Internet Explorer will be killed soon by digismith


Internet Explorer going to kill by Microsoft !!

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									Internet Explorer will be killed soon

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                                      Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) started
its journey in 1995 and by 2004 it had about 90% of the browser market. This is really a huge
figure. But Internet Explorer could not maintain their hold on the market. Today this browser is
closer to just 66%.
Every internet user relies on a browser as his or her gateway to the web. What matters the most is
how secure the browser is and how comfortable a user feels after using the browser.
Whether it is greater security, more reliability, extensions, or something else, it is clear that more
and more people are choosing Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Microsoft's Internet explorer tried to
compete with these browsers by releasing new versions of IE but had almost no effect on market
share or retention. While on the other hand, competitor Firefox has broken 1/5th of the market
The graph given below gives the graphical view of the same (click on the graph to view the full-

If Microsoft continue this sort of downhill, then the estimation says that the browser will have no
users by about 2021.Of course, extrapolating that far in time is completely speculative and
unreliable.But the fact is that Internet Explorer is shedding its users gradually.
This post might be a delight to a number of users as they wish Internet Explorer would die
because of a number of reasons. But IE isn't dead yet. So repeatedly check the updates of this site
for the latest news.

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