Diaper Changing and Toilet Training

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					           Diaper Changing and Toilet Training

☺    Diaper and soiled underwear must only be changed in an
established diaper changing area that is not located in food
preparation areas.

☺    Diaper changing must only be done on a clean, safe,
impervious and nonabsorbent surface which is used for no other

  1. Ensure the diaper changing table is cleaned and sanitized.

  2. Remove soiled diaper and clean the child’s perineal area
     (urinary and anal) with disposable wipes.

  3. Staff shall then wipe their hands with a pre-moistened
     towelette or a damp paper towel prior to placing on the new

  4. After diaper changing is complete both the staff members
     and child’s hands shall be thoroughly washed using the
     designated handwashing sink.

  NOTE: The handwashing sink must be used for handwashing
        only and never to wash out soiled diapers, clothing or
        for cleaning toilet training equipment (use a utility sink
        for this purpose.)

          The use of disposable gloves during diaper changing
          does not take the place of proper handwashing.
          Following diaper changing the gloves must be
          immediately disposed of and the hands washed.
5. Clean and disinfect the diaper changing table after each
   child is diapered.

NOTE: Clean and disinfect the table by wiping it with an
approved disinfect solution. If chlorine based sanitizer is used
you should use at least [800 ppm] strength to properly
disinfect the surface. Use your sanitizer test papers to
ensure this concentration is reached. “Do not use a sanitizer
concentration that is too strong as this may lead to toxic
residuals on the surface where it is being applied” Allow the
surface to air dry. Ensure that prior to disinfecting you
remove any visible soil with an approved cleaner. If disposable
paper is used, it shall be discarded immediately after the child
is diapered and the table must be cleaned and disinfected.

6. Place soiled cloth diapers or training pants in a non-
   absorbent container with a tight fitting lid provided by a
   commercial diaper server or in a sealed plastic bad which is
   sent home with the child at the end of the day. Feces from
   soiled cloth diapers or training pants shall be disposed of by
   dumping in a toilet.

  Place soiled disposable diapers in a conveniently located,
  washable, plastic-lined, tightly covered waste container that
  is labeled and kept clean.

  NOTE: Do not let the child play with a toy during diapering.

                               Jefferson County Health Department
    Day Care Centers & Family Day Cares
        Toys & Equipment [200 ppm chlorine]

 Areas and Equipment shall be cleaned and sanitized
  weekly or when soiled.

 Toys that are put in the mouth shall be cleaned and
  sanitized between uses.

 Non-washable toys can not be shared.

 Infant/Toddler’s toys must be washed and disinfected
  daily or when soiled.

 Non-Diapered children’s toys shall be washed and
  disinfected weekly or when soiled.

 Washable toys shall be kept clean.


 Staff shall wash their hands before work, after
  diapering and after visiting the toilet room and
  otherwise as often as necessary to remove soil and
  prevent contamination.

 Children’s hands should be washed
    -     upon arrival at the facility
    -     before and after eating meals and snacks
    -     after handling pets or animals
    -     after visiting the toilet room and before any
          food service activity to include sitting the
    -     after each diaper change.

                    Jefferson County Health Department

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