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									                    TERMS OF REFERENCE

  Nigeria returned to democratic governance in May, 1999 after many years of military
  dictatorship. Ten years down the line and with three general elections so far conducted
  by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) the learning process is still
  ongoing. With identified challenges and gaps to be filled a lot still needs to be done to
  get it right and this has coalesced into the call for electoral reform by all stakeholders in
  election matters to address the voter apathy been enthroned due to the citizens’ failed
  expectations of accountable governance and corruption in politics. Recently the Federal
  Government set up an electoral reform committee which has come up with an electoral
  reform recommendation. The committee is convinced that their recommendations are
  necessary and sufficient to improve the quality of our elections and address the present
  voter aparthy. To this end ,the committee recommended that there should be urgency
  on the part of the President, the National Assembly, Governors, State Assemblies and
  others in effecting the necessary value reorientation on the part of the citizenry and
  institutional changes required to effect the desired effect and one of these desired
  effect is credible election anchored on good voter education, mass mobilization and
  voter campaign of one man one vote in which every citizen’s vote count.

  Lack of relevant electoral information is one of the greatest impediment to active
  participation of women and youths in electoral process. Voter education is key in
  assisting citizens make informed choices in election and governance if the nation is to
  attain true democracy. There is therefore the need for sustained campaign of civic and
  political education to enable the electorate especially women and youths understand
  the electoral system as well as their right and obligations, protect their votes during and
  after elections, eschew electoral violence and demand for transparency and equal
  participation in politics.
           To raise awareness and political consciousness of women and youths in Rivers
           To empower women, youths CSOs and other relevant stakeholders to effectively
             participate in electoral process and make informed choices
           To provide access to relevant electoral information


       1. Organize and conduct voter education and enlightenment workshops for women,
          youths, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other relevant stakeholders in Rivers
          State to fill identified gaps
       2. Recommend in conjunction with RSIEC and IDA office the list of participants.
       3. Suggest/identify topics to be covered during the workshops and resource persons to
          handle each topic.
       4. Prepare manual on voter campaign and voter education for women and youths.

       5. Design, print and distribute I.E.C materials on voter education voter campaign and


A detailed methodology for conducting the voter education, voter campaign/enlightenment
workshops should be presented in the proposal to be submitted by the consultant. The
methodology is however to take the following into consideration:

             The workshop should include as much as possible women and youth groups,
              CSOs, and other relevant stakeholders across the twenty three Local
              Government Areas of the state.
             Training should be interactive and utilize group work approach.
             Identify mechanism to sustain result of the action.


The expected output are as follows:-

   1. Report of workshop.
   2. Workshop manual
   3. IEC materials produced and distributed

The time frame for this project is three months commencing from the date of the contract.


The consultant/firm of consultants must demonstrate full competence and proven track record
in implementing the scope of work. Specially, the consultant (s) must:-

     Possesses a post graduate degree in political science, social science, Law, international
      relations or humanities.
     Have at least 5 years of direct practical experience related to voter education, training
      and mass mobilization.
     Excellent reporting skills
     Working experience on electoral issues especially voter campaign and voter education.


The applications received will be evaluated using the following criteria and other relevant
criteria as maybe considered appropriate by the evaluation/review committee.

      Relevant qualification and years of experience
      Relevant work experience in handling similar action.
      Depth of proposal in addressing subject matter
      Demonstrated Training ability

Application Procedure:

All interested individuals/firms/consultants and corporate bodies are to submit two (2) copies
each of a detailed technical proposal detailing the problem, methodology, workplan and a
financial proposal in separate sealed envelopes stating clearly the activity applied for.
 The top left of each envelope should be marked TECHNICAL PROPOSAL, or FINANCIAL
PROPOSAL, as may be applicable. Individual proposal should include three(3) copies of CVs
while firms/corporate bodies should include certificate of incorporation, evidence of three(3)
years Tax clearance, three(3) years Annual Audited Reports, company profile/staff, list of key
staff/personnel that will work on this assignment and other relevant information.
Terms of reference (TOR) for each of the activity can be obtained from the office of the Senior
Special Assistant to the Governor on International Donor Agencies or downloaded from
All bids should be returned to the address below with both soft copy and hard copy not later
than 2 weeks from the date of this publication with a softcopy to

Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on International Donor Agencies,
10th Floor, Wing A, Rm 1010
Point Block,
State Secretariat complex,
Port Harcourt,
Rivers State.
For Further Enquiries call: 08037219619.

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