ENTRY FORM for              STANLEY’S 2011 “COUNTRY FEST ” PAGEANT
    ___ Baby Miss (23 months and under)                                                              Return completed form and entry fee of
    ___ Mini Miss ( 2 & 3 years old)                       Saturday, October 1                      $40 (cash only) to Jane McClure (Pageant
    ___ Tiny Miss (4 & 5 years old)                                 9:15 AM                          Director) Call 704-263-8775 for information
_   ___ Little Miss (ages 6 & 7 years old)                       beside BB&T bank                    and entry locations.
    ___ Junior Miss (ages 8- 10 years old)                        Downtown Stanley
    ___ Young Miss (ages 11 – 14 years old)                        at Country Fest             Enter By SEPT 17 for “Special Gift”
                                                                                                Late Entry Deadline is Sat. Sept. 24
    (Please PRINT clearly or TYPE)
     Contestant’s Name________________________________________________________________________________________

     Age________           Birth date___________________             Phone Number _____________________________________________

     Parents _________________________________________________(email)__________________________________________

     Mailing Address______________________________________________________ (zip code) __________________________

     Eye Color________________________ Hair Color________________                        Favorite Color_______________________________

     School Attends_________________________________________________________________ Grade____________________

     Favorite Food_______________________________ Favorite TV Show____________________________________________

     Favorite Toy or Hobby____________________________________________________________________________________

     When She Grows Up She Would Like To ____________________________________________________________________

     Favorite thing to do at Country Fest (or a Festival)____________________________________________________________

       Blue denim JEANS (any length) or denim Skirt (regular blue color) NO overalls .
         Plain T-SHIRT (any solid color. Short or long sleeves. No lettering, pictures, designs, or trim, etc.)
       Shoes or Boots (No bare feet allowed)
       No Props, Bandannas, or Hats allowed. Hair bows and Belts are allowed
       No large jewelry (let’s keep it simple. Nothing to distract from the child herself)
    ENTRY FEE: $40 cash only (No Checks Please) DEADLINE TO ENTER IS SAT. SEPT. 24. No refunds given
    for contestant cancellations. ”SPECIAL GIFT” GIVEN at pageant IF REGISTERED BY SEPT. 17
     * Girls will all go out together by age groups. NO MODELING REQUIRED. Ages 4 yrs and up may say their name
    and age in the microphone. Ages 3 yrs and under may be carried or escorted out to compete. Judges decisions are
    FINAL. Remember to help make this a positive experience for the girls! We want them to have fun and enjoy this
    Outdoors Festival Pageant! Additional awards will be given in each age category.
    * Every Contestant participating receives a Princess TIARA, trophy, gifts & goody bag.
    Pageant will be at the stage beside BB&T Bank on Saturday, Oct 1. “Baby Miss” contestants should be there by 9:00 AM (“Mini
    Miss” by 9:15) to receive lineup numbers and be ready to start at 9:15. ”Tiny Miss”, “Little Miss”, etc. will begin after crowning of
    first two groups. Contestants must be there in line with their number on before their group begins. Late contestants in any group will
    not be allowed to compete if their age group has begun. (NO REFUNDS)
    *** For additional information or to enter Call 704-263-8775 or 704-922-1115. Forms available at Stanley Town
    Hall, local schools, dance studios, daycares and local businesses. New Queens may ride in Stanley’s Christmas
    Parade and help “crown” next year’s winners.
    I will abide by any and all guidelines. I will not hold the pageant or staff responsible for any accident, damages or losses incurred at the pageant or
    during transportation to and from the pageant. I give permission for my child’s picture or likeness and name to be used in press or website, and for
    the pageant for the purpose of promotion or advertising
    Parent/Guardian signature _______________________________________________________________Date______________

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