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Twitter seems to file an IPO soon

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									Twitter seems to file an IPO soon

As Planned By Facebook that it could file for the IPO, and it did so on 1st February and hence
was very much successful to this new step of facebook. Now after seeing this achievement of
facebook, twitter (which is one of the 3 big social networks including google and facebook)
however does not have any short term plans and hence it is expecting something great to boost
the company.
Bill Gurley, a partner with twitter told, "Over time, I think the factors that lead google and
facebook to go public will eventually lead twitter to do the same". He added that for now twitter
is having no plans to go public but it is focused on building on its advertisement platform.
Twitter may go public by the next year i.e. by 2013. But it all depends on Facebooks IPO. If
Facebook fails to live up to the hype(as Groupon and Zynga failed in 2011). Twitter may rethink
on the issue of filing an IPO.
The CEO of the company Mr. Dick Costolo when asked, if twitter would file an IPO? Answered
that "I choose not to answer that question".
This shows that officially the company is staying mum on the issue of going public but this gives
the hint that the company would surely file for an IPO some day.
Now lets wait and watch if the company takes a right decision at the right time of filing an IPO
or not?

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