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									                         New Hampshire Winery Association
   An association of winemakers and associated grape and fruit growers in New Hampshire, that promotes the
                 production and marketing of premium New Hampshire made wines and cider.

                                    Membership Application

Name___________________________ Address________________________________________________
Home Phone____________________Name of Farm/Vineyard/Orchard______________________________
Bus. Phone__________________________________Cell Phone___________________________________
Email______________________________________ Web Site____________________________________

Location of Farm________________________________
Are you a commercial Winery? Yes No -If not, are you planning on going commercial? Yes No
# of acres available to grow___________________
# of vines or trees planted ___________________
Type of wines made_________________________
Special Interests____________________________

Please circle highest category (one) of Membership that applies:

Professional: $100
Any individual who is owner of, or an employee of a winery or any individual who grows and sells grapes, apples
or other agricultural crops to a winery for the purpose of winemaking.
Associate: $50
Any individual contemplating starting a winery or in the process of growing grapes or agricultural crops to sell to
a winery.
Amateur: $25
Any individual who grows grapes or fruit for winemaking or makes wine as a hobby.
Any individual who is enrolled in a higher education program leading to a degree or career in viticulture or
Academic / Government:
Includes any individual who is affiliated with an institution of higher education, government agency, or is
directly or indirectly related to the agriculture or winery industry.

Amount Enclosed____________________

                                                Send check to:
                                          Lewis Eaton, Treasurer NHWA
                                              Sweet Baby Vineyard
                                                  204 South Rd
                                              Kensington, NH 03833

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