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									Beware of All-in-One Web Design Solutions

I’m sure on your search for learning how to build a
website for your business you’ve come across all-in-one
web design solutions that provide you with everything
you need. You’re on a budget and you see that by using
a solution like that you can save money because you
having everything in one place for one inexpensive
monthly fee.

These companies provide a domain name (website
address), website hosting, web page building software
all from one source…

But there’s one MAJOR PROBLEM…

They will not allow you to have complete control over your property. That’s why it’s so
inexpensive and “too good to be true”.

You see, they own your web files and domain name, not you! Once you create a website with
an all-in-one solution provider, you’re stuck with them. If you cancel your account, you no
longer have a website. You have to start all over and build another website from scratch
because you didn’t own your web property to begin with.

This wouldn’t happen if you created your website using tools that you have control over in the
first place.

First, you should register your own domain name through a domain registrar like Godaddy. The
only way for you to be sure that you are the registered owner of a domain is to register the
domain yourself.

Next, you should get website hosting service directly from a webhosting company like
Hostgator. This gives you flexibility and control over your own web files.

Finally, build your website using a powerful feature rich platform such as WordPress. This
platform is user friendly and allows you to easily update your own content.
A domain name will cost you anywhere from $10 -$12 per year; hosting is around $6 -$15 per
month, and WordPress software is free. Not too bad for a website that you own and have
complete control over while using a powerful platform that’s user friendly enough for

To sum up my point, don’t waste your time building a website using an all-in-one web design
solution. Take control over your online real estate and build a profitable asset that belongs
to YOU, not to a third party company.

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