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									                               Mind the Gap:
    A Closer Look at Violence, Resistance & Language

             Linda Coates, Cathy Richardson & Allan Wade
                                  and special guests

            Vikki Reynolds, Harry Stefanakis & Susan Strega

                               May 26-30, 2008
            The Sanctuary, First Unitarian Church of Victoria
                    5575 West Saanich Road, Victoria

Mind the Gap 26-30 May 2008   First Unitarian Church of Victoria   email: allanwade@shaw.ca
                               What is the purpose of the seminar?
Where there is violence, the gap between what a person knows inwardly and expresses outwardly can
grow to massive proportions. In this seminar, we will explore the myriad forms of resistance to violence,
examine the connection between violence and language and identify professional practices that
restore dignity to victims of violence and promote accountability among perpetrators.

                                        Who should attend?
Mind the Gap is for human service workers -- counselors, therapists, nurses, justice and court
workers, lawyers, victims' services workers, transition house workers, social workers, child protection
workers, police, journalists, researchers -- and anyone in the role of helping others, particularly those
who have experienced violence, mistreatment or other forms of violation.

                                           What will I learn?

                              Foundations of Response-Based Practice
        The key practices, lines of research & theories that make up response-based practice

                  Response-Based Interviewing: Introductory & Less Introductory
       Gentle & effective interviewing with diverse clients, regarding different forms of violence

                     Violence and Language in Legal and Therapeutic Settings
            How language is used to conceal violence, excuse perpetrators & blame victims

                                   Rethinking the Cycle of Violence
          Understanding ongoing resistance to repeated assaults & other forms of violence

                                De-Colonizing Human Services Work
                   Contesting the colonial code of relationship in direct service work

                                    Microanalysis & Social Justice
          Bringing microanalysis to social justice work & social justice work to microanalysis

                            A Supervision of Solidarity - Vikki Reynolds
                     A human rights oriented approach to therapeutic supervision

                       The Case of the Missing Perpetrator – Susan Strega
              Alternative approaches to child protection work when men assault mothers

    Desistance from Violence: How Men Negotiate Non-Violent Identities – Harry Stefanakis
                 Appreciating the dilemmas that men face when attempting to change

Mind the Gap 26-30 May 2008           First Unitarian Church of Victoria      email: allanwade@shaw.ca
                                    Registration Form

                         May 26-30, 2008 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily

                 Please join us for our ‘meet and greet’ on May 26th at 8:30 a.m.

                                   Fee: $500.00 per person
                        Group and student rates available upon request

   Name: ___________________________________

   Email: Address: ____________________________

   Phone: ____________________________

   Mailing address: ____________________________

   Single ___ Group ___ Size of group ___

   Organization: _______________________________Payment included: $ _______

                       $100.00 deposit is due at the time of registration.

 Mail registration to: Dr. Allan Wade, Suite 216 - 80 Station Street, Duncan, B.C. V9L 1M4.

                     For more information, please contact Dr. Allan Wade

              Email: allanwade@shaw.ca Ph: 250-701-0713. Fax: 250-746-0713

Mind the Gap 26-30 May 2008       First Unitarian Church of Victoria      email: allanwade@shaw.ca
Linda Coates Ph.D. has received international acclaim from researchers, legal and mental health
professionals, and victims’ advocates for her work on the connection between violence and language in diverse
settings. She has worked closely with Allan Wade and Nick Todd in developing the response-based
approach to community work and therapy with victims and perpetrators and is Associate Professor of
Psychology at Okanagan College.          Linda has published numerous articles and book chapters on the
connection between violence and language.

Vikki Reynolds M.A. is a therapist/activist interested in moving justice, resistance, and solidarity from the
margins of our work into the ethical center. She "super"vises teams of therapists, teaches Trauma and
Addiction counselling, and is presently writing a Ph.D. dissertation mentored by Sallyann Roth and Ken
Gergen, tentatively titled "An Ethics of Resistance". Vikki teaches widely and works in solidarity with many
communities engaged in promoting social justice.

Cathy Richardson Ph.D. is Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work, at the University of
Victoria, and a social activist who has documented the ways in which Métis people respond to violence, racism,
oppression, and cultural attacks. Cathy has worked as a family therapist in Métis and First Nations
communities in B.C. and the Yukon and is currently developing a model of child protection intervention for
urban Aboriginal and Metis people where violence is at issue.

Harry Stefanakis Ph.D. is a registered psychologist with long experience in working with victims and
offenders in the field of family violence, and a researcher who has examined how men stop using violence and
abuse. He is Chair of the Ending Relationship Abuse Society of B.C., a member of the B.C. Community
Coordination for Women's Safety Committee, and past visiting expert for the United Nations: Asia and
Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders.

Susan Strega Ph. D. is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work, University of Victoria.
She has worked in most areas of social work and is a long time feminist activist. Her research interests include
child welfare, discourse, sex work, violence against women, anti-oppressive practice and research
methodologies. Susan is the co-editor, with Leslie Brown, of Research as resistance: critical, indigenous and
anti-oppressive approaches (Canadian Scholars Press).

Allan Wade Ph.D. is a family therapist and researcher in private practice. Allan is primarily concerned with
addressing the problem of violence in all its forms and in promoting socially just legal and human services work.
With Linda Coates and Nick Todd, Allan has developed a response-based approach to working with victims
and perpetrators of violence. Allan is senior faculty with the Master of Counselling Program, City University
of Seattle.

Mind the Gap 26-30 May 2008             First Unitarian Church of Victoria        email: allanwade@shaw.ca

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