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					                           Trudeau's Gymnastics
                               September 2011 - June 2012

Trudeau's Gymnastics Center would like to welcome you to our program! We have an
enthusiastic staff eager to teach your child. Our facility has a competition table vault, 2
training table vaults, 2 uneven bars, high bar, several balance beams, pommel horse,
parallel bars, a brand new full size competitive spring floor and a brand new 40’ tumble
track. We accept new students any time during the year; you do not have to wait for a
new session to start. Please try to make our scheduled registration times to assure your
child's placement in the class of your choice. If you are not starting at the beginning of
the school year, please register by calling the office. Everyone enrolling must fill out the
registration and health form prior to attending the first class. We offer recreational
gymnastics classes as well as a sanctioned USA Gymnastics competitive team program.
In addition, we offer a class for modified and high school competitors that starts after
their school season is over.

                        Classes begin September 10th
                           Come Tumble with Us!

                               Trudeau's Gymnastics Center
                                      X-Plo Complex
                               1080 Military Turnpike Ext.
                                  Plattsburgh, NY 12901
                                      (518) 561-7288

                     Class Registration Days & Times
                          August 30 & 31: 11:30 to 1:00
                           September 1: 5:30 to 7:00
                           September 7: 6:00 to 7:30

To register: Simply copy and fill out our Registration and Health Form, pick a preferred
                          day and time for your child’s class
                                        & then,
Bring your form with on one of our registration times to secure your child’s place in class

                                Team Registration
                             Booster Club Meeting

                            Thursday, September 1 @ 7:00

                     You will need to complete and bring in:
                           Registration and Health Form
             Team Commitment Contract (Found under Team Program)
                                For Level 5 and up
 USAG Sanction forms will also need to be completed, turned in and paid for during this
                                  registration time

         Team members please make every effort to attend this registration time so that
all forms are completed properly. All high school competitors are expected to register
at this time as well, even though you may choose to not attend until Nov. when high
school season is over. By registering at this time, the forms can be completed properly
and we can properly plan for our next season (which includes planning for how many
athletes will be participating). Those who are not able to make the team registration
time should contact Janice.
                Trudeau's Gymnastics Center, Inc. Policies and Procedures
Payment Policy: Our registration fee is $25 and must be paid prior to the first class. This fee is
good from September through August. There are four sessions during the school year. You are
automatically enrolled in each of the sessions for the school year program - you only need to
register once. If you choose not to continue into the next session, it is requested that you leave a
note in the payment box. (The summer program has a separate registration and continuing
students will not be required to pay the summer registration fee.) Students are allowed to join at
any time during the school year program. When a student starts in the middle of a session the
classes will be pro-rated for that session - this must be done through the office. In order to
participate in any class, the registration materials must be completed and turned in. The payment
charts gives three options for payments. When you choose to pay for your class in full at the
beginning of the session, the price per class is the lowest rate. If you choose to pay in
installments, an additional interest fee is included. Whether you choose to make payments or pay
in full you are obligated to pay for the session even if your child drops out. There are no refunds
unless your child is injured (documented with a doctor's note) and unable to finish the session.
There is a payment drop box for your convenience or you may mail the payment in. Checks
should be made out to Trudeau's Gymnastics. There is a $25 return check fee. If paying in cash,
it is important to understand that we do not keep cash in the gym, therefore payments must be
exact for both classes and/or merchandise.
Snow Day Policy: We try not to close unless the weather is severe. If we must close it will be
posted on our website. Please check for this message if weather is questionable. All snow days
that are missed are allowed to be made up during the session it falls in. There is no change in
class fees.
Holiday Policy: Trudeau's is closed for Halloween, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break,
Winter Break, Spring Break and Memorial Day along with the local school calendar. Any class
missed due to a holiday is allowed to be made up during the session it falls in. Plan ahead for
holiday breaks so that you can make up classes that would occur when the gym is closed for the
holidays. (Other than Memorial Day, we are open for all Monday holidays, even though school is
not in session.)
Make-up Policy: All holiday breaks, snow days, illnesses, and special events that occur on your
child's class days that prevent your child from attending class are allowed to be made up.
However, all make-ups must be done within the session that your child is attending. Any class
that is not made up during the session that it is missed in will result in the loss of make-ups. If for
some reason you had extra ordinary reasons for not making a class up during the session that you
missed the class and you need to extend the make up into the next session, this can only be done
with prior consent through the office. Please try to do your make-ups as soon as possible after the
original lesson is missed. Also, please consult your child's teacher to determine which class
would be best for your child to make-up in.
Merchandise Sales: Trudeau's offers a wide variety of leotards, shorts, and T-shirts. If you find
an item that your child would like there is a price list for all items posted. Simply place payment
for item in the payment box. Feel free to try items on if needed. Ask your child's teacher if you
need any assistance or are unsure of the cost.
News Board: Our news board is located near our entrance. Please check the news board when
you come in. This board reminds you of when new sessions start, when payments are due, when
we have holiday closures and upcoming events. If you have a question, please call or e-mail us.
                              Description of Classes
Gymnastics class descriptions are made according to floor skills - Review the
descriptions to help you determine where your child should initially be placed ... In
addition, your child's teacher will also evaluate your child's skill level to make sure they
have been properly place. We want to make sure your child is in a learning environment
that will help them to feel successful and confident.

Tumbling Tots: A beginning gymnastics class for three and four year olds. Parents are
asked to participate with their child.

Level 1 - 2: A gymnastics class that focuses on the basics skills of beginning gymnastics
for ages 5 and up.

Level 3 - 4: An advanced-beginner gymnastics class which works on a variety of
cartwheels, handstands and backbend kick-over.

Level 5 & up: An intermediate-advanced gymnastics class which focuses on
handsprings skills.

B - Boys Class: A beginning to advanced-beginner gymnastics class for boys ages 5 &

A - Boys Class: An intermediate-advanced gymnastics class for boys which focuses on
handspring skills.

High School & Modified Classes: After the fall high school gymnastics season, we
offer a program to help keep the high school and modified gymnasts in shape and to help
them to increase in skill level. The schedule for these classes will be posted at the end of

Hot Shots & Competitive Team Gymnastics: The hot shot class is the first level of our
competitive gymnastics program. This class will focus on USA compulsory level 4
routines, advanced skills, proper technique, and conditioning. This class is an accelerated
learning class especially designed for young gymnast with great potential! If interested
in this program, an athlete should have participated in our recreational program and have
accomplished the class level 5 & up group. In addition, the class coach will let you know
if she feels your child is ready for this program. From our hot shot level the competitive
team program continues into a sanctioned USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Competitive
Team format. Our USA Gymnastics program consists of levels 5 through 10
competition. If you are interested in this program, you will need to look at the team
program also available on this website.
                       Registration and Health Form
Gymnast's Name: _____________________________Age: ____ Birthday:___________
Mother's Name: ______________________________Work Phone: _________________
Father's Name: ______________________________ Work Phone: ________________
Home Phone: _________________ Class Level: ______ Day: _______ Time: ______
Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________
                  ***(street)              ***(city)            ***(zip code)

Please check if your child has ever had any of the following:
Allergies ____ Asthma ____ Arthritis ____ Heart Ailment ____ Broken Bones ____
If you check any please explain: ___________________________________________
Please list any medications your child is currently taking: _____________________
Any other health information we should be aware of: _________________________

RELEASE FOR TREATMENT: Although all precautions are taken to prevent
accidents, they cannot be ruled out. Simple first aid will be administered to all minor
injuries and parents will be called when necessary. I confirm that my child is in good
health. I hereby authorize and consent to any x-ray, exam, anesthetic, medical or surgical
diagnosis to treatment deemed necessary by the medical center or immediate care

Parent's Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _______________

NOTIFICATION OF RISK: Gymnastics coaching is a serious business conducted by
professionals. We are competent, trained specialists. We routinely do daily safety
checks of the equipment. Gymnastics like any other athletic activity involving bodily
motions involves the risk of injury. You as parents or guardians must be aware of these
risks. I am aware of the risks of injury involved in participation in gymnastics.

Parent's Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _______________
               2011 – 2012 School Year Program
 Monday            Tuesday         Wednesday          Thursday           Saturday
 Level 3 - 4       Level 1 – 2       A & B Boys         Level 1 – 2         Tots
 4:30 – 5:30       4:15 – 5:15       4:15 – 5:15                         9:00 – 9:45
                                                        Level 3 – 4
                                                        4:30 – 5:30       Level 1 – 2
                                                                         9:45 – 10:45
 Level 1 – 2       Level 3 – 4      Level 5 & up        Level 1 – 2       Level 3 – 4
 5:30 – 6:30       5:15 – 6:15       5:15 – 6:45        Level 3 – 4         10:45 -
                                                        5:30 – 6:30       Level 5 &
**Modified and Highs School level classes will be added after the high   11:45 – 1:15
school season - Additional classes may be added during the school year
                                     if needed**
                              Trudeau’s Class Fees
Registration Fee: $25

Payment Plans (this is the fee per session):
 ¾ hour    1 hour of 1 ½ hours 1 ¾ hours              2 hours       2 ½ hours     3 hours
 of class    class        of class    of classes      of class       of class     of class
per week per week per week per week                  per week       per week     per week

1           1 Payment     1 Payment    1 Payment 1 Payment 1 Payment            1 Payment
Payment     of $90        of $130      of $147.50 of $165  of $195              of $225
of $67.50

2           2             2            2             2            2             2
Payments    Payments      Payments     Payments      Payments     Payments      Payments
of $38.75   of $50        of $70       of $78.75     of $87.50    of $102.50    of $117.50

3           3             3            3             3            3             3
Payments    Payments      Payments     Payments      Payments     Payments      Payments
of $29.15   of $36.50     of $50       of $55.85     of $61.50    of $71.50     of $81.50

If your child is taking multiple classes or if you have more than one child in the program;
add up the total hours that you are receiving per week, to get your rate. If the hours add
up to an amount not listed above please call the office for your family rate. When your
child attends a session, you are financially obligated to pay for that session. You are also
required to pay the session fee at the beginning of the session. If you choose a payment
option, then you are required to make the payments on the dates listed below. When
starting a session that is already in progress, classes will be pro-rated to the end of the
session and the below payment options are not available. The registration fee must be
paid before attending the first class. Please keep this payment plan as a reminder of
payments and due dates. Any classes missed may be made up; this includes any class
that falls on days that the gym is closed for holidays or because of a snow day. Make-ups
must be done in the session the class is missed in. There is a $25 return check fee.

Payment Due Dates:
Session Dates      1 Payment Plan              2 Payment Plan          3 Payment Plan
                   Due the week of:            Due the weeks of:       Due the weeks of:
Sept. 10 – Nov. 18 Sept. 10                    Sept. 10 & Oct. 15      Sept.10/Oct.1/Oct.22
Nov. 19 – Jan. 27  Nov. 19                     Nov. 19 & Dec. 17       Nov. 19/Dec.10/Jan.7
Jan. 28 – April 6  Jan. 28                     Jan. 28 & Feb. 25       Jan. 28/Feb.18/Mar.10
April 7 – June 15  April 7                     April 7 & May 5         Ap. 7/Ap. 28/ May 19

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