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           DATE:                 February 18, 2012

           TO:                   Municipal and County Clerks

           FROM:                 Kevin J. Kennedy, Director and General Counsel
                                 Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

           SUBJECT:              Proposed Draft Revised Ballot and Electronic Voting Equipment Security Rules
                                 Request Your Review and Comments by Friday, April 11, 2008

           In response to concern that have been repeatedly expressed by county and municipal clerks
           regarding the ballot and electronic voting equipment security rules, I appointed an ad-hoc
           committee made-up of county and municipal clerks representing large, medium and small
           jurisdictions, to review the proposed rules and recommend changes for consideration by you,
           our customers and stakeholders. The members of the committee are:

                   Chris Carl, Grant County Clerk
                   Wendy Christensen, Village of Caledonia Clerk
                   Sue Edman, Executive Director, City of Milwaukee Board of Election Commissioners
                   Sue Ertmer, Winnebago County Clerk
                   Sue Kitzman, City of Delavan Clerk
                   Robert Ohlsen, Dane County Clerk
                   Sue Stands, Fond du Lac City Clerk
                   Bruce Strama, Taylor County Clerk

           This committee has spent a measurable amount of time and effort reviewing the draft
           Administrative Rule to ensure that the proposed procedures are readable. Achieving this
           objective within a short time period posed a challenge for the committee, to which they
           managed exceptionally well. Committee members were thorough, methodical and judicial in
           their deliberations. Without their hard work and dedication, we would not be as far along as
           we are today. On behalf of the Government Accountability Board, I wish to thank our ad-hoc
           members for making this task a priority.

           Attached, you will find the current draft version of Chapter 5, Ballot and Electronic Voting
           Equipment Security Rule that contains changes recommended by the ad-hoc committee. You
           are encouraged to submit comments no later than 4:00 p.m., April 11, 2008, to Ross Hein,
           Voting Equipment Election Specialist, at (608) 267-3666, or by email at
           Thank you.

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