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									Give in to a Sweeter Life

Today's working environment often leaves us tired, worn out and cranky. A
lot of people nowadays also juggle multiple careers to make ends meet,
while at the same time fulfilling family responsibilities. Sometimes, it
can all be too much.

When everything seems so down and out though, indulging your sweet tooth
can perk you up better than anything else can. A simple scoop of ice
cream or a bar of good milk chocolate can soothe away the day's troubles.
This is why dessert nowadays is just as important as our main meals. Now,
more than ever, we need comfort and solace and dessert is the ultimate
comfort food.

In the same breath, we also have to remember that in order to cope with
the demands of our careers, it is important to stay healthy. So, how do
we put two and two together? The secret is to indulge but never to over-
indulge. Just keep in mind that most things in this world are inherently
good. It is when things are done in excess that good things become bad.

Stock up on Desserts

The easiest comfort foods to reach for are chocolates and ice cream. You
can stock up and keep them in the freezer, ready anytime you need a quick

You can actually save by looking out for specials at your grocery store,
where ice cream quarts of good name brands can be had at a huge discount
if you catch them on sale at the right time. Buy the smaller containers
in a variety of different flavors, so that you can have the illusion of
having something new each time.

Do the same for chocolates. Stock up on a variety of brands and flavors
so you can always reach for something new.

Make Your Own Desserts

A healthier alternative would be to indulge your sweet tooth with more
natural foods such as fruits. You can actually drop by the fresh food
section and ask for the best fruits in season. A simple dressing or syrup
can jazz up fresh fruits and you have instant, homemade dessert.

If you are not much of a baker and don't have the time but would like to
have something homemade that is still fancy, you can try making desserts
in your Crock Pot. A lot of people instantly associate Crock Pots with
stews but it is actually so versatile that it can satisfy your sweet
tooth in a lot of different ways.

You can have crock pot cheesecake, bread and rice pudding, fruit pies and
cobblers. A lot of special recipes for crock pot desserts are available,
sometimes in the recipe booklets provided by your manufacturer. Certainly
there are a lot that can be sourced online. Crock Pot desserts are very
convenient. You can put the ingredients into the Crock Pot dish, put it
on, leave for work and you will have dessert ready for you when you come

Treat Yourself

Nothing beats a romantic ambience and delicious, gourmet desserts at the
end of a busy work week or on your payday. Remember, your work supports
you - don't let it run your life. So, indulge yourself occasionally; you
deserve it! After all, you have worked hard for it.

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