Happy Valentines Day by digismith


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									Happy Valentines Day

"Loving every moment of every day is a great attitude to have to get through life.
True enough, hardly anyone is truly happy at all times, but those who make a
great effort to be, are usually the ones who are most content with the life that they
are living. Love right now, love where you are even if you aren't exactly where you
want to be in life just yet. Love the people that are around you, even if these
people don't seem to believe in you, or even if they don't seem to support you as
much as you would like.
Love right now because you have life, and you have the ability to show the world
what differences that you can make to it to make it a better world for everybody in
it. Love right now because you are love, because love shines through you, and
because there is no one on this earth exactly like you. Love right now because
you are beautiful, and you enjoy all of the beauty that life has to offer.
Happy Valentines Day To all Devil's Cafe Readers

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