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									KODAK Cameras Come To an END

Kodak, a company that brought an innovative idea of preserving memories for years by
capturing them through cameras.Hence Kodak was a symbol of technological
innovation.However the company could not survive in the world of digital cameras, smart
phones and various photo-sharing apps. After years of struggling, the company finally filed for
Chapter11 bankruptcy protection last month.
Kodak tried a lot to stay in this digital world by manufacturing and selling digital cameras but
could not withstand the popularity of other companies like apple, canon, sony, etc.
Kodak was the most popular company to manufacture film cameras, it also invented hand held
cameras and digital cameras. But failed to keep up with other emerging trends and hence it lost
its dominance in the marketplace.
The company is not dead yet. But is under bankruptcy protection and will use this time to sail
and come out of the status of Chapter 11. Thus the company is killing off the line of
manufacturing cameras and hence it is concentrating on other products.
The Big question is, if the company could emerge from this bankruptcy or if it dies leaving a
page in history??

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