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									Technology Enhanced Classroom File Upload Instructions

 Files can be uploaded to each Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) via a web
 interface. This can be handy if you do not wish to carry a disk or other media to the
 room with you. The following steps…

  1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Safari have been tested)

  2. Go to

  3. Accept the security certificate at the prompt that appears.

  4. Log into the page with your case ID and password (same as for your email). This
  authentication is done using the university LDAP servers over a secure web and secure
  ldap connection. Your privacy and security are very important to us, and we have
  taken great care to make this the most secure system possible.

  5. You will now be at the main control page for TEC file uploading:

  6. To upload a file it is as easy and picking a TEC station from the drop down list, and
  picking a file via the browse button. Then just click “upload”, and the file will be sent.
 (note: Internet Explorer is known to contain a bug that sometimes generates an error
 when uploading files. If you receive and error after clicking “upload” click “Back” in
 your browser and then repeat the process. The matter is being investigated, but no
 information is currently available. Users of Safari and Mozilla will not encounter this

 7. To see what files you have on a station, pick a TEC station from the drop down box,
 and then click “List”.

 8. To log out of the TEC file upload system click “Logout”.

Your files will be in the tec-upload folder on the desktop of the TEC station computer.
You user id will be appended to the beginning of the file name. So if jxd100 sent
test.doc it would appear as jxd100-test.doc on the TEC station.

There is no functionality currently to remotely delete files that have been uploaded to a
system. They can only be deleted from the machine by physically going to the machine
and deleting them.

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