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Baseball Softball Registration Form


									       Mackinaw Recreation - 2011 Baseball & Softball Registration Form

Parent/Guardian Name(s):
(Please list both parents or guardians if applicable)

Address:                                                                                City:                                 Zip:
Phone:                                          Secondary Phone:                                            Email:
Emergency Contact:                                               Phone:

             Volunteers help make the Mackinaw Recreation programs successful !!!
       Please consider volunteering some time to help in one or more of the following areas:
                                                          (Circle all that apply)
 Head Baseball Coach                      Asst Baseball Coach                  Head Softball Coach                       Asst Softball Coach
       Preseason Field Maintenance/Set-up                    T-Ball/6U Coordinator                    Fundraising Assistant

Name(s) of volunteer

Are you a State Farm Employee willing to utilize your 2011 Good Neighbor Grant for Mackinaw Recreation? Y / N
Is your business or employer interested in advertising on outfield fences at Brock Lake? Y / N

                                                         Registration Fees
                        $35 (ages 5-6), $40 (ages 7-8), $50 (ages 9-14) - Maximum fee of $100 per family
                                        Refundable Concession Stand Fee - $40 per family
   Due to lack of volunteers in past years to help work in the concession stand, Mackinaw Recreation is now implementing a
refundable concession stand fee of $40 for each family registered in the 2011 baseball/softball program. This fee is considered
    a deposit for working one shift sometime during the season. The entire $40 will be refunded upon completion of shift.
This season Mackinaw Recreation will be selling raffle tickets for various prizes in order to raise money for the program.
                                  Volunteers to help sell tickets are appreciated.
                          Would you be willing to help sell raffle tickets for this fundraiser? Y / N
                                                                Shirt sizes:
                                 YS = Youth Small(6-8), YM = Youth Medium(10-12), YL = Youth Large(14-16)
                               AS = Adult Small, AM = Adult Medium, AL = Adult Large, AXL = Adult Extra Large

Player                                              M F Grade           Birth       /      /      Size (circle) YS YM YL AS AM AL AXL

Player                                              M F Grade           Birth       /      /      Size (circle) YS YM YL AS AM AL AXL

Player                                              M F Grade           Birth       /      /      Size (circle) YS YM YL AS AM AL AXL

Player                                              M F Grade           Birth       /      /      Size (circle) YS YM YL AS AM AL AXL

(For Office Use Only)
Paid $                      Check #               Cash               Date:                Waiver/Zero Tolerance signed   Y / N

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