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The following forms are provided to help you easily administer Arts Passport. The
Assurance Form is required as is; all other forms can be adapted to your school’s
policies and practices. Therefore, all forms other than the Assurance Form are in
Word format so that you can easily insert your school name or other specific

                               SAMPLE LETTER TO PARENTS /GUARDIANS

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Throughout time, people throughout the world have looked to the arts as a measure of
greatness. The fine arts of dance, music, theatre, visual and literary arts join in
partnership with the folk and traditional arts to tell the story of human experience, a story
that is at the heart of a great education.

(School Name) is committed to offering your child a great education that includes access
to professional arts experiences through Arts Passport, a program of the Rhode Island
Arts Learning Network. Arts Passport was developed in response to the findings of the
Governor’s Task Force on Literacy in the Arts. The Task Force identified the home-
school-community relationship that can add so much to the education of our children,
extending learning beyond our school walls.

Arts Passport helps high school students meet their Arts Graduation Requirement.
Through the generosity of leading Rhode Island arts and cultural organizations, students
are offered free tickets to regular season arts events. Teachers and students can use Arts
Passport to create academic work, guided by the Grade Span Expectations in the Arts.
This work becomes part of a larger body of evidence that demonstrates student
proficiency in the arts. Our students may use their Arts Passport experience to create
work for their digital portfolios, senior projects, or other vehicles that guide their path
toward graduation.

We are proud to offer Arts Passport through the leadership of our teachers in the arts,
humanities, and other disciplines where curriculum is enhanced by student work that
draws upon access to the arts.

(School Name) draws home, school, and community together through our participation in
Arts Passport….a destination on the road to great schools using powerful community
resources to provide a great education. For more information regarding the RI Arts
Learning Network and Arts Passport visit or contact
(Teacher name) at (school name).

(Principal Name) or (Arts Passport faculty names)

School Name:
Teacher Name:

Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:

Please sign and return the Arts Passport Student Use Agreement to the above named
teacher. It is suggested that you retain a copy for your records.

 Because Arts Passport becomes an “official” program of participating schools, the
following understandings apply to student use of the program:

   1. Arts Passport is an official program of the school, abiding by all applicable laws,
      regulations, and procedures for the purpose of meeting Arts Grade Span
      Expectations in order to fulfill the RI graduation requirements in the arts.
   2. As an official program of the school, appropriate codes of conduct govern
      students who use Arts Passport to attend arts and cultural events in the
      community, including the guidelines provided by Arts Passport for teachers.
   3. Students who use Arts Passport agree to create student work as directed by
      participating teachers.
   4. Images of students and their work may be collected and retrieved by Arts Passport
      to document the program and to publicize the program through the press and other
   5. Students who use Arts Passport agree to standards of etiquette required or
      expected by the arts organizations. These standards may vary and a variety of
      stated or implicit prohibitions exist. Standard expectations include restrictions
      regarding cell phone/camera use, conversing during performances, food or
      beverage in the theatre or performance space, and arrival times for seating.
      Customary expectations often include removal of hats in the performance space,
      no gum-chewing, proper attire, remaining seated during performance, and
      courtesy to other patrons. It is absolutely essential that all Arts Passport users
      adhere to the most mature standards of social conduct while using the system and
      engaging with our arts providers and their regular patrons. Should students
      encounter difficulty while attending a performance, they may speak to an usher,
      house manager, or other organizational staff for help. .
   6. Parents of students may use Arts Passport if they are approved by the school as
      volunteers to transport a small group of students.
   7. Arts Passport is NOT a field trip opportunity for large busloads of students. It is a
      program that helps mature students to take responsibility for attending cultural
      events individually or in small groups, along with the general public, guided by
      their teachers and parents. Arts Passport is a professional tool used by educators
      to help students meet graduation requirements in the arts.

   8. It is ESSENTIAL that a student who will not be able to attend a performance that
      has been booked, notify his or her teacher so that the reservation may be
      cancelled. A last minute cancellation should be avoided. However, should a late
      cancellation be necessary, students should call the event box office to cancel.
      Failure to attend accompanied by failure to cancel may result in the student being
      eliminated from Arts Passport participation.

Parent/Guardian signature ______________________________            Date: ___________

Student signature ____________________________________             Date:___________

Name of Staff
Name of Arts/Cultural Organization
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear (Organization) Director:

Please accept my appreciation for the opportunity to attend (name of arts event or
exhibition). I am a student at (name of school), and I am working to meet my arts
requirements for graduation through Arts Passport, a program of the RI Arts Learning
Network. Your partnership with Arts Passport is an important part of my education in the

      Describe what you attended and why.

      Describe the academic work you did in response to your experience.

      Provide a personal reflection. Some examples of what you might write about
       include: what you felt about the experience and why; how your experience had an
       impact on your education; how the chance to have free access to the arts affects
       your quality of life as a young person in RI; how attending with a group affected
       your relationships with teachers and peers; how seeing the work and creativity of
       others inspired development of your own work in the arts.

Conclude by restating your appreciation, as a part of your closing comments.

Sincerely yours,

(Student Name and School)
                                         ASSURANCE FORM_(REQUIRED)____
Please sign and return, and then you will be scheduled for an orientation before
participation can begin. Form can be faxed to 222-3018 or mailed to: Sherilyn Brown,
RI State Council on the Arts, 1 Capitol Hill, 3rd floor, Providence, RI 02908.

Name of School/ Organization :
Name(s) of Teacher (s)/Program Administrator:

We accept participation in Arts Passport, and by signing this assurance understand that:

Arts Passport is an official program of our school or organization, abiding by all
applicable laws, regulations, and procedures;

All participating teachers or program administration/staff agree to create a minimum of
one Arts Passport related assignment for their participating students related to the Arts
Passport event. Samples of student work will be retained for the use of the Arts Passport

All participants agree to attend an initial program orientation, and abide by the guidelines
set out in the orientation materials.

Specific numbers of students will be allowed to participate, approximately 50 per adult
Arts Passport member, based on the number of opportunities made available by arts and
cultural organizations during the current season.

All participating adult members will be responsible for guiding students with
transportation options, including parental help, and encouraging student leaders to
organize small group attendance, possibly in an Arts Passport club format if appropriate
to the school or organization;

Parent volunteers will also receive free admission to Arts Passport events when they are
approved by the school or organization to transport a small group of students;

Arts Passport is not a field trip program for large busloads of students, but a program that
helps students to take responsibility for attending cultural events individually or in small
groups along with the general public, guided by their teachers, program supervisors, and

Principal/authorizing official signature ___________________________ Date:

Teacher/adult program manager signature ________________________             Date:

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