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        2A Wood End Way, Northolt, Middlesex UB5 4QQ
                   Telephone: 0208 423 7300
                      Mobile: 07507819310
Email: admin@uniquechild.co.uk    Website: www.uniquechild.co.uk
             Welcome to Unique Child Montessori Nursery

                                           Our promise to you
The aim of Unique Child Montessori Day Nursery is to provide a happy, safe and
stimulating environment for children and staff. At Unique Child Our children
will be guided in their development of becoming a thinking, caring and
responsible member of our society.

At Unique Child Montessori Nursery we work in partnership with every family to
provide the highest quality childcare in a Nurturing environment.

                                               Our Philosophy
Our Nursery follows the Montessori principles and philosophy which is about
the development of the individual child at his/her own pace thus accomplishing
self confidence and a desire to learn more.

We hope to promote the child's ability to:
  · Seek out and respond to learning opportunities at their own pace.
  · Develop independence by allowing the child to self select and plan his/
     her own activity thereby taking control of their own learning.
  · think, reflect and share ideas with others
  · Acquire knowledge, skills and understanding for use at home and later at
  · Express themselves through art, craft, music, drama and movement.
  · Develop self esteem and tolerance of others.
  · Have fun and enjoy his/her self.

To do this we:
   · Provide quality of care with a focus on well being.
   · A quality environment through continuous and well resourced provision
      that gives numerous opportunities to learn through play.
   · Quality experiences through stimuli and well structured activities.
   · The Nursery promotes Equal Opportunities for All.

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   2 of 12
Unique Child Montessori ….not so much a school ….more a home from home where your child can

Unique Child Montessori Nursery is situated in a Beautiful Detached house,
former old school house in wood end way Northolt. It has been converted to the
highest standard to create a bright and stimulating environment in which your
child will be safely cared for and receive a sound introduction to Education.

The outdoor play area features a Physical play Apparatus and a beautiful
children’s garden.

Our Playrooms
Our homely but open plan design gives children the freedom to work in small
groups. All rooms are individually equipped for the specific age groups. The
Montessori classrooms provide a prepared environment where children can be
driven naturally to work and learn. The toys and equipment are well cared for,
and are replaced with new ones, once they show signs of wear and tear. Each
room is set out into different areas; Reading corner, creative corner, Practical
life corner, sensorial, language, computer and mathematics corners. The room
layout enables the children to choose their own activities to play with when and
how ever they wish. Along side the above we have set up specific planned
activities that are fun, exciting and stimulating. These activities are set up to
develop specific learning intentions and all the children will be encouraged to
join in.
The nursery is split into two playrooms where both groups operate separately,
but join together occasionally for certain activities.

Acorns              (2-3year olds)
Our acorns Room is warm and secure, and caters for children aged between 2
and 3 years of age. We give regard to the, Guidance for the Early Years
Foundation Stage, within a Montessori setting. Our Nursery supports and
promotes these four elements:
      A Unique Child
      Positive Relationships
      Enabling Environments
      Learning and development

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   3 of 12
Oakleys             (3 – 5 year olds)
In our oaks room children have many areas of learning such as a computer
corner, writing area, creative area, music area, maths table, home corner and
many more.       We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance,
incorporating the Montessori philosophy, materials and curriculum, which aims
at providing each child with learning outcomes for the six areas of learning.
This is recognised nationally and is used in schools.

      Personal Social and Emotional Development.
      Communication Language and Literacy.
      Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
      Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
      Physical Development.
      Creative Development.

                                              Our Curriculum

How activities are planned

Activities are planned in line with the early year’s foundation stage guidance for
children 2 to 5 years than 3 years, within a Montessori perspective. Activities
are differentiated to meet the needs of individual children ensuring each child
reaches their full potential in the six areas of learning.

Practical life

This Activities helps to adapt the child to his/her environment This is achieved
through the development of coordination and controlled movement, by which
the child will be encouraged to care for both him/herself and his/her
surroundings; thereby establishing themselves in their society through
courteous relations with others. For this purpose, the child is provided with
special materials scaled to his/her size and with which he can enjoy such tasks
as sweeping, dusting, polishing, washing, tying and buttoning. These exercises
provide the child with a clear relationship between the “prepared environment”

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   4 of 12
and what he/she has seen his/her own family do, thus allowing them to
contribute to the life they see around them.

Montessori saw that children built on their physical experiences of the world
through their senses. The Sensorial Materials of the Montessori Classroom are
designed to aid the process of classification of the environment ,these
materials are designed to develop the senses of hearing, vision, touch, taste,
smell and perception, as well as the ability to discriminate between shapes and
sizes. Many of these materials are now reproduced in schools of all types
throughout the world.

In the maths area, the activities are arranged in a hierarchy of difficulty, so
that the child is assisted in finding the materials on his/her level. It introduces
the concept of concrete quantity before the abstract. These exercises provide
a deep understanding of the functions of numbers and concepts, which will help
the child in later abstractions. Once the independent usage of each of these
activities have been carefully presented. The child is encouraged to bring
his/her unique creative talents to the work. The children in a Montessori
classroom will be introduced to numbers at an early age. There are boards to
teach the teen numbers, numbers 1-1000, addition, subtraction, multiplication,
and division.

The reading method is phonics. The Montessori child begins reading when
he/she is ready and proceeds at his/her own pace. Sandpaper letters provide a
phonetic basis for reading. The child hears the sound, sees the shape, and
prepares his/her muscles for writing by the light tracing of the letter with the
Many other exercises for both reading and writing are found in the classroom
environment today.
All language activities are grouped in an order of difficulty on shelves in one
area of the room. Within this area there may be the structured language
activities, a reading corner, listening centre, and possibly activities with a
computer. This includes opportunities to speak, listen and communicate in

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   5 of 12
different situations and for different purposes. There will be opportunities to
talk with other children and adults, to share and enjoy a range of books,
rhymes, music, poetry and stories. Children will be encouraged to develop
writing and reading skills through lots of practical experiences.


Children explore globes, maps, flags, country and cultural projects. Focusing on
one country or continent for a project work encourages the children to learn
more about the world they live in. Group time activities may allow for teaching
of cultural activities, science, nature or even introducing famous artists and
their work.


Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. This area of learning includes
art and crafts, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play. Children will be
encouraged to respond in their individual ways and express their own ideas,
feelings and relationships through a wide range of experiences.
It links to a seasonal calendar of learning (e.g. growing plants from seeds,
following developments and then creating the plant and flowers in art work).
Children are also encouraged to use their own creativity.

Knowledge and understanding of the world.

In the Montessori classroom the children are introduced to their world by first
learning about the human body. From there they move out into their home,
community, county, state, country, our continent and others, the earth, and the
solar system.
The natural world is all around us and we have much to explore. Children are
natural learners and we offer vast opportunities to teach our children about
science – experiences, experiments, museum kits and tours. The children have
the opportunity to try experiments during work time as part of their individual
program as well as planned activities for the entire class.

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   6 of 12

Evidence of achievement is gathered as an ongoing process throughout the
child’s time in nursery through various observations to record each child’s
progress. All observations will be discussed with parents, with a chance for you
to comment. The observations are then used to help the practitioner select the
appropriate footsteps for future planning.

                                We believe learning should be fun!

                           WHO IS MARIA MONTESSORI

The Montessori approach to education of the child is based on the principles
developed in the early 1900’s by an Italian educationalist, Dr Maria Montessori.
She has since become recognised as an outstanding pioneer in early-years
education and her ideas have filtered through into mainstream education today.
Born in 1870 she was the first woman in Italy to receive a medical degree and
later became the world’s famous educator and psychologist with her research
and experimentation in early childhood development.

Montessori believed that each child is a competent being, born with a unique
potential to be revealed! Rather than blank slate waiting to be written upon and
it’s on this principle that she gave the world a scientific, practical and tested
approach for bringing forth the very best in young children.

Most of the exercises or materials are tactile allowing the child to learn
through doing touching or holding. All are displayed on open shelves in what
Maria Montessori calls the prepared environment. Each child is shown on a one
to one basis how each task is performed and is then invited to repeat it as
often as he or she likes and shown how to replace the materials when the task
is finished.

Repetition is a vital element of the Montessori Method and the child is
encouraged to practice with the materials as often as he or she wants.

The replacing of the materials not only allows a continual presence of the
prepared environment but conforms to the child’s natural desire for order
which Maria Montessori noted as being part of the child’s spontaneous self

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   7 of 12
An equally important element is what Maria Montessori call the control of error
each activity has a method for correction should it not be performed correctly
the child can see what has gone wrong and he or she is shown how to correct
this error.

This control of error completes the learning process thus giving the child the
ability of how to put things right themselves.

                                                   A TYPICAL DAY

8.00 am                                  The Nursery Opens

08.15 am                                 Meet and Greet Children and parents.

                                          Breakfast time

9.00 am                                  Free exploration of the environment, and selection

                                         of activities, (play dough, puzzles, small world, practical life,)

10 am                                    Circle and calendar time in the book Corner (Brief
                                         explanation of morning’s activities, letters of the day, colour

                                         shape songs and stories and any particular interest the children

                                         are involved in)

10.15 am                                 out door play or Music and movement, and Circle

                                         games in doors (large physical movements)

 10.30                                   Focused activities in age Appropriate Groups
                                         (matching, sorting threading, long rods pink tower sand

                                         letters and numbers exploring Montessori materials)

11.00 am                                 nappy check and training. (Please note older children have
                                         the freedom to toileting as desired)

                                         Wash hands before fruit snack

11.20 am                                 Let’s look at a book time

11.20am                                  Key carer time (Individual children’s planned activity)

12.00pm                                  Lunchtime

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   8 of 12
12.45                                    Songs and goodbyes to morning children

1.00 pm                                  AM session ends Pm session starts

1.30 pm                                  Those children who wish to have a rest / Nap
                                         (Focused activities for all other children key carer time)

2.00 pm                                  Circle time.(Repeat of morning session and reinforcement for
                                         all day children)

2.20 pm                                  Garden Play or Music and Movement, Circle games

3.00                                     Computer activities

3.30                                     Montessori exploration and presentation

3.45                                     Toileting and wash hands

4.00 pm                                  Tea Time

4.30 pm                                  Let’s look at a book time songs and stories

5.00 pm                                  Small construction or board games

6.00 pm                                  The Nursery Closes
Please note is not a routine and is flexible to the needs and wishes of the children

                                                    MEAL TIMES

We have an experienced chef who plans delicious and nutritionally balanced
meals for the children. Special diets are also catered for such as kosher,
vegetarian and halal meals.

Snacks consist of fresh seasonal fruits, savoury biscuits and milk or orange
juice. The menu is always on display in the entrance area.

Breakfast:                     8:15. am - 9:00 am toast, cereals and a drink

Morning Snack:                           11:00 am - 11:15 am

Lunch:                                   12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, cooked meal, dessert and a drink

Afternoon Tea:           4:00 pm -- 4:15 pm Tea/snack and a drink.
Fresh drinking Water will be available to children throughout the day.

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   9 of 12

We recognise parents as the first and most important educators of their young
children however parents’ and staff are both active participants in their children's
development and education and wherever possible we try to incorporate their views
into our routine.
Your child will have a key worker who will work with you to plan care and provide
feedback about your child’s activities at nursery.
Parents are welcome to approach staff at the beginning or end of a session
however it is requested that where a more extensive discussion is required, an
appointment is made.
We have a parent’s display board that will keep everyone up to date with all
nursery issues.

We send out newsletters to all parents and carers to keep you up to date with
what we are doing. However, it is also possible for parents to support the
nursery by bringing items from home to illustrate our current learning themes.

The Nursery is open 51 weeks of the year and closed on bank holidays and for a
week at Christmas.
Children are registered from the age of 2. To request a place please fill out the
booking form and return to Nursery to be added to the waiting list.

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   10 of 12
                                                      Our Staff

Rooms                                               Staff Ratios

Acorns              (2-3 year olds)                           1:4                maximum 16 children

Oakley’s            (3–5 year olds)                            1: 8              maximum 16 children

Our Staffing team consist of:
Mrs Lydia Ujeyah
BSC. Comp.sci , Mont.Dip.

Nursery Manager
Marian Acquaah
BA Early childhood, EYPS status

Nursery Teachers
Mrs Delia Bostan ,
(Qualified Teacher status QTS)

Mrs Magdalena Manelska,
Montessori Diploma, (Qualified Teacher status QTS)

Nursery Nurses
Miss Zelaikha Samadi NVQ L2 (Completing NVQ Level 3 Training )
Mrs Salamath Cassim Montessori Teacher (Mont.Dip)
Miss Nikki Sweeny NVQ L2 (Completing NVQ Level 3 Training )L2

Bank Staff
Mrs Yohess Sivapalan Montessori Diploma
Mrs Muri Trikam NVQ1 In child care (training NVQ2)
Mrs Osuk Nam
Mrs Yordanos Alef

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   11 of 12
Chef: Mr Kris Gunnoo

House Keeper: Mrs Daniela Sega

A Deputy Manager assists the manager, along with four Nursery Nurses. In the
case of staff sickness or absence, the children can be cared for by the surplus

A qualified member of staff runs each room in the nursery. All staff has
gained the Paediatric First Aid certificate, food hygiene certificate and various
other qualifications to enhance their knowledge.

                                               Further Information
For further information and to visit the nursery please ring the Nursery team
on 0208 423 7300.

Unique Child Montessori, 2A Wood End Way Northolt Middlesex UB5 4QQ   Reviewed Yearly (LRD: 5TH MAY 2011)   12 of 12

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