoors. A well-chosen summer palette can work as well in the
office as on the beach.A few simple tricks can also help your makeup last
longer. Lipstick, for instance, often requires several touchups
throughout the day, especially as you eat, drink and talk. Dab on some
translucent powder after applying the lipstick to keep it in place. This
also works for eye shadow and blush. Gel and liquid products generally
last longer than powder, so consider switching if you can't find good
options in the long-lasting or waterproof line.
Match your skin conditionNot all women have perfectly healthy, blemish-
free skin. Fortunately, there are makeup products designed specifically
for various skin types. It's really just a matter of finding a product
that works well for you. Of course, the first part is knowing your own
flaws—do you need makeup for oily skin, a good moisturizer, or a
foundation to hide pimple scars? Take a good long look at the mirror and
see what kind of care your skin really needs.No matter what your skin
type is, one thing you will need to invest in is a good makeup remover.
Since most products these days are designed to last, regular soap and
water don't always do the job—at least not without stripping off your
skin's natural oils. A makeup remover deep-cleans to remove residues from
the pores, while being gentle at the same time. Some also come with
moisturizing properties to help keep your skin hydrated.
All-Day Fashion for Busy WomenAs women take on more and more hectic
lifestyles, fashion tends to take a backseat in their everyday lives. Few
of them have the time to shop for new clothes, find new styles, or even
get their hair done in the morning. But that doesn't have to be the case.
No matter how busy you are, there's always a way to dress up and try to
look your best. Sure, you can't spend an hour getting your hair to look
just right, but it only takes five minutes to put together the perfect
look that lasts all day.The best way to start is with a good basic
wardrobe. Each woman needs a basic ensemble that always works, something
you can just throw on when you can't be bothered to mix and match. It
could be a blouse and a skirt, a shirt and pants, or a dress in a
flattering cut, depending on what you wear from day to day. Neutral
colors like black, white, beige and gray usually work best, as you can
match them with everything in your wardrobe. Often, all they need is a
few good accessories to jazz them up.Next, get a few pieces along the
fancier line. This is where you can get creative, as you can take your
favorite colors or whatever shades and cuts suit you best. A top in a
shiny fabric, a colorful dress, a coat in an eye-catching color—these can
all add a bit of interest to your wardrobe. Also look into different
accessories such as jewelry and watches, belts, scarves and hats. Since
you can take them off any time, you can afford to choose really bold
pieces and not worry about coordination.Finally, find a makeup fashion
style that perfectly suits your lifestyle. Many companies now offer long-
lasting makeup products designed to last all day without smudging or
fading. Some are even designed to protect against sun and wind damage,
which can be useful if you spend most of your day outdoors. Stick to
neutral colors that go with your skin tone and undertone, and make sure
they're the right kind for your skin type.

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