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Go to the following weblink and first watch the news alert videos. Then on the top panel click on
‘Cell Cycle animations’ and answer the following questions in complete sentences.


   1. How does a normal cell in your body become cancerous?

   2. Are all tumors capable of spreading to other parts of the body? What is the term that
      describes this phenomenon?

   3. How do cells control cell cycle? What are these chemicals called that control the cell cycle?
      How were these chemicals discovered? Name the scientists that were involved therein.

   4. Is cell growth and division in normal tissues controlled by an internal clock?

   5. Draw and label the cell cycle? What happens in each of the phases?

   6. What are proto-oncogenes? Discuss their role in cell division.
7. How do tumor-suppressor genes help to regulate cell growth and division?

8. Can mutations cause cancer? What are these chemicals called that can cause cancer?

9. Are all types of cancer caused by mutations? Explain with examples.

10. Discuss how mutations in proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes can lead to
    uncontrolled cell growth and division. Include in your answer an example of a proto-
    oncogene and a tumor suppressor gene.

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