; 2 Foundational Steps You Need to Take Before Creating a Website
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2 Foundational Steps You Need to Take Before Creating a Website


Here are the 2 steps that you need to take before you create a website.

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									     2 Foundational Steps You Need to Take
           Before Creating a Website

First and foremost, don’t get caught up in all of the info out there about the best way to create
your own website. The only way to know what’s best for you is to know the basic foundational
stuff. If you don’t know the basics, then you will get caught up in sales hype.

Everyone is pitching their software or service, and there are many affiliate marketers trying to
make commissions off of these products, services, and programs. There’s nothing wrong with
that, because I’m an affiliate marketer too; however, I also use the products and services that I
recommend (sidenote: I never recommend products and services that I don’t use!).

You may not even like the stuff that I recommend, which is fine. The important thing is that
you know the basics so that you can make an informed decision that’s not based off of sales
hype…and that goes for anything, not just creating a website.

Here are the first 2 steps that you should take before even thinking about how you will create
your website:

Step 1: Register a Domain Name

A domain name is your website address. You can register a domain name from any domain
registrar for a yearly fee. Personally I use Godaddy, but there are others out there. I want to
stress that you should register your own domain, do not register through a third party
company where they do it all for you. If you don’t register your domain yourself, then the
domain may not be in your name – it may be in someone else’s (this leaves you powerless
because you don’t own your own website address)

Keep in mind that your domain name does not last forever. Domain names expire, but you have
the option of renewing it. When you purchase a domain name you have to choose how long
you will keep that domain. The minimum time frame is one year, but you can register for
several years in advance. Most domain registrars will give you a discount if you register for
more than one year at a time. If you only register for one year, you can renew your registration
before the expiration date.
Step 2: Purchase Website Hosting

Once you have a domain name, you will need to find a company to host the website that will
reside on that domain. In order for your site to be seen on the internet, you need to have it
hosted on secure servers that will keep your site up 24 hours a day. That is why you need to use
the services of a reputable website hosting company. The company that hosts all of my
websites is Hostgator.

Whatever you do, don’t fall for all-in-one website hosting/website building solutions. Yes they
are convenient, but the problem is that if you allow another company to host your website
(with the exception of a regular website hosting company like Hostgator), you do not have
control over your web files.

Most all-in-one website creation solutions have their services set-up where your website is
basically “held hostage”. If you cancel your account with them, you no longer have a
website. In other words, if you ever decide to not deal with that company anymore, you will
not be able to move your website’s files to a regular web hosting company because those files
were created in a way where they only work within the custom software/hosting solution it was
created in.

Don’t make the mistake of having to start over from scratch because you used someone’s all-in
one website creation solution. You need to have control and ownership over all of your files
which is why you need to set-up website hosting with a website hosting company before you
start creating a website.

Don’t be a Victim of “I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me”

These two steps are so easy and so basic that many may wonder why I even created this
article. Well, I created this for beginners who may not know these things and I want to prevent
future frustration.

All I’m saying is no matter which road you take to create your website, the above two steps are
the bare minimum of what you must do first in order to have complete control and
ownership over your website…and this also applies if you plan on hiring someone to create a
website for you.

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