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					Fresh Ingredients are the Best

Have you ever had a dish that someone made that was kind of bland or
tasted like it came out of a can? Well it probably did! A lot of people
will take as many short cuts as possible to make their recipes cook up
quickly. We do that so easily because of the way things are sold in the
supermarkets these days. You can get just about everything in a can,
including tomatoes, potatoes, greens and carrots. You can even get herbs
and lettuce in a bag, almost the same as canned, because of preservatives
added to keep them as fresh as possible in that bag. The best place to
shop for those fresh ingredients for your special recipes is a farmers
market or a whole foods type place. You will find the freshest of
ingredients around and lots of them. My favorites are cilantro, chives
and dill. You can usually find fresh ground herbs too, like oregano,
thyme, and basil. These can be used in so many Italian recipes and as
well as some French recipes. If you make vegetarian recipes, you can
really spice them up with fresh herbs and spices. The markets around my
home will also have fresh cut meats, fish, seafood and veggies. I have
impressed more people with my home cooked recipes, when I use fresh
ingredients. When you are searching the web for special recipes you might
want to visit for a huge selection of recipes to use
your fresh bought ingredients. Your friends will think you have gone to
school to become a chef, once they taste your home cooked recipes.

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