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									                           The Gardens of Owings Mills Condominium Association
                             Minutes of the Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
                                Location – Carriage House Conference Room

                                                     January 14, 2010
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Present and Representing: Condo I - Colleen Palmer, Donna DaRoja, Francine Neal, Bill Angiolillo & Karen Lee
                          Condo II - Michelle McNutt, Bill Angiolillo & Donna DaRoja
                          Condo III – Donna DaRoja, Joyce Dyson & Michelle McNutt

Minutes of the Annual meeting were approved by all boards.

Homeowner comments

12010 A Owner advised that second floor light is out.
11909 Report of a hole in the drywall under the stairway. Will request RKC to repair.
11915 C Complaint that unit above is still causing disturbances. Owner has spoken with the residents but noise continues.
        Third letter requesting owner attend a hearing to be sent
11913-23 Report of a black truck with PA tag HFB-3307, silver Honda 7EP-G89---appear to be non-functional
         McLaughlin Electric to repair break in line to parking lot lights
12004 J Letter needs to be sent to the new owner regarding the huge amount of trash piled in front of and
        alongside the dumpster.
11913 Bushes at corner of property will need to be removed this coming spring.
11905 D .No additional information provided regarding noise complaint.
11905/07 Security light is out
11921 K Homeowner requested that “No Solicitation” sign be posted in the hallway.
12011 D Homeowner reported continued noise from H and another leak into her bathroom.
11913 back unit, bottom floor - still has an unresolved leak in ceiling
11907 I Homeowner reported a musty smell – appears to be coming from leaves in gutters
11913 H Letter to be sent regarding the pink curtains—Per condo documents they are to be white.
11914 K Letter to be sent to owner regarding tenant throwing cigarette butts over the balcony.

Management Report

        Management Report read by Char Ramirez.

Operations Report

Copies of pool rules & regulations handed out for review. Will discuss at next meeting.
Insurance company has advised that they will not renew the policies for Section 1 & 2 due to the number of claims.
Section 1 & 2 approved the 2010 natural gas agreements.

Tabled until next month to obtain additional bids:

Waiting for additional bids for jetting the main lines.
Balcony project
Sprinkler system repairs
Need a third bid for the replacement of the rotting boards on the front of the Carriage House
Mike Klein to get additional prices on repaving the parking lots.

Open issues:

Gutter on 12010 is buckled outward and pulling away from the building
Waiting for second proposal from non-BG&E electric provider
Silly string to be removed at 11901 & 11903.
Determine what the large electric line goes to that runs up the back of 11907 to the roof .
11909-Remove graffiti and mousepad from around large pipe outside the laundry room window.
Waiting for prices to replace bushes surrounding the a/c units with vinyl fencing.
Dryer vents to be checked to ensure that they are connected to the venting inside & get prices to have vent guards installed.
Waiting for 2 fascia boards to be added over top of the 2 nd floor windows on the left side of unit E at 11905
Wooden frame around the front door of 12006 is rotting
Bids for tree trimming

8:40 PM Meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on February 11th at the Carriage House at 7 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna DaRoja
Secretary, Board I

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